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Kanger Protank Mini II

The following review is based on the Kanger ProTank MINI II version 1, with the non-removable drip tip. The later version, the Kanger ProTank MINI II v2, with a removable drip tip, has not yet arrived at Spinfuel HQ.

Kanger ProTank Mini II Review – There has been a lot of talk these past several days as the Kanger ProTank Mini II (2) made its way into reviewers hands and even a few vendors who were quick on the draw and snapped some up, (Hurricane Vapor and MyVaporStore to name two) and while the arguments for and against this new glassomizer have valid points, my experience with it has been pretty good. While the ProTank Mini II isn’t perfect it has performed nearly as well as the ProTank 2, insofar as taste and vapor production is concerned.

The Drip Tip

The biggest compliant I’ve heard about the first version that was shipped by Kanger  is the non-removable drip tip, a remnant of the original ProTank I suppose. Word has it they could not finalize the design and when they went to the manufacturing stage they made, and released, the MINI v2 with a non-removeable drip tip. However, the v2 MINI II, the one that Hurricane Vapor did have in stock, (they have since sold out, but expect to be in stock again soon) does indeed feature the removable 510-size drip tip. The original ProTank also sported a non-removable drip tip, and it caused me a bit of grief at the time, but on the Mini II it doesn’t seem to bother me near as much. Perhaps because the drip tip is narrower than the original ProTank.


The ProTank Mini II is a pro-level Kanger Clearomizer. The eGo threading and the 1.5ML capacity come from the ‘clearomizer’ aspect while the glass tank and the bottom coils come from the ProTank ‘glassomizer’ lineage. It is an expensive clearomizer/glassomizer, but it is one that will last far longer than any other ‘clearomizer’ on the market.

The Kanger ProTank Mini II is glue-free, like the ProTank 2, and you can fully disassemble it just as you can with a ProTank 2.

Officially, it is being promoted like this:
Updated in Kanger ProTank Mini 2:

  • Pyrex tank is replaceable
  • Glue Free: All parts are replaceable


  • Replaceable Atomizer Heads (interchangeable with ProTank 1 and EVOD)
  • Bottom Coil
  • Pyrex Glass Tank
  • 1.5ml capacity
  • Dimensions: 3″L x 9/16″D

Real World and Buying Advice

The packaging is as slick (and expensive) as the ProTank and ProTank 2. The slip-pocket box is sturdy, and when you pull the insert out each of the two atomizer heads sit side by side in their own cut out and the ProTank Mini II sits in its cutout fully assembled except for an atty head. You must use one of the two coil heads to complete the assembly and use the clearomizer.Kanger ProTank Mini 2 Review by Spinfuel eMagazine

Both coil heads that come with the ProTank Mini II are rated at 2.2ohms and both rated 2.2ohms when tested with an iTaste VV v3.0. Since it is an eGo threaded device you cannot use it on any single connector 510 devices (the iTaste VV 3 for example, uses both eGo and 510 threads) unless you use an eGo-to-510 adapter. While a viable option I did not use it on a single connector 510-device but did use it on a Vision Spinner, and an Innokin iTaste VV v3. With the Spinner my ‘sweet spot’ was 3.5v-3.6v and on the iTaste VV v3.0 it was 3.6 and 3.7 volts.

Like other bottom coils you can easily affect the taste of your eLiquids by using a volt setting lower or higher than what’s called for. Why that’s important is this; at the 3.7-3.8v settings I got the best flavor possible from the 3 different eLiquids I tried, but bumping it to 4.0v and above the vapor warmed up but the taste diminished dramatically, much more so than when I use a long-wick clearomizer or tank system, and especially a carto-tank. Using a setting that is lower than 3.7v reduced the vapor production while once again reducing the amount of flavor in the vapor. My point is that while I enjoyed the ProTank Mini II, and I plan to buy a few more, there isn’t much room to push and pull when it comes to voltage settings, at least not in my experience.

As for Buying Advice – The ProTank Mini II is available at MyVaporStore for $16.45 (in stock now)  and at Hurricane Vapor for $15.75. Also at Hurricane Vapor you can snag a 5ml sampler bottle for free. The ProTank Mini will also be available at Fairy Gift with 12% discount code “fg12”.

The Kanger ProTank Mini II feels like a wicked expensive clearomizer. It’s heavy with metal and glass components, it can clean up easily, you can replace the parts, and it looks sharp on any device capable of using it. The downside is the 1.5ML capacity. But at 3 times the price of a plastic tank Kanger Clearomizer like a T3 or even an EVOD, it will take some weighing of the pros and cons to figure out if its worth buying. For me there is no decision to make; while I never liked the EVODS and the T3’s and MT3’s, the ProTank MINI II is a much better device and it will last a whole lot longer.

Kanger ProTank Mini 2 Review by Spinfuel eMagazineMetallic Taste?

One other thing worth mentioning is the tendency for all bottom coil atomizers in the Kanger line, and even in the new Vision Victory 5ML clearomizer is the metallic taste in every drag. Maybe I’m too sensitive to the metal, or maybe others just don’t feel it’s much of a drawback, but to me it is something that can really interfere with flavor. I am much happier with long wicks that soak up the juice instead of these short, stubby wicks sticking out from the metal head. Having said that, with the ProTank 2 and the ProTank MINI II that metallic taste has been reduced greatly. I have no idea why, it really shouldn’t make a difference, but it does.

Last Word

There are so many clearomizers, tanks, carto-tanks, glassomizers, and cartomizers on the market this year, and the newest among them is this Kanger ProTank MINI II. It’s not a “game changer”, but it is a very professional looking, fine-tooled glassomizer with precision fitted part and Pyrex glass. And it can be rebuilt any number of times. It’s definitely something you might want to invest the $16-$17 price tag, if for no other reason than to get a look into where Kanger is headed. Expanding the “ProTank” line is a good sign that Kanger is still committed to innovation and quality workmanship, and for that Kanger deserves to be seriously considered.

My Pros

  1. Glass Tank
  2. Minimum metallic aftertaste
  3. Glue-Free

My Cons

  1. 1.5ML capacity
  2. Metal Drip Tip (minimal)

So, have you taken the plunge and purchased a ProTank MINI II? Do you plan to? What do you think of this new clearomizer? Is Kanger doing the right thing by expanding the ProTank line? Does the MINI II qualify for the ProTank moniker? Use the comment box below; let’s get a dialog going.

Jason Little (with Tom McBride)