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      Vapers News from Spinfuel

      Vaping reduces nasty tobacco cigs as more smokers switch Sunflower Naturals blog has a post asking for support for vaping...

      E-cig Debate

      Vapers News from Spinfuel

      Friend or Foe: The Great e-Cigarette Debate At the recent annual meeting of the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry, a...

      Cloupor DNA 30 Box Mod

      Cloupor DNA 30 Box Mod

      Great For The New Sub Ohm Tanks (Subtank & Atlantis) Cloupor DNA 30 Box Mod The DNA 30 has...

      E-cig Use Slapped with Regulations

      Vapers News from Spinfuel

      E-cigarette use slapped with growing provincial regulation Without any national regulations concerning e-cigarettes in Canada many of the provinces,...

      Smoking Ban Postponed

      Vapers News from Spinfuel

      The Seaside Empire Park and Recreation board postpones an ordinance that would ban smoking Until there is cooperation from...

      Johnson & Johnson Against E-cigs?

      Vapers News from Spinfuel

      A Strong Argument Against Johnson & Johnson Control of Vaping or E-Cigs Earlier this year we posted an article...

      My Favorite (current) Vape – Cool Fire 2

      John Castle Current Favorite Vape

      Introduction I have half a dozen amazing pieces of gear on, in, and around the desk where I spend...

      Retailers Upset About Proposed Ban


      Retail Stores Upset With Town’s Proposed Ban Of All Tobacco Products The Board of Health of Westminster, MA will...

      E-cigarettes’ Case Goes Up In Smoke Following Landmark Ruling In WA Court


      From The Sydney World Herald by Eamonn Duff NSW tobacco laws could be amended to specifically outlaw e-cigarettes after a...

      Doctors Oppose E-cigarette Bill


      From The Sheboygan Press Media by Taylor W. Anderson MADISON — Even as the nation’s second-largest city is moving...

      The Nazis’ Forgotten Anti-Smoking Campaign


      From The Atlantic by Tracy Brown Hamilton Nazi Germany’s well-known obsession with creating a master Aryan race led to...

      China E-cigs Need Oversight

      Vapers News from Spinfuel

      China’s E-Cigarette Boom Lacks Oversight for Safety The New York Times has an article concerning the production of e-...

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