Intro and Specs for the Famovape Vector Tank

When we first reviewed the Famovape Vector Sub-Ohm Tank, we joked about the possibility that it was designed by SMOK refugees. But a month later, we’re not laughing anymore. And we’re pretty sure Famovape is having one of the best product years in recent memory. After spending some real quality time with the Vector, we’re more convinced than ever that this sub-ohm tank will likely grace our year-end “best of” lists in the coming months.


And not because it’s like the SMOK TFV12… but rather, because it’s proven to be better. As always, let’s go to the official line before we dive in (again).

The VECTOR Sub-Ohm Tank is the flagship mesh tank from Famovape, deploying a multi-mesh coil system for enhanced flavor recreation and 5mL maximum eJuice capacity with dual slotted bottom airflow control. Measuring 25mm in diameter, the VECTOR Mesh Tank deploys a visually appealing metal construction with user-friendly designs, such as a retractable top-fill method. The key component lies within the improved coil system, implementing multiple version of mesh designs with a greater surface area that results in even heating of cotton and eJuice for a consistent vaping experience. Massive dual slotted bottom adjustable airflows allow for ample air channels into the chamber, producing maximum flavor and cloud production.


Famovape Vector Tank Specs:

  • 25mm Diameter
  • 5mL Maximum Juice Capacity
  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction with Resin
  • Famovape Vector Mesh Coil System
  • 15ohm Vector Single Mesh Coil – Rated for 40-100W
  • 2ohm Vector Dual Mesh Coil – Rated for 60-120W
  • 15ohm Vector Triple Mesh Coil – Rated for 80-150W
  • Dual Bottom Adjustable Airflow Control
  • Convenient Push-Slide Top Fill Design
  • 810 Cobra Resin Widebore Drip Tip
  • Gold-Plated 510 Connection
  • Available in Stainless, Black, Gold, Rainbow, Blue

Famovape Vector Tank Contents:

  • 1 VECTOR Tank
  • 1 0.15ohm Vector Single Mesh Coil
  • 1 0.2ohm Vector Dual Mesh Coil
  • 1 Spare Glass Tube
  • 1 Set of Spare Parts

Initial Impressions and Aesthetics

Yeah, it’s no secret where Famovape got most of its inspiration, so there’s no need to go down those roads again. But after the initial comparisons to the TFV12 left my system, I stopped caring and spent more time focused on what the tank was doing, rather than what it looked like.

PARTS OF THE FAMOVAPE VECTOR MESH SUB-OHM TANKOne of our initial praises for the Vector was the top-fill cap, which was decidedly stiffer and more durable than most similar caps. However, a month later, we found the cap loosened considerably. Not to the point where it opened too easily, but it became a “standard issue” cap instead of a highlight for the Vector setup.


HOWEVER, the same physics applied to the rotating airflow control, which was WAY too stiff out of the box, but slowly became one of the better control dials on the market. I was a little put off by how much muscle I needed to apply when making adjustments, and thankfully noticed the dial loosening over time. Whether that was the result of science or stray e-liquid isn’t clear, but it made the experience much nicer in the long run.


Lose a top cap, gain airflow control? We’ll take it…


Like we mentioned the first time around, the Famovape Vector coils are fantastic. The first pair gave me nearly three weeks of performance each. That’s great performance for a low-wattage MTL atomizer, much less a juice-hungry sub-ohm offering, but that’s exactly what’s happened here. The single coil was also impressive but had a noticeably shorter performance life than its three-headed brother. Both coils offer similar levels of flavor and vapor, but if you only get to choose one, the triple-coil head is one of the best we’ve seen to date.


Plus, we did check out the Vector with its cross-compatible SMOK and Vaporesso coil heads, and all fit beautifully, performing nearly as well as the stock coils. By using either compatible coil, you’ll gain a touch more capacity than by using Famovape’s own heads. I don’t really know why they’re so big, when the housing could probably be streamlined, but I’m also in no position to argue. Bring e-liquid with you if you’re heading out for the night

Vaping the Famovape Vector Tank

RAINBOW FAMOVAPE VECTOR MESH SUB-OHM TANKOriginally, we tested the Vector with Famovape’s awesome Magma mod. But over time, we wanted to find some flaws with the tank, so we attached it to a bunch of different devices. Thankfully, there were no surprises on any vape mod… even when we were trying to trip it up with three battery monsters and even some direct wattage devices.


(For the record, that is NOT recommended – always use coils and tanks designed for use with appropriate mods. Our testing was done to see the tank’s capabilities and versatility – it is NOT a good idea to use standard coils on direct wattage/voltage devices intended for other uses.)


If anything occurred that bugged us, it was how the Vector’s massive juice consumption got worse with some more potent vape mods. High-wattage, less-efficient mods like … well, anything not powered by a modern GENE chipset all caused the tank to get warm and swallow juice at an almost unbelievable rate.


Juice consumption and heat was one of our only real complaints about the Vector, so there’s really no surprise here. But if you were wondering if the problem could theoretically get WORSE, here’s your answer. The heat does get a little uncomfortable at times, but we’ve seen worse. And the flavor never struggles to keep up with high wattages or chain vaping.


– Amazing flavor and vapor production

– Awesome top-fill cap

– Cross-compatible with several major coil brands


– Thirstiest tank we’ve tested in a while

– Terrible airflow control

– There’s REALLY no other tank designs left to try?

Spinfuel VAPE Recommendation and Score

In reality, we probably didn’t need to revisit the Famovape Vector, since we’re all in agreement that it’s pretty awesome. And we’re still loving the price tag; the Famovape Vector sub-ohm tank comes in at a VERY competitive $14.95! Meaning that the Vector – even with the thirsty coils – is an absolute winner for flavor and vapor chasers.