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The Inexpensive eLeaf IORE Lite Pod Mod Kit is Surprisingly GoodBeing able to own a pod mod like the eLeaf IORE Lite 2, a pod mod that is small enough to slip into any pocket (or purse) quickly and easily, yet powerful enough enough to deliver a surprising amount of vapor and spot-on flavor fidelity is… well… something I never really believed we’d see anytime soon. And at an unbelievable low price of under $10USD, I’m speechless. Nevertheless, I must find the words to write this review.

Still, I’ll be upfront right now and tell you that the eLeaf IORE Lite 2 is a MUST BUY, and if you’re smart, buy one of each color. This is my all-time favorite ‘small footprint’ pod mod.

The Inexpensive eLeaf IORE Lite Pod Mod Kit is Surprisingly Good

eLeaf IORE Lite 2 in Detail

The eLeaf IORE Lite 2 is a 12W Pod System that features a 490mAh battery, with a maximum output of 12W and utilizes an integrated 1.0ohm coil in the 2mL pod.  That, in a nutshell, is all you must know about the IORE Lite2. But there is more…

The IORE Lite2 is made as lightweight portable system. You can use any freebase nicotine vape juice or any nicotine-salt vape juice. Each pod is refillable, reusable many, many times, and is inexpensive enough to add a couple into your cart before checking out.

 The IORE Lite 2 Pod Mod System is the perfect companion for Vapers that are always on the go, of simply wanting something easy to use, satisfying, and enjoyable. It take a few seconds to fill the 2mL pod with your favorite vape juice through its side-fill port, and less than 2 minutes of waiting while the coil is saturated with enough juice to deliver a delicious and cloud filled vape.

It’s 490mAh battery lasts longer than I expected. Once fully charged I got about 3 hours of use, but I vape often, very often, so if you consider yourself an average Vaper, you may get an all-day experience on a single charge. eLeaf says you’ll be able to refill the pod 10 times during an average full charge, which is about what I would get. Consider that the amount of vape juice for 10 refills is 20mL (and if you use nic-salt vape juice that’s probably 3 or more days of vaping), that is excellent power management in a pod mod that cost less than $10USD.

The Inexpensive eLeaf IORE Lite Pod Mod Kit is Surprisingly Good

Personal Experience with the eLeaf IORE Lite2

Honestly, I found the performance to be out of this world. How can such a tiny device perform at this level at a consistent basis? How is it that this marvel of engineering cost so little, yet delivers so much? I don’t know. What I do know is that eLeaf and I go back many years, so I trust their ability to evolve and innovate. My first eLeaf device was the iStick 50 (I still have one here somewhere), and I am beginning to start a new review on a modern version of the iStick 40. I trust eLeaf, and you should too.

From Day One my eLeaf IORE Lite 2 delivered satisfying flavor and vapor using its integrated 1.0ohm coil. Oh, and before I forget, the IORE is a MTL (Mouth to Lung) system.

Once you have refilled the Pod 10 times, it will probably be time to toss that pod and use a new one.  New 2mL Pods sell in 2x packs for about $3.99USD. That’s a buck and a half for a high-performance pod, which I find both economical and a bit exciting as a Vaper and lover of Pod Mod Kits.

The Inexpensive eLeaf IORE Lite Pod Mod Kit is Surprisingly GoodeLeaf IORE Lite 2 12W Pod System Features:

• Dimensions: 108mm by 25mm by 14mm
• Battery Capacity: 490mAh
• Max Wattage: 12W
• Chassis Material: Polycarbonate
• Charging: Type-C Port
• Operation: Button-Activated
• Pod Series: IORE Lite 2 Pods
• Fill System: Side Fill System
• Pod Material: PCTG
• Pod Capacity: 2mL
• Pod Connection: Magnetic
• Coil Support: Integrated1.0ohm Coil
• More Info: LED Indicator Light

eLeaf IORE Lite 2 Kit Includes:

•1 IORE Lite 2 Battery
• 1 IORE Lite 2 Pod
• 1 User Manual
• 1 Warranty Card

Available Colors:
Black, Blue, Greenery, Pink, White

Conclusion and Rating

IORE LITE2 BY ELEAFI’m certainly not going to tell you that the eLeaf IORE Lite2 is the best pod mod kit on the market. Far from it. However, a pod mod that sells between $6.99USD and $7.99USD, with 2x Pods selling for $3.99USD, this is a pod mod you cannot be without. Sure, spend a lot more money on more sophisticated pod mods, or box mods and tanks, I have, and I will continue to. But, after using the IORE Lite, I’d be a fool not to have a few of these marvelous pod mods around for running an errand, taking a trip, or just being lazy on a Sunday morning.

I’ve reviewed, purchased, and used dozens upon dozens of pod mods over the past 4 years, and there are some incredible devices out there that beg to sit on my shelf. Just look at John’s review on the Uwell Tenets for an example of what is out there if you want to spend the money. Simply put, the eLeaf IORE Lite is an incredibly good pod mod for such a low cost that I must rate it an A+.

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Dave Foster