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      Teen E-cig Use Not Calamity

      Vapers News from Spinfuel

      Rising teen e-cigarette use hardly a calamity The release of a survey on teen smoking last week caused an...

      Vape Shop Passes Minor Test

      Vapers News from Spinfuel

      Vaping not for kids but could make ex-smokers out of some adults A vape shop in Ogden Utah passed...

      E-cig Health Effects Not Known

      Vapers News from Spinfuel

      The Medical Minute: Full Health Effects of ‘Vaping’ Still Unknown An article today in Gant Daily discusses what is...

      Liquid Nicotine Law

      Vapers News from Spinfuel

      Executive calls on Cuomo to sign liquid nicotine law A county executive is urging the Governor to sign a...

      More Research In Favour Of Electronic Cigarettes

      More research in favour of electronic cigarettes

      Positive Research is Ignored. Why? While politicians, regulates and those against the electronic cigarette industry have discounted research programmes...

      Hide All Vapor Products

      Vapers News from Spinfuel

      E-cigs and Business : Effects of Bill 45 A proposed bill will change the regulations regarding e-cigarettes essentially requiring shop...

      eCig Smear Campaign Blown Out Of The Water

      Smear Campaigns and eCigarettes - Mark Benson

      When Facts Don’t Support You, Use A Smear Campaign… Whether you are looking towards the UK, US or any...

      Lorain County Business Owners Say E-cigarettes Are Booming


      From The Morning Journal by Adriana Cuevas Local business owners are clearing the air on a newer product sweeping the...

      E-cigarette Market on Fire While Scientists Wage Heated Debate


      From CBC News by Daniel Schwartz Electronic cigarette use is skyrocketing, revenue has reached the billions of dollars, legislators are...

      Starfire Cigs Review

      Smokenjoey reviews Starfire

      The Starfire Cigs Review by Smokenjoey Starfire Cigs is an economical, environmentally friendly and satisfying alternative to traditional cigarettes....

      Don’t Let Big Tobacco Choke The E-Cigarette Industry


      From The Daily Caller by Cynthia Cabrera One notable aspect of Reynolds American’s recent move to acquire Lorillard is...

      #MarriedAtFirstSight Provari 3 Giveaway Begins

      MarriedAtFirstSight Provari 3 Giveaway

      Well, I said I would do it if Jamie and Doug said they would stay together…and they did.  ...

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