Halo Cigs Triton Series

By John Manzione


Several months ago I was privy to information that Halo Cigs, maker of one of the best selling cig-a-likes on the market, the G6, was working on a larger battery ‘system’ for vapers who progress from the mini-battery kits (like the G6) to something that can produce even more vapor and bring even more flavor to the whole vaping experience. These past two weeks I’ve been enjoying the end result of Halo’s hard work in the form of that new system… the ‘Triton’ series.

The Halo Cigs Triton will probably go on sale this Monday, April 2nd. We decided to wait until now to publish our review so that when it does become available you’ll have the latest ‘hands on’ look at the Triton from a publication that you know will tell you exactly what you can expect if you decide to take the plunge and buy one.

But before I tell you about my own experience with the Triton, as well as Tom and Julia’s experience, let’s go over some of the information you need to know in about the series of batteries and clearomizers of each new ‘kit’, as well as the specs of each one.

The New Triton Battery

The starter kits we received for review, three in all, consisted of yellow, lime, and blue 650mAh batteries (4.2v), with 2x 2.4ml clearomizers (2.4ohm resistance), one cone, one USB adapter and a new, modern, wall adapter. The base price of this kit is $64.99.

The Halo Cigs Triton Batteries will be available in 400 mAh, 650 mAh, 900 mAh, 1300mAh, 900mAh Twist and 900mAh PassThru. The 400, 650, 900 and 1300 Batteries will be available in 11 different colors, black, blue, emerald, lime, fuchsia, purple, yellow, red, rainbow, brown and titanium. The Twist batteries and PassThru batteries will be available only in black, blue and fuchsia. The Cones that come with the kit are also available in all 11 colors.


The new, long-wick, top-coil, clearomizers have replaceable coil heads (price not available at press time), and were custom made for the Triton series batteries.

Along with the 2.4ml clearomizers that we used for the past couple of weeks Halo will also offer a 1ml clearomizer. Both sizes will be available in 7 colors – black, blue, clear, purple, yellow, green, red/pink. The 1ml Clearomizers are also compatible with G6 batteries. I don’t believe the 1ml clearomizers will have replaceable coil heads but I’m not definite about that. We’ve recently reviewed the new 777 bullet and we are about to publish our review on the Panda eCigs, (next week) both of which come with the 1ml clearomizers and they do not have replaceable heads, so I’m making an assumption here that the Halo 1ml clearomizers are similar.

The replaceable coil heads for the 2.4ml clearomizers will be available in 3 different resistances, not sure what they are but I suppose I can also assume that they will be available in the usual 1.8, 2.4, and 2.8-ohm, as is the usual resistances in most clearomizers in this category.


Except for the coil head replacements, the pricing has been fixed and is as follows:

Halo Cigs Triton Full kit – $64.99 – Includes, (2) 650 batteries, (2) 2.4ml clearomizers, wall charger, USB charger/adapter, large cone and black case.

• 2.4ml Clearomizer – $6.99
• 1ml Clearomizer – $3.99
• 650 battery – $16.99
• 900 battery – $17.99
• 1300 battery – 19.99
• Twist battery – $29.99
• PassThru battery – $24.99
• Wall Charger – $9.99
• USB Charger – $6.99
• Coil heads – TBD
• Large Cone – $2.99
• Small Cone – $2.49

Real World Experience

The following are the impressions that Tom, Julia and myself have about the new Triton series. These impressions come after using the Halo Cigs Triton for two weeks. Because we did not have extra coil heads for the review each of us stuck with a single flavor of eLiquid, Julia and Tom using Halo’s eLiquid and I used FanceeJuice’s MeeseTracks, my got-to eLiquid. I would estimate the number of times we refilled the clearomizers to be around 15-16 times, figuring twice a day for the entire period.

Where We All Agree

Starting with the Starter Kit Case, the three of us agreed that the case for the Triton kit reminds us of the same quality case nice watches come in, fully padded with cutouts for each piece inside the case. The outside has the name Halo imprinted along the top of the case.

The batteries came just about fully charged, so when charged up for the first time it took barely 15 minutes for the red light on the USB chargers to turn green. After that, the batteries would charge in roughly 90 minutes to 2hours, sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more, but never more than two and a half hours.

The battery life or the length of vaping you get between charges, were surprisingly long. Using the Triton as our only PV during this period we were each getting several hours of vaping before having to switch to the alternate battery.

Tom: It was a very pleasant surprise to see the battery life exceed 6 hours every time. I’m a heavy Vaper and did not expect to go more than 2 or 3 hours at most. And this was with their 650mAh model; I can’t wait to see what the 900mAh Twist will do!

Julia: With an average vape time of 6 hours I was very pleased with the Triton. Even as the two-week review period came to end I was getting the same amount of vaping time as I did in the beginning.

John: Like Tom and Julia I didn’t expect this kind of time with a 650mAh battery. I don’t think Halo has some new-fangled battery technology in use so perhaps it’s a combination of the brand new clearomizer design and efficient use of power that allows the Triton to last as long as they do.

We each agreed that the batteries scored a full 5-Stars.


The new Triton Clearomizers are excellent producers and are perfect matches for the Triton Batteries.

Tom: The 2.4ml clearomizers by Halo are excellent producers of vapor and even throat hit. They are indeed something special. They do not leak, but they do suck up the eJuice pretty quickly. Filling and refilling are as easy as any other top-filling clearomizer; unscrew the drip tip and fill the clearomizer with the full 2.4ml of eJuice and you’re good to go for a several hours. The only negative is that the clearomizer wouldn’t fit any other battery and the battery wouldn’t take any other clearomizer. Since we didn’t have the 1ml clearomizer I can’t speak to that at all. But, you can use the 808 Cartomizers from Halo and other brands with the Triton batteries.

Julia: These new clearomizers are all Halo Cigs. These are not relabeled or rebranded clearomizers that you will see available anywhere else. They produce an extraordinary amount of vapor, more than I’ve seen from any similar sized or similar shaped clearomizer, although I have not yet used the new Kanger ProTank. Because they do have replaceable coil heads you won’t need to have very many more than the two that come with the kit, although it’s a good idea to have at least a couple more for emergencies or variety. The clearomizers we received were clear, so I have no idea about the colored clearomizers that Halo will offer.

John: Being proprietary clearomizers doesn’t bother me in the least. These 2.4ml clearomizers are made to work at their best with the Halo battery, and that they do in flying colors. I loved the amount of vapor they produced, and the throat hit was surprisingly good. The drip tip is very comfortable.

Battery + Clearomizer + eLiquid =?

So, as a PV how does the Triton stand up to other ego-style PV’s on the market? I asked Tom and Julia to address their overall experience with the Triton, paying special attention on what it was like to use one as a primary source for vaping.

I asked them to try and use the Triton exclusively, but to note when or if they needed to use their personal APV’s if the Triton wasn’t cutting it as a primary, or ‘exclusive’ vaping device. Judging from my own experience, I wasn’t surprised by their comments.

Tom: Despite the fact that I own and use a VAMO and a Tesla, as well as numerous Spinners and more than a dozen Vivi’s, tanks, and other clearomizers, I was easily able to use the Triton the entire time without missing the others devices. The Triton produced plenty of rich, flavorful vapor and combining that with the battery life I was content using the Triton the entire time.

Julia: What I noticed about the Triton is that despite the fact that it looks like many other ego+clearo PV’s on the market it provides a ‘vape’ every bit as good as a Vivi Nova sitting atop a ZMAX. And this kit was the 650mAh kit, I can’t imagine how much better the 900mAh Twist or 1300mAh batteries (with a 1.8-ohm coil head) in the clearomizer would be. I was very happy with the Triton as my only PV for two weeks.

John: I probably use more APV’s and attachments than anyone else here. From my new ProVari on down I’m always mixing things up in order to know how well, or how poorly, all these devices work. When it came time to pick up the Triton and use only the Triton I was concerned that I would have to switch out and use something else from time to time. But it turned out there wasn’t any need to be concerned at all. The Triton’s were totally satisfying as my only PV. Vapor: I am someone that has to have a lot of vapor in my vaping experience. Vapor and flavor are paramount to me, and the Triton provided plenty of both.

Additional Remarks

I asked Tom and Julia to provide some additional comments about the Triton. Was there anything about the specific kits they wanted to say? Did anything go wrong? Did anything go extraordinarily right?

Below are the notes I received. Some of these remarks came via email last night and this morning from New Hampshire, where both of them have been since yesterday morning.

The three of us all agreed that the colors we had were deep, rich colors on par with the beautiful G6 batteries. In addition, and this might sound like a minor point to you, the battery’s activator button lights up in the same color as the battery. Tom’s activator button lit up in blue, Julia’s in lime green, and mine in yellow.

Special Comment: The photo you see of my personal Triton kit is the yellow Triton. Yellow is my favorite color, especially this shade of yellow. I’ve never seen any PV or APV in yellow. It’s not that big a deal, I know, but to me it was something special. I do plan on buying a couple different Halo Tritons and they will all be in this shade of yellow.

Tom: I left all my vaping gear at home and only took the one Triton kit and some eJuice. I thought, “how better to get to know the Triton that to take it with me to NH”. Before I left for the airport I made sure both batteries were fully charged and one of the clearomizers was topped off with Halo Cigs’ Tribeca eLiquid. I was absolutely sure that by the time I got to my hotel room that afternoon I would, at the very least, be working on my second battery.

We had to change planes in Baltimore, and we had about 90 minutes between flights. I did a lot of vaping on the way to airport (driving all the way from PSL to Fort Lauderdale), waiting for the flight to board, during the layover, waiting for baggage in Manchester, driving to the hotel, and settling down in the room. So, when did I change to the second battery? Last night at 11:45! I am dead serious, it lasted all day and most of the evening. Sure, there was a total flight time of about 4 hours where I didn’t vape in the plane, other than that I was vaping constantly.

Julia: My story is pretty much the same as Tom’s. I had the same amount time vaping and the same amount of preparations. I switched out to the second battery about 8PM, but unlike Tom I didn’t wait for the battery to start blinking, I switched out because we were all leaving to go out to dinner and I didn’t want to take the second battery with me and have to switch out in the restaurant. I switched and began recharging that first battery before I left for dinner. When I got back to the room the charging of the first battery was already complete.

John: Well, I didn’t go out of town, so there was nothing special happening here yesterday. I also didn’t have a 4+-hour length of time where I couldn’t vape. I started my day at 6AM, as I usually do, and my eCigarette is always with me. That’s one of the reasons I vape at a lower nicotine level now, so I don’t overly concern myself with getting too much nicotine. I changed my battery at 2:30 in the afternoon. I got about 7-8 hours of use from it.

If someone were to vape constantly, never putting it down and never having to stop to refill I guess the length of time in a 650mAh Triton would be around 4.5-5 hours.


While assembling all the information I needed to put the final polish on this review I sent one more email to Tom and Julia. I asked them if they had anything negative to say about the Tritons, anything at all. Here are the responses I got about a half hour later.

Tom: The cutouts in the tray are very tight, perhaps a little too tight. You have to get your finger into the cutout and wiggle the battery and clearomizer (you have to have them in there connected to each other), in order to get it out of the box. Even after two weeks the cutouts remained as tight as ever. But, honestly, I have no other complaints about the Triton at all. $65 for this kit is a great price too. Am I going to ditch my other PV’s and APV’s for the Triton? No, of course not. But I am going to take great care of the Triton because there will be times when this battery and clearomizer kit will be indispensible to me.

Julia: Negative? I don’t know, I mean how can there be? Seriously, the Triton is a quality product. The Triton produces great vapor and flavor, it’s very balanced and feels great in your hand, the gorgeous colors, the coordinated colors with the activator button, and the clearomizers are phenomenal! For $64.95 you get two batteries, two clearomizers, a USB adapter, wall adaptor, and a cone. Well, wait, there’s something I don’t get. The cone. What’s the cone all about? In all the time I’ve used the Triton I haven’t touched the cone once. But, I’ve also not used any 808 cartomizers with it either, so I imagine you can use as a cover over the cartomizer, though that doesn’t leave much room for the cartomizer does it?

You know, the bottom line is the new Halo Cigs Triton is going to be a runaway hit. It is an amazing progression for Halo Cigs and they should be very proud of what they’ve designed.

Final Words

One thing to keep in mind about the new Halo Triton Series; this is a Halo System PV. By that I mean Halo designed the Triton from the ground up to be compatible with other Halo products. The fact that the clearomizer is incompatible with other ego-type batteries and that the battery is compatible only with the Halo clearomizers and 808-threaded cartomizers clearly delivers the message that this is a product for Halo Cigs users. And I’m okay with that. I didn’t expect it, but I’m not all that surprised either.

The Triton batteries output at 4.2v, not the usual 3.7 like most other ego-type batteries. The Halo G6 battery is also a 4.2v battery. Both battery types are matched to the clearomizer and cartomizer from Halo. I have used one of the Halo’s G6 cartomizers on the Triton battery and it will definitely allow you to get the most out of those cartomizers, but I wonder how often people will take advantage of that. I suppose that could come in handy when you’ve got your 2.4ml clearomizers filled with one flavor and you want to try out something else, or if your clearomizer coil head needs to be replaced and you don’t have one handy. Still, the combination of the Triton battery and the clearomizer is a winning combination.

There is much more to the Triton Series than we had here to review. Hopefully, as the system rolls out we can provide you with our impressions of the different batteries, and the replaceable coil heads for the 2.4ml clearomizer, and a bit about the 1ml clearomizer. From the experience I had with the 650mAh Triton battery and the Triton clearomizer I am absolutely sure I’ll pick up at least the Triton Twist and the 1300mAh Triton battery for my personal use. (all in yellow of course!)

Our SmokenJoey has released his Halo Triton Video Review and I highly recommend taking a look. He does a good demonstration on the amount of vapor you can get from the Triton, and Spinfuel and SmokenJoey both agree on all the major points of the new Triton System.