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Purple Lemonade Auto Strain[ez-toc]Purple Lemonade Auto is a vibrant Indica-dominant hybrid strain with great compact purple buds coated in trichomes. Its dark green leaves are covered in icy resin, contrasting with thick and colorful buds. Purple Lemonade Auto has a height of 70-110 cm, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation and can even thrive on balconies and sun-exposed terraces. This strain blooms at 8-9 weeks and produces enormous harvests that easily test up to 22% THC.

An overview of Purple Lemonade Auto strain

Purple strains are universally popular, and Purple Lemonade Auto is no exception. In many ways, it outperforms the usual Purple strains: the buds are denser, and growth patterns, size, and yield are more constant. Purple Lemonade strain produces a varied high that combines modest Sativa kicks with light body stoned effects. Moreover, the zesty tastes are enhanced with a strong sugary flavoring, making it the ultimate sweet-tooth strain.

Purple Lemonade Auto lineage

Purple Lemonade Auto strain is an Indica-dominate hybrid (70% Indica and 30% Sativa) that results from a mix between Purple and Citrus Cali genetics.

THC concentration

Purple Lemonade strain has a relaxing and physical high fueled by a THC level of 22%. 

CBD concentration

This cannabis strain has extremely low CBD content; however, it is known to have numerous medicinal impacts. Purple Lemonade Auto strain is popular among patients seeking pain and anxiety alleviation. The body buzz can aid arthritis, and the soothing effects can help with anxiety and sadness.

Purple Lemonade Auto StrainThe effects of Purple Lemonade Auto

Purple Lemonade Auto strain can help you improve your mood and relax your body. Purple lemonade’s aftereffects are low, with an average THC potency of 22%. This enables you to unwind, relax your body and mind, feel dreamy, or even become somewhat asleep. However, it will not confine you to your bed. You can use this strain during the day if you have adequate time to recover. If you’re new to cannabis, the Purple Lemonade Auto strain may be ideal for you!

Medicinal benefits

Purple Lemonade strain’s therapeutic effects are outstanding! It is used to treat migraines, nausea, glaucoma and anxiety. Several users have also stated that this strain helps with chronic pain, cramps, and muscle spasms.

Possible side effects of Purple Lemonade Auto

Purple Lemonade Auto is a pretty standard Indica hybrid cannabis strain. Once the head high kicks in, some people notice slight headaches, particularly a gentle pressure around the temples. The strength of the onset might occasionally cause dizziness. Dry lips and eyes are also prevalent, so use them cautiously if in public.

The main concern for consumers using Purple Lemonade for anxiety is that some users report greater anxiety due to overconsumption. On the first impact of the high, there is a moderate mind-racing effect that sensitive users may perceive as paranoia. Toking in moderation, on the other hand, helps maintain this great bud’s pleasant and active effects rather than unduly powerful.

The aroma, flavor, and appearance of Purple Lemonade Auto


The plant will hold a long-lasting lemony scent from the onset of flowering until the curing stage. Aromas of fresh sour citrus and luscious grapes are released when you tear apart each small sticky nugget, deepening in sweetness as you consume.


Purple Lemonade strain’s aromas are subsequently converted into a sweet, citrusy taste whose sourness is underlain by intense sweet flavoring, giving it an all-around sweet lemon taste. The flavor is like freshly squeezed lemonade with sweet grapes and cherries undertones, and the exhale is quite sour.


The appearance of the growing Purple Lemonade strain is captivating. This strain’s purple buds are highly complex and compact. Purple clouds contrast well with bright orange pistils! Glossy green foliage, stunning purple buds, pinkish trichomes, and vivid orange pistils growing in all directions distinguish this strain. It has the most unusual buds you’ve ever seen.

Purple Lemonade Auto Strain

Growing information about Purple Lemonade Auto

Purple Lemonade strain grows to be around 3ft (70-110 cm) tall and takes 8 to 9 weeks to blossom. This lovely plant is disease and mold resistant and may be cultivated indoors and outdoors. Also, it may be produced in a greenhouse while taking care of odor control. It grows nicely in soil and performs well with little or no vigorous feeding. Because of its inter-nodal spacing, the Purple Lemonade strain is ideal for low-stress training (LST).

When cultivating the strain, you’ll see several bud sites throughout the stem, contrasting with the bright green stem, dark purple bud, and stunning purple leaves. The suggested period for flushing before harvest is two weeks. Also, keep the local weather patterns in mind while growing this strain outdoors. You must keep it warm and dry for the best results.

Purple Lemonade Auto yield

Purple Lemonade Auto produces 12 to 16 oz. Per plant when grown outdoors. Conversely, 14 to 18 oz. Per m2 is anticipated in indoor settings. The yield is determined by the producer’s expertise and the genetics of the seeds. Also, if you buy your Autoflower seeds from a credible seed bank, you may expect good yields.

Are you looking for tasty cannabis seeds for sale? Purple Lemonade Auto has a distinct appearance that makes it stand out. It’s a hybrid strain with a rich purple tint like no other. Purple Lemonade has a pleasant and delicious scent with lemon and grape overtones. The flavor is comparable but with a sour edge. Furthermore, Purple Lemonade Auto is one of the finest strains available for classic Indica lovers who are after a stoney head high. It is a must-try, and Premium cultivars highly recommend it.

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