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Well, if you’re reading this I guess it’s okay to assume that you are interested in vaping, or you recently started vaping. You’ve come to the right place, that’s for sure. You see, Spinfuel eMagazine has been publishing since February 1st, 2012, and now, with more than 7000 articles we’ve about covered it all, with the same core team since Day One I might add. Keep in mind when you read these articles; when we began our own vape adventure in vaping, we were as “green” as you are, or were, when you first became interested. What we’ve learned could fill volumes, but who has time to read volumes of information about every aspect of vaping? So, for you, the “New Vaper“, we’ve created this multi-part ‘mini-site’ within Spinfuel, and we call it our “Guide for New Vapers“. You’ll see plenty of other “guides” in Spinfuel, and when the time is right, when you get the basics down and you’re confident in the idea of vaping as an escape from tobacco’s hold on you, there are plenty of other topics to read about. This is a journey, a valuable one. ELEMENT VAPE - 5- STAR VENDOR


Below is our 7-part Guide For New Vapers. Each topic can be accessed by clicking the button. Our Guide for New Vapers is set up to guide you through all the information you need to become a Vaper, and to forever leave Tobacco Products behind you. We begin with a thorough explanation of vaping, what it is, and so on. Next we discuss vape gear, everything you’ll need to know about all types of mods, batteries, and more. Then, we discuss atomizers, tanks, clearomizers, and more. There is a lot to know about atomizers, so read this section with care. Afterwards, we move into Batteries used for vaping, and how to handle them safely, which types you need, and we even explain what to look for and what to avoid. Next, we’ll tell you what e-liquid is, what is used when making it, and why it’s important to know. Not all e liquids are the same, and in this section you’ll understand why. Our final section takes what you learned about e-liquid, and then guides you will suggestions on how to discover the e liquids you will like, and how to get the most out of your e liquid budget. This final section is vital to successfully moving away from Tobacco Products.

Bookmark this page, our mini-site homepage if you will, and whenever we post a new topic for new vapers, you’ll find a brief excerpt and a link to the entire article (see below). Relax, you’re in the company of friends, and we remember what it was like not knowing the difference between a clearomizer or cartomizer. We’re not so different you know, just a little time and a lot of tinkering is all that stands between where you are now, and where we are now. You got this.  – Ian Jones.

Some of Our Recent Articles

Reviews, commentaries, tutorials, guides, and even videos... this is the mix of original content we publish here in Spinfuel eMagazine. We even publish excerpts of the latest news that concerns the vaping community. Browse around, pick and choose an article or two that interests you. There is a lot here, explore and enjoy. The articles below are chosen at random, each time you visit this page new (or old) content will appear. We like keeping it interesting. - Team Spinfuel

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