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AUTUMN CRISPUpdateJanuary 8th, 2013 – Spinfuel proudly announces that the Johnson Creek Autumn Crisp Smoke Juice has earned the Spinfuel Choice Award!   Read more about the Choice Awards here


Today, just a few hours ago in fact, we received a 15ML bottle (1.1% nicotine) of Autumn Crisp, a new flavor by Johnson Creek Smoke Juice. We’ve filled up our cartomizers (I used my Vea of course), and began vaping almost immediately. Three hours later we are ready to tell our readers what we think about it.

First, some information about Autumn Crisp

Johnson Creek describes Autumn Crisp as “Nothing says autumn like biting into a crisp caramel covered apple. Our Juice Masters have outdone themselves in capturing the entire experience. A sweet, flavorful warm caramel on the inhale replicates the initial caramel taste and the juicy apple flavor on the exhale is reminiscent of crunching through the caramel to the apple itself. Even the sweet smelling vapor will have your friends and coworkers begging for a sample. Perfectly blended to be a smooth all day vape.

Autumn Crisp is available now, in a 15ML glass bottle ($9.95) and 30ML ($19.95). It is a PG/VG blend made with pure American-sourced ingredients. Nicotine strengths are 0.0%, 1.1%, 1.8% and 2.4%. If you order before 9AM Central Time Johnson Creek will ship it the same day.

The Johnson Creek Smoke Juice “Meters” reveal the Vapor Production to be a 6 out of 8, Throat Hit a 4 out of 8, Tobacco Flavor a 1 out of 8, and Sweetness an 8 out of 8. Spinfuel concurs with these readings, although we are vaping the 1.1%, so maybe the Throat Hit will be higher at 1.8% or 2.4%, our usual nicotine strengths.

The first thought that came to me after the first drag was “I need to order more”. This is extremely rare for me, while I often do reorder eLiquids I like I seldom want to reorder it immediately. Autumn Crisp is a JC flavor that I suggest you order a larger size than you normally would, unless you normally order 30ML bottles of new flavors.

If you like the taste of Caramel Apples you are going to go nuts over Autumn Crisp. If you enjoy any brand of Apple or Caramel eJuice you are going to love Autumn Crisp. If you’ve never had an Apple & Caramel smoke juice of any kind, this is the one to get. Autumn Crisp is only the 2nd flavor from Johnson Creek that I have loved from the very first drag (the other was JC Silverthorn). In fact, I’ve been struggling to find the right words to describe Autumn Crisp because the last thing I want is to say something that sounds phony, that would cause a reader to think “He’s making this up, he can’t possibly love Autumn Crisp that much. How much is Johnson Creek paying him?”

So, let me be clear; Johnson Creek is not an advertiser on Spinfuel (yet, lol), nor do we get anything free from them (not even Vea cartomizers!), and I have no vested interest in whether or not you like this juice or buy this juice. The only motivation I have is to see to it that the readers of Spinfuel seriously consider trying a bottle of Autumn Crisp because in doing so you will discover one of the best eLiquid flavors ever made. I kid you not.

The first flavor that I tasted was a sweet caramel flavor that was quickly followed by a crisp Apple flavor. They blended together almost immediately and formed the most delicious “AppleCaramelCrispTreat” vape that you’ve ever had.

What strikes me most about Autumn Crisp is how this incredibly and deliciously sweet flavor can be, at the same time, a perfect all-day vape. Usually a sweet eLiquid is relegated to a “desert” vape (as Julia likes to call them), a treat after a big meal maybe, but not something you could vape all day. Autumn Crisp is most certainly an all-day vape; I haven’t put it down since I filled my Vea Cartomizer (and refilled it twice now), and have no plans to do so until the 15ML bottle is emptied. I haven’t been this happy with a Johnson Creek Flavor since Silverthorn, which is as about as different from Autumn Crisp as night and day.

Being the nice guy that I am I let Julia, Jason, and Lisa fill up a 510 or 808 cartomizer so that they too could enjoy some Autumn Crisp. After about an hour we got together and talked about it. Here are the highlights of that conversation.

Julia: Autumn Crisp is wonderful! Wonderful! Boy does this taste like a caramel apple or what? It’s sweet, but not a heavy sweet, ya know? I mean you can certainly taste the sweetness but the crisp apple (and it is a “crisp” apple flavor) keeps it from becoming a heavy sweetness. Is it an all-day eJuice? Let me put it this way; when MY bottle (30ML 1.8%) is ordered and arrives I will fill my 6ML tank and vape until its empty…and then fill it back up. Yes, it’s an all-day vape, and a wonderfully delicious one. Makes me proud of being a Johnson Creek fan!

Jason: Autumn Crisp by Johnson Creek is the best Apple & Caramel flavor I’ve ever had. In addition to everything that’s been discussed today, I would add that it is also a very ‘clean’ flavor. After an hour of vaping I don’t feel like I’ve been vaping for an hour, you know what I mean? It could be the nicotine strength, I’m a 2.4% Vaper, but I don’t think so. You know how an Apple is crispy and can clean the palette, and caramel candy is like the opposite of that? Autumn Crisp manages to deliver the creamy caramel flavor without that heavy, creamy, feeling. I love it, I recommend it, and I will add it to my rotation when I get back home.

Lisa: There are several Johnson Creek flavors that I simply have to have on hand. JC Original, Swiss Dark Chocolate, and Island. Now there is Autumn Crisp. In fact, Autumn Crisp moves to the top of the list as of right now. Earlier today I’ve been enjoying a tank full of JC Original (1.8%) and switching over to Autumn Crisp was a real joy. I believe, truly believe, that Autumn Crisp will become one of the top selling JC flavors, if not “the” best selling flavor, at least in the fall. Beyond delicious, Autumn Crisp is an amazing and remarkable achievement by Johnson Creek and they should feel especially proud of it.

Bottom Line

All four of us strongly recommend Autumn Crisp to anyone looking for a perfectly balanced all-day vape that delivers a sweet and crisp flavor. There is simply no way anyone who vapes would not love this one. Unlike the last new flavor from Johnson Creek, Silverthorn, Autumn Crisp will enjoy a super wide audience of vapers. (Silverthorn is a delicious, dry and non-sweet tobacco flavor) No doubt Johnson Creek has to be extremely proud of this one.

Keep in mind that Spinfuel has nothing to gain by saying Autumn Crisp is a delicious and amazing flavor. We do so for one simple reason; you will love it. And when you try it I hope that you will remember that the Spinfuel staff is the ones that told you how good it is.

Now go to the Johnson Creek website and order a bottle today. You will thank us, believe me.

John Manzione (with Julia Barnes, Jason Little and Lisa Johnston)