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Considering how many Pod vapes seem to be released each month, we get surprisingly few of them to review at Spinfuel VAPE. So, when the all-new (and oddly named) RofVape Warlock Peas Pod System arrived on our desks, we were interested to see what unique features it would have.


We haven’t had a chance to test the Warlock Peas extensively, but our limited time with this effortless pod system has shown the device to be a perfect blend of vape pen performance and cig-a-like convenience. While the pod vape marketplace is crowding quickly, we can see a sleek, attractive system like the Warlock Peas taking some spotlight off of the Suorin Air.


Let’s take a closer glance at the RofVape Warlock Peas pod system.

RofVape Warlock Peas Pod System Preview
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What’s in the Box?


For my first pod system preview, I was pleasantly surprised by how well-thought-out the Peas was, presentation-wise. In addition to the device itself, Warlock also threw in two 1.5mL pod atomizers, USB connector cover, a needle-nose bottle for accurate filling, and replacement rubber gaskets for the e-liquid ports.


In short, all you’ll need to get started is a bottle of PG-heavy e-liquid. (We don’t recommend using anything thicker than 50/50 PG/VG blends, as these pods aren’t designed for viscous liquids, and could cause burning or scorched flavors.)


We should note that RofVape indicates each 1.8-ohm pod is refillable up to five times. The “up to” portion of the sentence concerns us, but we will be sure to push those pods to their very limits, to see how much value users will get from the RofVape Warlock Peas pod system, especially when compared to the bigger names currently stocking vape shop shelves.


Filling the Warlock Peas was fairly effortless when using the included needle bottle, but proved to be somewhat difficult with anything else. Unless you have narrow tipped unicorn bottles at the ready, we highly recommend the needle tip, to prevent spillage or overfilling.

A familiar feeling for ex-smokers...

Though it’s not quite the same as a disposable cig-a-like vape, the Warlock Peas offers a satisfying, altogether familiar sensation for new vapers. Its integrated airflow switch means a gentle puff is all users need to activate the battery, which a suitably draw ensures smokers will be able to adapt to vaping easily and quickly.


We’ve read reports of the Peas having a loose MTL draw – some even calling it a restricted lung hit feeling. However, our time with the Peas has shown it to be airy enough to offer rich flavor and ample vapor, but more than tight enough to appease smokers hesitant about leaving those analogs behind.


The Warlock Peas also has a nicely integrated USB charge pin built right into the end of the device. Simply slide off the cap, and insert into a computer or USB wall charger. The built-in 280mAh battery isn’t likely to be the longest-lasting cell in the category, but our limited time with the Peas shows it to charge quickly. And with a 7-watt fixed output, the battery capacity isn’t likely to present much of a problem.


This simplicity is countered by an advanced protection suite to ensure new users don’t draw too heavily, too frequently, or try to push the Peas past its intended limits. Though a 280mAh battery isn’t likely to present much danger, safety is always first priority, and the RofVape Warlock Peas pod system seems to have it in spades.


The Peas is fairly lengthy at 110mm, but its slender lines and attractive curves and edges mean it’s slim enough to slide into a shirt pocket, but substantial enough to not get lost or forgotten.


Finally, the Peas is all about discretion. Though the color choices are varied, our gold and black test model had a clean, unobtrusive anodized aluminum finish, with minimal logo treatment and tiny LED light to indicate charge status, and when the device is being used.


Overall, we’re pretty excited to test the RofVape Warlock Peas pod system. The advanced vapers in us are always looking for “new features” and “advancements.” But we also love when devices “just work.” And in our short time with the Warlock Peas, it did just that. Nuanced flavor and surprisingly thick vapor proved to be a satisfying combination, right from the outset.


Pod systems are the natural descendants of the disposable cig-a-likes that got most of us into vaping in the first place. We have come a long way from cartomizers and primer puffs, and any device that lowers the barrier of entry to vaping is welcome on our desks.


We’re going to test everything the RofVape Warlock Peas pod system can do over the course of the next week to 10 days. Expect our full review shortly after.

RofVape Warlock Peas pod system Specs

  • 110mm x 20mm x 10.5mm
  • Refillable 1.5ml capacity pods
  • Coil made from 304 stainless steel with an organic cotton wick
  • 1.8ohm resistance
  • 7W output wattage
  • 3.3-4.2V working voltage range
  • 280 mAh battery capacity
  • Unique USB charging
  • ASIC integrated circuit board offering safety protection
  • Automatic airflow switch
  • Available in gold, blue, pink, silver, black and red