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      E-cigs No Gateway


      A report by the ONS shows that e-cigarettes are almost entirely used by people who are trying to give...

      UK Black Friday Vaping Deals


      UK 2014 E-Cig Black Friday and Cyber Monday vaping deals This post from TBEC Review lists many of the...

      Lessons From E-cig Conference


      Three Lessons From Wells Fargo’s E-Cig Forum CSPnet posted the three biggest themes from last weeks e-cigarette conference hosted...

      Beyond the Nicotine


      Q&A with tobacco control expert Michael Siegel The Daily Free Press has a Q & A with Michael Siegel,...

      C-store, Vape Shop or Internet Sales


      Which Channel Will Own Vape? At the second annual e-cig forum, hosted by Wells Fargo, one of the discussions...

      The eLeaf “Twins” Tank – A Prerelease First Hand Look

      eLeaf Twins Atomizer

      A Dual Chamber Tank by eLeaf – The Twins There are good things and bad things about this dual-flavor...

      E-cigarettes Can Help Smokers Quit, But They Are Not Without Risks


      From Asbury Park Press by Susan Bloom For musician and music teacher Mark McCarthy, 27, e-cigarettes seemed like a...

      Nicotine, Vapor, Throat Hit and Pacifier Vaping

      Spinfuel Guide To Vaping Series

      Do You Pacify Vape? Spinfuel’s Guide To Vaping Continues – Before you can begin to think about the right...

      Teens Worry About Impact of Electronic Cigarettes

      electronic cigarette

      From The Chico Enterprise-Record by Ashley Gebb They smoke them at school. They hold smoke-exhaling contests. They get hooked on...

      SFATA Shares Vaping Industry Insight With Senate Staff Members


      From MarketWatch The Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA), the largest trade group dedicated to advocacy, awareness and education in...

      Stanton Glantz Is Such A Liar That Even The ACS Balks


      From Anti-THR Lies By Carl V. Phillips His latest ecig gateway “study” is garbage Stanton Glantz recently published a...

      Fun with e-Liquid Concentrates – Chapter 4 – Craftsman & Artists


      A DIY e-Liquid Concentrates Adventure This week I was trying to decide if I should create videos for this...

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