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The Orlando Vapor Show…and Pain

Up in Vape – Mark “Tim” Timblin

Greetings and Happy Easter to all!  I had so wanted to enthrall you all with my visit to the Orlando Vapor Show on Friday and Saturday March 25th and 26th.  Instead, while my family, including our grandson, is enjoying Easter at the home of my brother and his family. I sit here wracked in agony, hurting to the point that I can truly find no words to convey how bad I actually feel.

Those of you who deal with chronic pain, have those “days” when all you want is for the pain to subside so you can at least think.  Today, is one of those days for me.

I have used up most of a 15ml bottle of Kratom, so I have resorted to using my morphine.  I’m afraid to take any more of anything, because I have enough drugs in my system to knock out a small horse.  I had debated on whether or not to tell my editor, but decided to try and at least come up with maybe a Part II of my last article, or maybe some of what I saw and did at the Orlando Vapor ShowI decided to combine a bit of the two.

On Pain

I am kinda laying my soul bare here to tell you that as someone who has suffered with chronic pain for 25 years now, and….those of you who are in the same boat as myself can relate to.  You have days where you feel good, you hurt, but with Kratom, CBD oil or whatever it is you take to help manage YOUR chronic pain so you manage and get through the day.  Then there are days where it is best not to go any where or do anything lest you screw something up, you know days where everything you touch…. turns to shit!!

THEN, you have days when about all you can do is sit and watch the TV, and what I mean by that is you are looking at the TV, you know there is a program on, one that you like and have watched past episodes…but, you aren’t really watching the program. It doesn’t compute… that which is on the screen and your brain doesn’t turn it into anything useful or entertaining…just bits of information.

So here I sit, I feel bad about not going, but my legs just do not want to work today.  But with the help of my electric scooter, and my cane, I did…. Ok…

Orlando Vapor Show

Friday March 25th 2016

It was my first ever vape show of any kind. Hell I’ve never even been to a cloud competition, so this was something I had been planning on for a couple of months.  I was NOT disappointed. My daughter was going to go, but we had planned on Saturday, we could have but would have lost the opportunity to see our adopted daughter and our adopted grandkids an 8-year-old boy named Shai, and a 10-month old little girl whose name is Lael.  All three are near and dear to us all and our other daughter had to go to New York City for a meeting, so we got our grandson while his sister went to a friends’ house who at present is better able to handle an infant. Still with me?

Our house is NOT infant proof and it wouldn’t be fair to anyone if we had brought her.

Okay, the vapor show, even though it was a small show, for me it was an explosion of sights and sounds… and the thick clouds of vapor hanging in the air.

All the flavors from all the vapor comingling into something that gave one a heady rush, a rush that I was eager…. willing…no….hungered to experience.  I did as my editor had suggested and introduced myself to the vendors as a columnist with Spinfuel eMagazine.

Some of the vendors had heard of us, yet a surprising number had never heard of us, but they were new to the industry so it was expected. The ones that I did manage to talk with wanted some sort of ID or Business card, or something that did in fact verify that I was who I said I was; Tim Timblin, a columnist with Spinfuel. About 3 days before the show I dug out my old business card computer programs. They were all too old to even load onto my Windows 8.1 laptop. By Friday morning I managed to create a card that would suffice until my ‘official’ business cards arrive from Spinfuel HQ.

Anyway, when they asked if I was really a columnist I said yes and handed them one of my business cards that I had created and printed out just a couple hours prior.  That seemed to do the trick and the vendors were more than happy to talk with me and give out samples of their wares in hopes that I would review them. I said I would, but it would be a couple of months until I was able to get to it. I am looking forward to bringing you guys some reviews on the samples I collected.

For next week’s column I will include some photos of my trip to the Orlando Vapor Show.  It was a real treat for me, I enjoyed the hell out of it, and it was way more than I expected. I felt like I was ‘in my element’ at the event.

So, until next week, I will say adios.  I pray that everyone had an outstanding Easter, I know I was hoping to, but hey as is said and often over used….it is what it is.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my column, it is GREATLY appreciated.  Until next week, be well, stay safe, God bless, and… VAPE ON!

Tim Timblin