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The Innokin Coolfire 4 Review

Coolfire IV Review Spinfuel

Coolfire 4 Written Review Innokin Coolfire 4 – A New Attitude When I had heard that the Innokin Coolfire...



Vaping With Vapinski And The Cloud Company    Most of you are familiar with the name Suicide Bunny unless...

eVic-VT From Joyetech – Full Review

Joyetech eVic-VT Spinfuel Review #1

eVic-VT – A True State of the Art Vaporizer The eVic-VT Kit will be available through Ave40. As of...

Innokin MVP3 Pro & iSub G Giveaway!


The newest Innokin MVP is the 60w MVP3 Pro. The perfect subohm tank for the MVP3 Pro is the...

MigQuid eLiquid Free 30mL Bottle!

MigQuid eJuice Giveaway

Get A Free 30mL Bottle of MigQuid eJuice Today is a very special day for Spinfuel readers! It’s the...

Possum Trot eLiquid Review


e-Pure Liquid’s Possum Trot The first thing you should know about Possum Trot eliquid is that it is an...

eGo ONE Mega and Mini – Full Review


Joyetech eGo ONE Mega and Mini Review Julia Hartley-Barnes Joyetech hit a homeroom with their small, high performance, eGo...

What a Bunch of Garbage!

What a bunch of garbage

What a Bunch of Garbage! By Beth Neuling As an industry that was born out of the desire to...

Vaping With Vapinski – THRST eJuice

Vaping with Vapinksi

Vaping With Vapinski – THRST eJuice I was lucky enough to get to run up to ECC in Niagara briefly...

Smoknejoey Innokin iSub G

Innokin iSub G Subohm Tank Review Today I present the complete review for the Innokin iSub G. It is...

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iSub G by Innokin – Smokenjoey Video

Proper eLiquid Review

Proper Eliquid Review Just like it’s namesake, this juice is proper! These guys make some of the most interesting...

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Proper Eliquid Review – Daily Vape TV

Council of Vapor Kindred 2

Council of Vapor Kindred II Here we are again reviewing another fine piece of hardware from Council of Vapor...

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CoV Kindred Mech Mod – Daily Vape TV


Smokenjoey Does The Coolfire 4 with the iSub G Hey folks, today I look at the all-new Coolfire 4....

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The Coolfire 4 Review – Smokenjoey

IPV4 Updated Review Talk

IPV4 Update Video Hi Folks- I did review the IPV4 100 watt box mod 10 days earlier then I...

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IPV4 Updated Review Smokenjoey

Anarchist Wire Build

Anarchist Wire Build Huge shoutout to Phil & Melissa of Local Vape Distribution for stopping by Voltage Vape and...

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Anarchist Wire Build – Fresh Build Friday

LICK Brand - Daily Vape TV

LICK Brand – Daily Vape TV Check out the Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review – LICK Brand If you’re a...

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LICK Brand Vapor – Daily Vape TV


Smokenjoey Reviews The Innokin MVP3 Pro Hi Folks- this is a complete review of the brand new MVP 3.0...

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MVP3 Pro A Smokenjoey Review

Royal Hunter Daily Vape TV

Royal Hunter RDA Review Big shout out to Eve e-liquid for sending me the beautiful Council of Vapor Royal...

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Council of Vapor Royal Hunter RDA Review

Spinfuel's Vapers News

Outdoor Smoking Ban Makes Little Sense

Banning smoking on the slopes makes little sense Whistler Blackcomb, a very nice area for skiing and hiking, has decided to ban smoking and vaping from all areas of its...

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

Average Vaping and Health Risks

E-Cigarette Risks May Not Apply To The Average Vaper E-cigarettes contain potentially dangerous chemicals, but lab studies don’t take into account how e-cig users actually vape. One of the...

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

500,000 More Are Using E-cigs

Half a million smokers have switched to e-cigarettes from tobacco Action on Smoking and Health says there are now 2.6m vapers in UK, up from 2.1m last year. Nearly...

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Vaping May Curtail Tobacco Harms

Tobacco vs. nicotine: Vaping might be way to curtail greater harm A medical doctor in North Carolina who has witnessed the harm using combustible tobacco can cause to the...

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

E-cig Ban Repealed by Council

St. Charles City Council Repeals E-Cigarette Ban An ordinance that was passed earlier in the year concerning e-cigarette use was amended by the city council. On May 19, 2015,...

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

Differentiate Nicotine From Smoking

It is time we understand the difference between taking nicotine and smoking Getting nicotine introduced into the body by smoking tobacco is very different from oral consumption without combustion....

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

Jail Gets OK to Sell E-cigs

Bradley jail cleared to sell e-cigarettes to inmates Joining the number of county jails that are allowed to sell e-cigs to inmates, the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office has received the...

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

Council Kills Smoking Ban Proposal

Still legal to puff in lounges, bars as Council kills smoking ban proposal The council of Lafayette City-Parish voted against a ban of cigarettes and e-cigarette use in lounges...

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Because You Should Know - Judy Henery for Spinfuel eMagazine

E Cigarettes – Because You Should Know

Judy Henry Wants You To Know More About E Cigarettes The invention of the e cigarette presented us with a glorious opportunity. It has made it possible for many...

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Sigelei 20W Review Spinfuel eMagazine

Sigelei 20W Review

The Sigelei 20W Review by Tom McBride Tom Takes An In-Depth Look At The Sigelei 20W Prologue I’ve been vaping with the new Sigelei 20W for more than two...

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Vaporetti Day EPipe Spinfuel eMagazine

SMOK Pioneer e-Pipe

SMOK “Pioneer” e-Pipe – $49.99 Introduction Pipe mods aren’t for everybody. Let’s just get that understood right out of the gate. The other thing to understand, right out of...

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Are electronic cigarettes now an everyday part of life?

Are Electronic Cigarettes Now An Everyday Part Of Life?

Electronic Cigarettes Are The Norm? There is no doubt that the battle for credibility and acceptance has been long and tough for the electronic cigarette industry, with many years...

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Bull Smoke Declares War on Spinfuel eMagazine over a negative review

Bull Smoke’s Declaration of War

This morning, this email from Martin Giles, owner of Bull Smoke, was delivered in my InBox   Hi John, I see you published the review.  I’m less than thrilled...

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