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      The New Cannabis E Cig

      Vapers News from Spinfuel

      Why The New Cannabis E Cig Will Change Marijuana Game Forever The  Neon Nettle has an article about the...

      Big Easy Contemplates Smoking Ban

      Vapers News from Spinfuel

      New Orleans may banish smokers to the pavement The New Orleans City Council will vote on an ordinance that would...

      Fuming Over Smoking Ban Expansion

      Vapers News from Spinfuel

      Santa Rosa’s plan to expand smoking restrictions riles e-cigarette users In today’s Santa Rosa Press Democrat is an article...

      “Think About The Children”

      Vapers News from Spinfuel

      “Lovejoy’s Law” and  E-cigarettes From the Brainyfurball blog is an interesting article about public health’s use of children and...

      The Agony of Clones

      SvoëMesto - Kayfun 4

      Vaping With Julia – The Agony of Clones One of the most exciting product launches in the past few...

      E-cigs – Good Tool to Quit Smoking

      Vapers News from Spinfuel

      Study backs ‘vaping’ for smokers The Daily Mail published an article about another study saying that e-cigarettes are a...

      Doctors Don’t Always Know Best


      This is an old article from The Daily Mail, but still has some interesting information! Thanks to one of...

      E-cigarette Industry On Tenterhooks Ahead Of U.S. Regulation


      From Reuters by Toni Clark Lobbyists for electronic cigarette companies have been beating a path to the White House,...

      Innokin iTaste 134 Official Info & Photos

      Innokin iTaste 134 MINI Official Specs And More

      Innokin iTaste 134 MINI – Official This morning your favorite vendor awoke to an email from Innokin announcing that...

      British E-cigarette Brand Launches Vaporless E-liquid


      From Digital Journal AC Vapour, the UK’s leading high quality e-cigarette brand, has today unveiled an innovative new product...

      Electronic Cigarettes And FDA Overreach

      eCigarette hardware, and eLiquids, should remain firmly in the hands of owners that have quit smoking and embraced vaping. They believe in their product, they won’t whore it out for money.

      Is The FDA Right? Electronic Cigarettes are not tobacco products. Some vapers believe the FDA has proposed ‘light touch’...

      The FDA’s E-Cigarette Regulations, Mostly Mild for Now, Could Set the Stage for a Crackdown


      From by Jacob Sullum Today the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finally proposed regulations for electronic cigarettes. The rule, which probably...

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