Are you a Vaper that believes drip tips cannot affect your vaping experience?  Do you think that any drip tip will do if it’s for use on the end of a cartomizer? Do you believe that fancy drip tips by Molehill Mountain Art are just a way to spice up your vaping hobby?  Drip Tips matter. In more ways than one.

The term “drip tip” in the vaping community applies to any mouthpiece, really. While some veteran Vapers use drip tips to, ah, drip, most other Vapers use them as mouthpieces. The mouthpieces (drip tip) that come with your tank, Clearo, or what-have-you is usually a Delrin plastic or chrome tip. They are inexpensive and inconsequential.



Drip Tips that are sold as standalone items come in many shapes and sizes. They are made from several different materials. From metal, jade, glass, Plastic, and even rubber. Use one on the end of a cartomizer. Use one on the end of a CE3/4/5 Clearomizer. Or even a Kanger T3 or the new MT-3. The drip tip can be simple or complex, inexpensive or “the sky’s the limit”. One thing is for sure; a drip tip can be a very personal matter.

The drip tips from Molehill Mountain Art are something else altogether.

Molehill Mountain Art – Dripping

Screw an atomizer onto a mech mod and dripp a few drops of eLiquid into it. Then put a drip tip on the Atty and inhale. That is “dripping”. Personally I have zero interest in dripping. It’s kind of hardcore when you think about it.  But many people love it.  Drippers really get into it. A fancy drip tip gives the experience an overall great look and feel.

The shape of the drip tip matters as well. The shape especially matters because of the amount of vapor the drip tip can produce.  By owning Drip Tips of various shapes and sizes, dripping can be tailored.

The attraction to dripping, is that by using a battery, atomizer, and drip tip you can get a  powerful vapor hit. Pure flavor comes through the drip tip because there is no filler material. Nothing between you and the vapor. The atomizer vaporizes the eLiquid. The drip tip funnels the vapor up and through and directly into your lungs.

Dripping is a pure vaping experience. I hate to say this, but when I see someone in the office dripping it akin to watching someone snorting cocaine.

But rather than turn this into a tutorial on dripping I’d like to talk about the drip tips made by Molehill Mountain Art, and more specifically the ones I recently purchased.

Molehill Mountain Art Drip Tips

While I was surfing the web looking for a drip trip for my boss I happened across Molehill Mountain Art Drip Tips. The drip tips made here, by Doug and Tammie, are all handcrafted, meticulously turned, painted, and sealed so as to produce a level of quality I’m betting you’ve probably never seen in a drip tip before. I know I sure haven’t.

Interested in drip tips for  ‘dripping’ or to use at the end of various devices?  A Drip Tip from Molehill Mountain Art is very much worth every penny you will spend on it.


Molehill Mountain Art Drip TipTammie and Doug, owners of Molehill Mountain Art, are extraordinary artists. Doug is a renowned “wood turner” who has had his work shown in galleries across the globe. His work has been shown in galleries such as Joe Wade Fine ArtsChristine’s of Santa Fe and Laguna BeachThe Mariposa Gallery of Fine Art.

Tammie enjoys working with polymer clay, as well as inks and paints. Doug and Tammie have collaborated on quite a few pieces (wood and clay or wood and ink/paint). They’ve been shown at the The Albuquerque Museum Gallery, the Del Mano Gallery (the premiere wood gallery in the western half of the U.S.), and the Gallery M in Half Moon Bay, Calif.

Global Shows

There are sizable collections of Doug’s work in the U.S., France, and other parts of Europe, Canada, Japan and so on. Like I said, Doug is a renowned wood turner in the art world.

Having both Doug and Tammie turn their attention to making drip tips as resulted in the creation of functional art on the level that we have yet to see in the vaping community. Best of all, they are not only beautiful creations they are affordable as well.

Doug and Tammie

Vaping came into their world on January 2, 2012, just a year ago, when Tammie made the decision to quit smoking. She had received an eCigarette starter kit for Christmas and when she had passed the 3-day mark without a cigarette she knew that vaping was the answer. Tammie refers to herself as a “reacher”, someone that has a difficult time quitting cigarettes because she would often find herself “reaching” for a cigarette whenever she was concentrating elsewhere. I can relate to that, and it is THE most difficult aspect of quitting. This is the reason why electronic cigarettes are the absolute best way to quit for many many people.

Creating the Business

About 8 months into vaping, Doug and Tammie decided to apply their artistic talents to the business of making high-quality, yet affordable drip tips. The result is a fast-growing company that produces the most incredible drip tips I have ever seen.

Using only the finest materials to create each drip tip, as well as the decades of experience creating masterworks of art pieces using the very same materials used in the making of their drip tips, you’ll know the second you hold one in your hand that what you have isn’t just another drip tip, it’s a work of art.  Each piece of wood or acrylic used to make a Molehill Mountain Art drip tip has it’s own characteristics and they are shaped in a way that will enhance and not detract from it’s original beauty.

The (Molehill Mountain Art) Drip Tips

When I say that each drip tip is a work of art I mean it. Molehill Mountain Art only produces about 5 drip tips per day! (6 on a good day Tammie tells us), so they are never mass-produced. In fact, you cannot buy these drip tips from a vendor because they are produced in such limited numbers.

Chechen inlaid with Polymer Clay – $22 –

While I was browsing the Molehill Mountain Art website looking for that beautiful drip tip I happened along a page that featured this drip tip. The photo cannot do this drip tip justice, but as you can see it is one magnificent drip tip. Made from an incredible species of burl wood and handcrafted with the inlaid polymer clay, it was the one I decided to buy, though there was another one that I was considering.Molehill Mountain Art Drip Tip - Chechen

The Navajo – Polymer Clay on Ash 9-23 –

A similar shape to the Chechen, but lighter in color with the inlaid clay work a bit different as well, this is the one I will get next, or at least one similar to it. You see, the photos on the website are the actual drip tips you will buy. Once its sold the photo moves over to the “Sold” gallery. As you can see you’re not buying some mass-produced, identical tip, each one is unique.

Acrylic Drip Tips

The drip tip I have for my personal use is a pinkish acrylic drip tip. Tammie and Doug made it especially for me. I had asked for something specific. As you can read in the accompanying interview, I was asked what my favorite color was and they created one like this.

Molehill Mountain Art Tips are sealed in CA. CA is an acrylic finish that lasts forever and day. It  produces a lustrous, hard, protective shine.  Wood does not like to get wet. It’s recommended to gently clean the surface with a slightly damp Q-Tip. Drying with a soft cloth is all that’s needed. Never immerse your drip tip in water.

Real World Experience with Molehill Mountain Art

Since the day I presented John with the Chechen drip tip he has used nothing else. It feels incredible on his lips and provides the smoothest vaping experience. It has sparked a new hobby for him. He intends on buying Molehill Mountain Art Drip Tips often.

I’ve used nothing other than the pink acrylic drip tip that Tammie and Doug made for me. For the very same reason that John states above. I love the way I have been able to remove the drip tip from tank to tank and it still fits every bit as snug as it did the first time. Having said that, I received a couple of extra O-rings in case it ever wears out.

Pricing of a Molehill Mountain Art Drip Tip

There are two things that make buying a Molehill Mountain Art Drip Tip a no-brainer; At an average price of $20 they are every bit as affordable as any wood or fancy chrome drip tip you see on every vendors website, but, because it’s a Molehill Mountain Art drip tip, it is an authentic work of art.

I hope that you will soon visit their website to take a look at their currently available drip tips. If you’re in the market for one this is a great chance to add a piece of art to your collection. I can promise you that once you receive your drip tip you will understand why I was so excited to get mine, and why I use it every single day.

Julia Barnes