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I Can Vape If I Want To!

I can Vape if I want to!

The Vape and the Mark Benson The last few weeks have seen state authorities attempting to ban electronic cigarettes...

Aspire Atlantis & Platinum Kit Video Review

Atlantis V2 Platinum Kit - Aspire Vapor Authority

John Manzione’s Cold Open VLOG – Aspire Atlantis v2 Today’s edition of The Cold Open takes a look at...

Lucid Liquids Review By Vapinski


Vaping With Vapinski – Lucid Liquids This week started out warm, but we’re in for a small chilly spell....

Vision MK SubOhm – Cold Open

Vision MK Tank

The Cold Open And The Vision MK Subohm Tank Here we go, another day another subohm tank. Today it’s...

Psycho Tunes eLiquid – A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

Psycho Tunes

Psycho Tunes eLiquid Review Before we get into Psycho Tunes eLiquid, I would like to make a quick announcement about...

Alloy Blends Vaping With Vapinski

Alloy Blends - Vapinski

Alloy Blends Review by Vapinski Founded by Justin Time, (Just-In-Time, how cool is that name!) well known in the...

A Starre Tank – Matrix Tank Video Review

Starre Tank Matrix Tank Subohm Tanks Reviewed, sort of

After Too Much NyQuil John Makes A Video If you are expecting an actual review you will be disappointed…...

The Odyssey 18650M From Totally Wicked eLiquid


The Odyssey 18650M Gets Reviewed Tom McBride – Today Totally Wicked eLiquid releases the their new mechanical mod, the...


Freemax Starre Subohm Tank

Julia Reviews The Freemax Starre Tank The first thing you need to know about the Freemax Starre subohm tank...

vapeporn - a special smokenjoey show

VapePorn –  Chain Smoker Dual Mech Mod  Hi Folks, I recently paid a visit to my local vape shop...

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VapePorn A Smokenjoey Treat

Vision MK Tank by Smokenjoey

Smokenjoey Tackles The Vision MK Tank Hi Folks- this new Vision MK Tank is probably the best Sub Ohm...

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Vision MK Tank – Smokenjoey

Horizon's Arctic Tank

A Video Review Arctic Tank & Tank Giveaway FOR THE GIVEAWAY: The Arctic Tank by Horizon is a...

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Daily Vape TV – Arctic Tank & Giveaway!

Eastern Vapor - Daily Vape TV - Spinfuel

Daily Vape TV Eastern Vapor Review Here’s a quick one-off review of Eastern Vapor’s Jelly Nougat flavored eliquid. If...

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Eastern Vapor’s Jelly Nougat

SMOK VCT by Smokenjoey

Smokenjoey and the SMOK VCT Hi Folks, join me as I review and compare the Smok Tech VCT Sub...

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SMOK VCT Subohm Tank Review

SMOK Xpro M80 Smokenjoey Review in Spinfuel

Smokenjoey Reviews The SMOK XPRO M80 Hi Folks, This is a complete review of the SMOK XPro M80 Plus...

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SMOK XPro M80 Box Mod Review

Daily Vape TV- Sigelei 100w Plus Review SF

The Sigelei 100w Plus Review We would like to thank MyVaporStore for generously providing the Segilei 100w Plus for...

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Sigelei 100w Plus Review

Daily Vape TV Celebrates 1 year on YouTube

Daily Vape TV- One Year on YouTube Celebration! I had a great time hanging out with you guys, talking...

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One Year On YouTube – Spinfuel’s Daily Vape TV

Lineage Vapors Cloud Competition

Daily Vape TV Pays A Visit To Lineage Vapors A great time for a great cause, proceeds were raised...

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Lineage Vapors’ Cloud Competition

Spinfuel's Vapers News

Indoor E-cig Ban Bill on Hold

Bill banning indoor e-cigarettes won’t be called for vote An Illinois House bill that would have banned the indoor use of e-cigarettes has been put on hold by the...

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

Tobacco Abstinence Only Policy Not Working

Tobacco Control is Getting It Wrong Dr. Brad Rodu spoke about anti-tobacco campaigns and how they are not embracing harm reduction and helping to get people off of combustible...

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

CDC Refuses To Tell Truth on Teen Vaping

Why Is The CDC Lying About E-Cigarettes? Last week, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced soaring rates of e-cigarette use among teens and the decline of the use...

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The Jail E-cig Boom

Why American Prisons Are Pushing E-Cigarettes On Inmates E-cigarette sales to inmates in jails seems to be a good business for cash-strapped counties that provide a little extra income for...

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AZVAPEXPO in Tucson, May 1 – 3

Premier Arizona Vaping Event The Tucson, AZVAPEXPO is an international trade event which will bring together direct manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers geared towards the alternative vaping industry all under...

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

Vaping Can it? Will it?

After forecasts of dramatic rise, vaping category still seeks niche Will vaping and e-cigarette consumption move ahead of combustible cigarettes in the future? When pundits assess the success and...

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

Testimony Helps Vape Shop Exemption

Proposed e-cigarette restrictions include exception for vape shops As we vapers know, it is so important for us to make our voices heard during public hearings on proposed regulations...

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Spinfuel's Vapers News

Tax Bill Bust For E-cigs, Boon For Tobacco

House e-cigarette tax would crush MN business A bill in front of the Minnesota Legislature, if passed intact, would put a 30 cent per millimeter tax on e-liquid. That along...

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E-cigarette Business Booms For Former 50-a-Day Man

From The Guardian by David Eggboro A former 50-a-day smoker who managed to break his 34-year habit is now selling the products which helped him stop. Paul Law, 49,...

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American Smoke Scam – Worse Than We Thought

American Smoke Even Worse Scam Alert. Over the past year or so we have been attempting to alert consumers to various e-cigarette scams on the Internet. Out of all...

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Lawmakers, Doctors Debate E-cigarettes

New Mexico state legislators today heard both sides of the e-cigarette debate before having to vote on two e-cig laws next year. One of the laws will restrict to...

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Thieves Targeting Metro Area Vapor Stores

From CBS4  A business man in Aurora reached out to CBS4 Monday morning saying his vapor pen store and others in the metro area are being targeted by burglars....

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VCCNE Interview Smokenjoey and PBsurado

Smokenjoey’s Phil Busardo Interview

More Coverage from the VCCNE! Hey Folks, Smokenjoey here. What you’re about to see is my interview with Phil Busardo, better known as PBusardo, recorded at the VCCNE in...

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