Maya iFill Review

Several Days ago I received a little package in the mail from Spinfuel eMagazine South. Inside was something called the “iFill”, along with a 15ML bottle of e-Liquid (Mango) made by the same company that made the iFill, Maya Electronic Smoke. I was asked to review it and after spending 4 or 5 days with it I present the review below. I hope you enjoy it. – KHB

Maya Electronic Smoke is an e-Cigarette brand out of California. They make a cig-a-like product and the iFill, along with several ‘flavors’ of e-Liquid. I did not receive their cig-a-like product so I cannot speak to the quality of that segment of the company, but I did get the chance to enjoy their iFill product and one flavor of the e-Liquid, Mango

The iFill

The Maya iFill is a 650mAh eGo-style battery, right down to the 5-click on/off activator button. Other than the soft and smooth texture of the battery itself it is identical to the vast majority of eGo batteries on the market. Had it not been for the iFill logo on the battery it would be very difficult to distinguish the iFill battery from a Halo Triton battery. Well, almost anyway. The iFill battery is just a tiny bit lighter (by feel) than the Halo Triton.Maya Electronic Smoke iFill Review by Spinfuel eMagazine

It is so close to the Halo Triton that the clearomizer that comes with it works on both the iFill battery and the Halo Triton battery, which means that the clearomizer is a basic T2-type clearo. There are no markings on the clearomizer so I cannot tell you if it’s a Kanger T2 or some other “clone”, but for all intent and purposes it looks identical to the clearomizers we use to buy early last year (it’s not a Halo Triton clearomizer) and performs like one, which is to say…pretty good.

Disposable or Replaceable Clearomizer

There are two iFill “Kits”. One that contains a disposable version of the T2 clearomizer for $24.95, and one with a clearomizer that has replaceable coils for $29.95, and it included an extra replacement coil.

Here are the specs for both versions of the iFill kits:

Replaceable Coils $24.95

  • 1 X Rechargeable Silver iFill Battery
  • 1 X iFill Electronic Cigarette Cartomizer
  • 1 X USB Charger
  • 1 X Replacement Fabric Coil
  • * NO Liquid is included.

Disposable Clearomizer $29.95

  • 1 X Rechargeable Brown iFill Battery
  • 1 X iFill Electronic Cigarette Disposable Cartomizer
  • 1 X USB Charger
  • * NO Liquid is included.

Replacement clearomizers can be purchased for $5.99 (disposable version) or $7.99 for a replaceable coil clearomizer. Strangely, they don’t carry replacement coils in their online store, but I imagine you can pick them up through several online vendors.

Maya does not sell replacement 650mAh batteries.

Maya eLiquids

Maya Electronic Smoke also offers a wide array of eLiquids, 17 flavors in all. The limited nicotine strengths are 6 or 16mg, and of course zero nicotine.Maya Electronic Smoke iFill Review by Spinfuel eMagazine

A 15ML bottle of e-Liquid is $9.95, but if you buy 6 or more that price drops down to a very reasonable $7.99. The only flavor I tried was Mango, and it was a really great tasting Mango with plenty of vapor and a powerful throat hit. I was surprised, to say the least, when the mango flavors hit me as authentic, natural, and clean. In fact, over the past few days I ripped through the entire 15ML of juice.

Since I did not sample any other flavor I cannot tell you what to expect from them, but if you were thinking about the mango flavor I have a feeling you’d like it a lot.

Maya Electronic Smoke offers the iFill on their website and in many retail locations out west. Their store locator map doesn’t show any locations in the New England area, where I live, or in the south where Spinfuel eMagazine HQ is located.

Real World Impressions

This might surprise you, but I highly recommend this inexpensive eGo/T2-type clearomizer kit, especially if you’re new to vaping or if you’re out of town and don’t have access to your normal vaping gear or supplies.

The iFill battery lasted a long time for a 650mAh battery and recharges remarkably fast. I would say the it was neck and neck with Halo’s Tritons in those areas, but you could tell it was maybe 1 or 2 steps down from a real Triton. Although it had a very similar, if not identical finish, the overall feel of the battery was not quite as luxurious as a Triton.

The clearomizer that came with my kit, being the disposable kind, looks to be the same clearomizer that we used to buy some 18 months ago from Apollo. Still, it worked fine and like I said above, I’ve gone through all 15ML of eJuice using the same disposable clearo and it’s still running strong.

Maya Electronic Smoke iFill Review by Spinfuel eMagazine

I liked the kit and I think it’s priced reasonably well. I would have no problem at all picking up one of them during my travels. I would also recommend them to any smoker looking to try their hand at something stronger than a simple cig-a-like without having to spend more than $25 to give it a go. Anyone that tries the iFill is going to get a very good idea of just how much better a 650mAh + Clearomizer vape is than the cig-a-likes, though I do understand the appeal of some cig-a-like brands. I guess.

Buying Advice

I emailed Maya and asked them about their e-Liquid, specifically about whether or not the eJuice was Chinese made or US made. I have not heard back. At this point, and speaking just for myself, the mango flavor was good enough for me to consider buying more from Maya, American made or not. I’d like to try their other flavors as well.

My buying advice is pretty simple; if you’re already using a 650mAh battery and clearomizers then you’re all set, there isn’t anything groundbreaking going on with Maya. But, if you’re looking to break away from cigarettes or you’re out of town and need a good vape and you spot Maya iFills at the local drug store, don’t hesitate…grab one and go.

I think Maya is a pretty decent company, despite their sometimes outlandish claims on their website (I’ll never understand why these guys have to do that). For instance, can anyone tell me what “100% Genuine Products” means? And how the hell did they determine they were a “premier leader in e-cigarettes and e-liquids”??

Their prices are reasonable right down the line. They even have a massive sale going on right now for their cig-a-like starter kits ($39.95) and they always give first orders 20% off, it’s a good time to try them.

For some reason I was very pleased to be able to sample their iFill product. I think its because with better and better products showing up on the internet and in retail locations it makes for a better vaping experience for everyone. Not only that, but for every decent product that comes along it pushes a crappy product down the sewer pipe, where it belongs.

Keira Hartley-Barnes