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MyFreedomSmokes And Spinfuel

When we saw this video we were surprised, and delighted. We don’t like blowing our own horn, but when a 5-Star Vendor does it for you, well, we just have to share it. We even transcribed it for you (and ourselves), below.

Over the past 4+ years we’ve worked with MyFreedomSmokes with various products for review. They were always helpful, and completely got the idea that Spinfuel tells it like it is, never compromising our reviews for profit.

We’re not sure why they produced the video, but we certainly do appreciate it. It’s definitely nice to see a vendor turn their attention to an online magazine, particularly one like ours.

Thanks MyFreedomSmokes, didn’t know you cared!



Our top five favorite things on

The vaping fanatics over here at are always eager to stay on top of what’s happening the vape community.  And it’s common knowledge among vapers that is the best resource on the web for all things vaping.  So in appreciation for Spinfuel’s contributions to the vaping lifestyle, we thought we’d share our top five favorite Spinfuel articles and features!  Hang on tight, because we’re about to drop some knowledge, courtesy of Spinfuel!


The Vape Glossary

For new vapers (and not a few veterans!) this thing is the bible.  Spinfuel’s glossary of vaping terms puts all other e-cig glossaries to shame.  I usually have my phone open to the Spinfuel glossary so when a buddy says something like,

“Dude, my local B&M didn’t have the DNA200 and they want $20 for eGo style tanks!  Then they sold me a Mutation style RDA but the heatsink sucks and the grub screws won’t hold my Claptons!  And the IMR 18650s they sold me for my hybrid mech mod and my squonker are terrible—no way are they pulling 40 amps!”

I can translate that into English for any non-vapers in the office.  So, if you’re a noob or a non-vaper and you find yourself in a vaping discussion, open up Spinfuel’s Vape Glossary and impress your friends with you vast knowledge of vaping terminology!


Gear Reviews

Unlike SOME online gear reviewers who will remain unnamed, the Team Spinfuel consistently puts out honest, comprehensive and engaging gear reviews.  No manufacturer owns these guys and girls—they give you the straight dope on everything they review.  If it sucks, they say it sucks; they don’t dance around a product’s faults and only hype the pros.  Plus, they use an A to F grading system so you’re always going to get an apples-to-apples evaluation. TakeKiera Hartley-Barnes’ review of the Proant Knight V1 mod and Talos tank.  The mod was way too heavy and the tank coils didn’t last, so it got a “D” grade.  There were things she liked about the kit, but the cons outweighed the pros and the D grade acknowledged that fact.

Another great thing about Spinfuel reviews is that they are well-written, and accompanied by a well-produced video.  If you’ve ever gone on Youtube for vape reviews, you’ve seen the dude who doesn’t know how to focus his camera, doesn’t know how to light anything, doesn’t edit, and really doesn’t know much about vaping or the product he’s reviewing.  Spinfuel has the most consistently excellent vaping reviews on the web.


The News Aggregator

Spinfuel is like Reddit for vapers.  The crack news team at SF locates and links to the most relevant articles of interest to e-cig users and always has fresh and current copy of its own.  Spinfuel’s Vape News tab is a one-stop rallying point for vapers to get the latest goings on in a foggy world.  Especially now that the FDA has declared that it will begin regulating vaping, being an informed pro-vaping citizen is more important than ever.  The best thing about Spinfuel’s news aggregator is that it doesn’t shield users from vaping news that is unpleasant or deleterious towards vaping.  Everything is here, pro and con, and Spinfuel shows its respect for our intelligence by keeping it that way.


The Editorials

Going hand-in-hand with its excellent news hub, Spinfuel has a stable of vaping heavy-hitters who contribute fantastic editorial content.  Their opinion pieces cut through all the misinformation and double-talk and drive at the heart of issues of great importance to vapers.  Vaping gurus like Mark Benson and Julie Selesnick are frequent contributors, and guest contributions offer a look at vaping from people worldwide.  Do you have something to say about vaping?  Do you have a talent for expressing your opinions in writing?  Maybe you can write something for Spinfuel someday!


The Knowledge Base

Anyone who is new to vaping, or thinking about putting down the smokes and picking up a mod, needs to visit Spinfuel’s Knowledge Base.  There is no better learning tool anywhere, not even close.  An hour on Spinfuel’s knowledge base is like four years at Vape University.  You’ll come away with the information and confidence you need to pick out your first device and join a wonderful club.  And the knowledge base isn’t just for newbies.  Hey, Mr. Temperature Control, how much do you really know about temperature coefficients of resistance?  Can you recite Ohm’s Law?  It’s voltage equals resistance over amper… no, wait… Better check with Spinfuel!