One of my very favorite box mods is the incredibly gorgeous HCigar VT250, reviewed just last month here in the pages of Spinfuel VAPE. Hot on the heels of this high quality, high performance mod is the HCigar VT250S, available very soon at Element Vape for $149.95. Below is everything you need know about what’s coming very soon. Our usual, in-depth review of the VT250S will follow as soon as we can spend some quality time with this stunning new offerings from HCigar.


About the HCigar VT250S

The HCigar VT250S is an upgraded model of HCigar‘s VT250 DNA Box Mod, offering more versatility and a modified chassis (and a mustard yellow model that blows my mind). The VT250S still has the beating heart of the Evolv DNA250 chipset, but this time the user of the device can equip the VTS250S with 2x 18650 hi-amp batteries for a maximum wattage output of 167W, or 3x 18650’s for the full 250W.

In addition to the versatile battery/wattage feature, the HCigar VT250S has been completely redesigned, including a new finish and new colors.

The HCigar VT250S DNA250 Box Mod Preview - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The HCigar VT250S will come with two battery covers. If the user decides that 167W of power is more than enough, the VT250S becomes a smaller, lighter, mod by using the appropriate cover. Also new with the VT250S is the removal and installation of the batteries.

When equipped with three 18650 batteries, the HCigar VT250S has a slightly smaller footprint of the previous VT250. The new HCigar VT250S is 38mm wide x 49mm long x 86mm tall, or to make it easier for most of us, it’s 2.3 inches wide, 2.99 inches long and 4.88 inches tall. The dimensions of the previous VT250 is 40mm x 95mm x 51mm, which is somewhat smaller than many other triple 18650 box mods.

Using the VT250S with two batteries reduces the overall size by 9mm in length and 4mm in width.

The new HCigar VT250S is, like the previous model, constructed with a zinc alloy, but features a new paint finish, and is available in black or yellow with silver accents. (see photos)

The firing button of the of the new VT250S is an oval shape, whereas the previous model features a rectangular firing button. Additionally, the two adjustment buttons on the VT250 are now integrated into one arrow-shaped adjustment bar. Unfortunately (for me anyway) the atomizer bezel is no longer a slightly elevated ring, but it’s still sports enough width for a 35mm RDA/Tank with room left over. The 510-connector is spring-loaded for flush and secure connections with the widest of atomizers. The HCigar VT250S continues to use the official 0.91″ inch DNA 250 screen, which is what we would expect.

The HCigar VT250S DNA250 Box Mod Preview - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

After viewing a series of product shots I asked Julia how she would describe the new shape of the VT250S and she told me it has a rhombus shape. (I had to look that up on Wikipedia. Who knew Jules has any knowledge of Euclidean geometry?)   

The Evolv DNA 250 Chipset

Evolv’s DNA 250 chipset sports a temperature range of 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit,  and the atomizer resistance comes in at 0.10Ω with TC coils, and 0.20Ω with Kanthal. Temperature Control works with the usual suspects, stainless steel, titanium and nickel heating elements (wire).  There are eight memory slots that can be customized with the Evolv website  Escribe software installed on a PC (still no Mac version).  The Evolv DNA 250 features a, preheat system in TC modes, so the user can customize output levels during the initial press of the firing button.

The HCigar VT250S DNA250 Box Mod Preview - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Lastly, the Evolv DNA 250 chip board provides low voltage protection, low resistance protection, short circuit protection, over-temperature protection and reverse battery protection.  There’s also “balanced charging” of the cells while they are installed in the VT250S.  Charging is a quick 2 amps and features pass-thru vaping while charging. A 2A charging system is fast, and certainly convenient, but no matter, we still believe the best route to charging batteries is through a Nitecore Charger, such as the new Nitecore i4.

Preview Conclusion

The HCigar VT250S DNA250 Box Mod Preview - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Please note that we do not have the HCigar VT250S in our hands yet, but we will soon. As we see it, the VT250S combines the best of the HCigar VT250 and VT167, in a new, beautiful zinc-alloy chassis. We’re sure that having the option to use two or three 18650 batteries is a big plus over the VT250, but the body of the HCigar VT250 is unique, and well, quite wonderful, and remains my favorite DNA 250 mod. For all of us that love the HCigar VT250, will the new HCigar VT250S steal our hearts away? Until we can spend some time with it, we just don’t know, do we?

But we will know, yes? And when I know, you’ll know. Stay tuned.

The HCigar VT250S will be available at Element Vape for $149.95

Jason Little

HCigar VT250S Features & Specs

  • Built with a DNA 250 Chip by Evolv
  • Use with dual or triple 18650 batteries
  • Two included battery covers
  • Dimensions: 38mm x 49mm x 86mm (3x batteries) or 34mm x 40mm x 86mm (2x batteries)
  • Zinc alloy
  • Colors: yellow or black
  • Spring-loaded 510 connection
  • 91″ OLED screen
  • Water resistant buttons
  • Fast micro-USB 2A charging
  • Balanced onboard charging
  • USB firmware upgrades
  • Pass-through capable
  • Power range: 1W to 250W (3 cells) or 167W (2 cells)
  • Temperature range: 200°F to 600°F or 100°C to 300°C
  • TC mode: SS / Ti / Ni200 compatible
  • Lowest resistance in TC mode: 0.10Ω
  • Lowest resistance in power mode: 0.20Ω
  • Voltage output: 0.5V to 9.3V
  • Voltage input: 9V to 12.6V
  • Highest current output: 55 amps
  • 97% efficient
  • Escribe desktop software for easy customization of settings
  • Short circuit protection
  • Low resistance protection
  • Low voltage protection
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Reverse battery protection

HCigar VT250S Package Includes:

  • 1 x VT250S Box Mod
  • 1 x  USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 2 x Battery Cover