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If you are interested in knowing all about this thing called vaping, or if you recently started vaping, but you’re not quite sure you have it figured out, this page is for you… New Vapers.  Spinfuel VAPE has been publishing vape-related content since February 1st, 2012, and with more than 5000 articles published here, we’ve about covered it all.  

Keep in mind when you read the articles below… when we began our own vaping adventure we were as new to it as you are now, or were. All of us has learned what you’ll learn from the articles in this section.

What we’ve learned over the years could fill volumes because our team spends all day every day reviewing vape gear and eJuice, but who has time to read volumes of information about every aspect of vaping? For you, our “New Vapers“, we’ve created this multi-part ‘mini-site’ within Spinfuel VAPE to equip you with enough information so that you can begin your journey into vaping with enough knowledge to avoid most mistakes.  You will notice many other “guides” in Spinfuel VAPE as well, and when the time is right, once you get the basics down and you’re confident in the idea of vaping and you’ve escaped the death grip of tobacco’s hold on you, there are plenty of other topics for you to read read about. This is a journey, a valuable one, one we hope to present in a logical, easy to follow manner. ELEMENT VAPE - 5- STAR VENDOR


Below is our 7-part Guide for New Vapers, each topic can be accessed by clicking the corresponding buttons below. Our Guide for New Vapers is set up in a way that will guide you through all the information you will need to become an experienced Vaper.

When you discover what devices, eJuice, and nicotine strength that works for you then you will forever leave Tobacco Products behind you. You won’t need them anymore. Your health will begin to improve within weeks. Your sense of “taste” will return to the levels you had before you began smoking tobacco. Best of all, you won’t smell of stale tobacco.

First, we begin with a thorough explanation of vaping, what it is, and more. Next we discuss ‘vape gear’, and just about everything you will need to understand the types of box mods, batteries, vape pends, pod mods, ultra-portables and All-In-One, or AIO devices.

In the next section we discuss atomizers, Sub-Ohm Tanks, Rebuildables, otherwise known as RDAs, RTAs and RDTAs and even MTL, or Mouth-to-Lung tanks. There is a lot to know about atomizers, so read this section with care. Afterwards, we will move into Batteries, and how they are used for various hardware, how to handle them safely, which types you need, and we explain what to look for and what to avoid.

Lastly, we’ll tell you about e-liquid, what is used to make it, and why that is important to know. Not all e-liquids are the same, and in this section you’ll understand why. Our final section takes what you learned about e-liquid, and then guides you, as New Vapers with certain suggestions on how to discover which e liquids you might want to try first.  You will learn how to get the most out of your e liquid budget because e-liquid is a consumable, a part of vaping that you will always spend money on. It is  vital to choose the right type of e-liquid to successfully step away from Tobacco Products for good. As New Vapers your journey should begin here. Bookmark this opening page and revisit it as much as you need to. Pass it along to others that might want to become new vapers.

Some of Our Recent Articles

Reviews, commentaries, tutorials, guides, and even videos... this is the mix of original content we publish here in Spinfuel eMagazine. We even publish excerpts of the latest news that concerns the vaping community. Browse around, pick and choose an article or two that interests you. There is a lot here, explore and enjoy. The articles below are chosen at random, each time you visit this page new (or old) content will appear. We like keeping it interesting. - Team Spinfuel

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For most of the past decade, vaping has seen remarkable growth in the United States and has provided countless entrepreneurs with the ability to start new businesses in the process. Royalty Free Photo While essentially unregulated for years, vaping accessories and liquids are increasingly being placed under the purview of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). With changes made to vaping regulations in 2016, the ENDS Act now creates a variety of burdens and obstacles for anybody wishing to manufacture or sell select vaping materials. Here’s what you need to know before deciding to pursue a vaping-related business in the US. Become Familiar with ENDS Arguably the single biggest obstacle facing vaping entrepreneurs today is the ENDS Act. Implemented by the FDA in 2016, the ENDS Act is designed to regulate non-combustible tobacco products. This means vaping juices or e-liquids, a variety of accessories, as well as the tank systems or mods used with them. ENDS stands for electronic nicotine delivery systems. ENDS is incredibly complex regulation for manufacturers of vaping-related products, and still somewhat complex even for those who simply resell them. Among some of the biggest issues vaping entrepreneurs may face: mandatory disclosures on packaging that specify the addictive properties of nicotine, specific permitting requirements for any liquid or device to be manufactured or sold, and restrictions on select flavors that can be sold (though this has temporarily been placed on hold). Know About PMTA Speaking of entrepreneurial hurdles, get ready to learn about PMTA: the premarket tobacco application. Aspiring entrepreneurs definitely need to learn more about PMTA vape products before jumping into the game. Don’t let this seemingly simple name fool you: it’s an incredibly complex and potentially expensive process. Most often, a premarket tobacco application is relevant in the creation of e-liquids. With the explosion of vaping entrepreneurs seen over the past decade, the premarket tobacco application process is a direct middle finger of sorts against this trend. Why is this the case? Consider the sheer cost of a PMTA: the FDA itself reports that manufacturers will spend anywhere from $115,000 to $470,000 for just one PMTA. Now imagine having to submit a separate PMTA for every flavor of juice – and a separate one for every nicotine level of each flavor! Invest in Market Research Given the sheer level of costs associated with creating new vaping products, it is arguably more important than ever to do proper market research. Prospective vaping entrepreneurs who don’t want to waste large sums of money will need to collaborate with representative groups within their target audiences to figure out which products are most likely to be successful. Of course, they will also need to conduct market research to determine who exactly their target audiences are in the first place! At any rate and with the amount of regulation and fees associated with PMTA and ENDS in general, entrepreneurs don’t want to make a misstep. As such, basic vaping market research is only the beginning: to ensure products are optimized as much as possible for the new reality of vaping, investing a sizable amount of time and resources into the practice is practically mandatory. There have certainly been periods in which it would have been easier to become an entrepreneur in the vaping industry, but there is still time and opportunity. However, navigating the large number of obstacles from both government regulation and private competitors will require upfront research, education, and planning in order to be successful.
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For most of the past decade, vaping has seen remarkable growth in the United States and has provided countless entrepreneurs with the ability to start [...]

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