Australia is quite famous for its extensive beaches. It is thus a wonderful tourist spot for people from different parts of the world. Its summer starts in December, making it a beautiful escape spot for those who want to escape winter months in other countries.

The world’s sixth-largest country seems to be somehow strict regarding smoking and vaping within its territory. It is worth noting that smoking and vaping are not illegal in Australia. However, vaping is highly regulated, which somehow makes it hard for those who do not know where to look for and what makes the best vape juices:

What is vape juice?

Vape juice, e-liquid, and e-juice all refer to the same thing. All these names refer to liquid converted into vapour using an electronic cigarette device. There are many types of vape juices, depending on the ingredients used. The following are some of the main ingredients that make up vape juice:

  • Propylene glycol

  • Vegetable glycerin

  • Nicotine (optional)

  • Food grade flavouring

  • Water

These ingredients are widely available and approved by various bodies as safe for human consumption. Vegetable glycerin comes in handy for people who are sensitive to propylene glycol. Vegetable glycerin is an odourless liquid extracted from palm plants.

Why vaping?

Safer than smoking

People who are used to smoking are at a higher risk of suffering from cancer of the throat and lung damage. A report created by the Royal College of Physicians indicates that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking. Vaping is free from combustion, ash, or tar that is associated with vaping. You are thus assured of better skin health, oral hygiene, lung capacity, an improved sense of taste and smell.

Control over nicotine intake

Knowing the exact amount of nicotine that you are consuming can be hard when smoking. You to control nicotine dosage. Vaping juice comes in different variety of strengths ranging from nicotine-free, medium to high strengths. You can thus control how much to have in your juice or do away with it altogether. You can start with high nicotine levels and reduce gradually, especially if you want to quit smoking. You also have control over the amount of vapour that you release.

No noxious odours

Smokers are always discriminated against. There will always be people who are allergic to smoke, and that is why you will find smoking zones. Some people will not want to associate with you as long as you are a smoker. You will have to excuse yourself whenever you need to smoke. Vaping is free of bad odours, which ensures that your immediate environment is habitable. You can enjoy your juice without inconveniencing others or feeling out of place. Some of these vape juices have an aroma that dilutes the tobacco odour. There are hundreds of aromas to choose from and satisfy your needs.

Instant satisfaction

Vaping applies ohms law. You do not have to wait for hours so that you can feel the effects of vaping. Most of the vapes are prefilled and ready for immediate use. However, some advanced models may require tinkering. Most of these vapes can sustain you the whole day without the need for a recharge.

Understanding the laws governing the buying of vape juice in Australia

The steps to follow will depend on the type of vape juice you want to buy. Nicotine-free vape juice can be freely made and sold in Australia. However, nicotine-vape juice can only be imported from another country. The Queensland State law must guide the importation of nicotine-vape juice.

It simply means that you can order nicotine-vaping products outside the country and have them shipped to Australia. You can order an e-liquid nicotine supply that can last you up to 3 months as long as it is for personal use. Your purchase must also be worth less than AUD 1000 or else you will have to incur customs fees.

The delayed ban on nicotine vape juice means to Australians

The Australian government issued a ban on importing nicotine vape juice with its borders in late June 2020. The measure was expected to get in force on July 1, 2020, and a violation was to attract a fine of $220,000. The ban meant that only those with a doctor’s prescription would use nicotine e-liquids.

The current laws would also have made it harder for Australian doctors to prescribe nicotine e-liquids, which technically means that demand and consumption would go low. However, the ban was lifted after protests from various stakeholders spread across the country. The ban was lifted, and various stakeholders were given up to January 1, 2020, to develop a way forward.

Choosing your e-liquid

You may be spoilt for choice when you land at vape Australia as there are various juices to choose from. It would be best to determine the right flavour or nicotine strength that suits your needs before you place your order.

Transitioning from smoking to vaping requires that the right nicotine strengths that match your cigarette nicotine levels. Your body craves for a certain level of nicotine if you are a smoker and will continue to do so until you feed it.

You are most likely to get back to cigarettes smoking if the nicotine-vaping juice you are using has lower nicotine content than what your system craves for. On the other hand, if you select vaping juice with high-content nicotine levels, then you are likely to have an intense experience.

The vaping niche is crafted for both beginners and experts alike. The pre-filled pod systems are a good fit for newbies who want to start the vaping journey. Experienced vapers can try refillable pod systems or even customize others based on their needs.

CBD products can be taken in varying forms such as vaping, as edibles or even smoking as you can already see. Vaping is among the best as it is not only safe but also effective. We will keep an eye on the regulations around buying vape juice in Australia to ensure that you always updated.