After a summer that featured one of the most overhyped events in recent memory, the “total solar eclipse,” I find it peculiar that any company would name a vape device after an event that failed to deliver on so many levels. This is a preview for the Pioneer4You IPV Eclipse.

Pioneer4You IPV Eclipse Preview – Spinfuel VAPE

About the IPV Eclipse

Okay, I’m just cranky I never got my special sunglasses. Can you blame me? Thankfully, Pioneer4You has put together a new flagship mod that should quiet even the biggest cynics – you know, guys like Spinfuel. Pioneer4You can sometimes release a magnificent new mod, and then immediately afterward release a vape device completely underwhelming. You just never know until you see it, hold it, use it.


Built around the proven and powerful YiHi SX Mini G-Class chip, the gorgeous 200-watt IPV Eclipse will undoubtedly be feature-filled, with a deep, robust menu system, battery-friendly power consumption, and complete control through the SXI-Q operating system.

Did we mention the IPV Eclipse is a VERY attractive mod? With its curvaceous, hand-friendly frame, and an absolutely stunning full-color TFT display, there is little not to like about Pioneer4You’s newest contender. As we saw on the very expensive SX Mini G-Class, having such a large, vivid screen allows for effortless menu navigation, which should only be made easier by the Eclipse’s traditional button controls, rather than the G-Class’ innovative but awkward joystick nub.

(And yes, wallpapers can be customized, too, in case you were worried about being stuck with only a handful of kitten and forest themes on the display.)

Pioneer4You IPV Eclipse Preview – Spinfuel VAPEMore importantly, the advanced chipset provides unparalleled control of your vape experience. In addition to the highly accurate temperature control presets for Stainless SS316L/Nickel Ni200/Titanium, there is the firmware-specific SX Pure setting, and manual TCR for any wire types.

The IPV Eclipse also boasts helpful power and temperature ramp-up control, in Soft, Eco, Standard, Powerful, and Powerful+ – we’d recommend that all but the hardiest vapers clear of that last one. But, to be sure, we WILL be putting all of these settings to the test. In case testing becomes TOO aggressive, the IPV Eclipse also features a full slate of protection measures, including low voltage, low resistance, high input voltage, overheat, output short circuit, and reverse battery/reverse polarity.

For even more personalized control over your vape, the IPV Eclipse also has SXi-Q-S1 mode, which gives users a software-based means to precisely dictate temperature increases at half-second intervals over a 20 second fire time. It’s truly intricate ramp-up, to satisfy even the most particular users.

All of this is for naught if the IPV Eclipse isn’t comfortable to use. Thankfully, it appears Pioneer4You has created another ergonomic, visually pleasing mod here. The sleek zinc alloy frame is minimalist but eye-catching, with the only color accents coming from the large, slightly recessed firing bar, which is being advertised as requiring “pounds of pressure resistance,” to stave off pocket fires.


The IPV Eclipse USB port is located near the top of the device, and allows for both 2-amp onboard charging, and regular firmware updates – something we know this chipset takes full advantage of, ensuring users always have an optimized experience.

Though we’re always skeptical until we put mods through testing, it looks like Pioneer4You has built a strong, attractive, feature-laden flagship device in the IPV Eclipse, making it the one eclipse we hope lives up to the hype when it hits our desks in the next few weeks.

Pioneer4You IPV Eclipse Specs:

  • Size: 90.2mm x 51.1mm x 31mm
  • Weight 181.1g
  • YiHi SX420 Chipset
  • SXi-Q operating system
  • Full-color TFT IPS high-definition screen
  • Sturdy and reliable firing bar
  • Customizable wallpaper/background
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Balanced charging with multi-colored battery charge indicators
  • Double-locking battery door
  • Auto-setting coil resistance along with customizable coil resistance control
  • Power: 5W-200W
  • Voltage: 1.0V – 9.5V
  • Temperature 212 ° F – 572 ° F or 100 ° C – 300 ° C
  • Joules (watts of power radiated per second) 10-120J


Pioneer4You IPV Eclipse Vape Device Contents:

  • 1x Eclipse IPV 200W Box Mod
  • 1x User Manual