Marijuana, aka, Cannabis, has been getting more popular across the world due to continuous legalization for recreational use and more so, for medicinal use. Medical marijuana’s popularity is accelerating because it has capabilities that help relieve ailments especially related to chronic pain. Many patients suffering from several diseases including some cancers, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy are seeing relief as a result of marijuana.

Marijuana Availability

As the availability of marijuana is becoming more common in pharmacies, there are also new ways of consuming marijuana in its many forms, and essentials like wax or dab pens, which are becoming more easily available at online head shops like DankStop, that help the experience along. Essentials are available in many stores and with the help of tech, you can get them to your home wherever you are.

Essentials For Medical Marijuana UseIt is even more convenient than having to walk to the store now so there is no excuse for not having the essentials when you need them for your medical marijuana. You may be wondering what these essentials are but as you read this post, you will have a better idea of what we are talking about.

Rolling Papers

One of the commonest ways to enjoy your medicinal marijuana is by rolling a joint. The means by which you can roll a joint is by using rolling paper. The best brand recognized for its quality and packaging is RAWs which is comparable to Roor. . Another amazing brand is Zig-Zag: they offer unique products of top quality. Their organic hemp papers are definitely worth trying if you’re a smoking aficionado. (Learn more here)

If you are lucky when you purchase some, you may get some filters and a tray to roll your marijuana on.

Dry Herb Vaporizer

Dry herb vaporizers come in many forms and sizes to suit different consumer needs and tastes. There offer a cleaner smoking experience since they produce vapor rather than smoke. Vape pens are best for people who are always on the go because they are discreet and small which means you can carry them anywhere and smoke them in most places. Dry herb vaporizers are a little less discreet but offer greater smoking experiences with more flavor and potency. Depending on your need, you will choose one that works best for you.

Marijuana Grinder

The Little Essentials For Medical Marijuana UseMany people see the finished joint and may not wonder how the herb got that way. A grinder is a way marijuana is crushed into smaller sizes that can fit into rolling paper or a vape or any other smoking mechanism. They break the ingredients down into smaller pieces. Some just have teeth while others may have additional storage compartments where you can keep your weed until you want to use it.


All smoking comes with carcinogens and toxins but with filters, smokers can reduce the potency of these harmful substances. Filters add superior taste and a cleaner feel to your experience.

Candle Wicks

These are an alternative to lighting buds using butane lighter or matches. Great for lighting herb bowls. As well as enhancing the smoking experience. Units are available in different lengths from 50ft to 420ft both online and in shops. Useful for lighting bowls, bogs, and joints. After using a lighter to ignite it, you can burn your herb and blow it out when done. Additionally, they are easy to carry wherever you go.

One Hitter

There are occasions that you may want some but want to keep it low-key and subtle. This is where one-hitters are a great option because they are disguised as a cigarette and can easily go undetected. If you are a person that is on the go, these also work great because they are easy to carry. It is important not o forget to carry a dugout for storage of your one-hitter and the buds.

Good Marijuana Storage

Your marijuana is only as good as your storage. Good storage helps mask the smell from other people. There are many options from the affordable mason jar to a safety case with compartments for joints, vapes, and papers. These forms of storage keep your marijuana safe from being tampered with until your next smoke.


Marijuana has been very helpful when it comes to treating medical ailments. Many people have benefitted as a result of medical marijuana. In order to get the best experience while using medical marijuana, there are essentials such as filters, grinders, wicks, rolling paper, and good storage that will make it worth your while. Investing is very important for the best medicinal effects.