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Because I’ve been vaping for 8 years now, I’ve pretty much settled into a select few e-liquid flavors I buy over and over again. Certain brands and certain flavors that I trust, that have stayed the same as to their flavor and vapor consistency, sit in abundance in Kiera’s and my e-Juice Cabinet. But, truth be told, these past few months I’ve made the decision to go looking again… for flavors I haven’t tried.


Some of e-liquids I’ve chosen worked out well, some not so well. That being the case I thought I would pick a central flavor component, Cinnamon… then choose 5 brands or flavors that contain that flavor as a central component and see if any might deserve our attention.


Working with MyVaporStore (they gave me a great discount), I chose the following e-liquids to vape with some of my newer mods and tanks.

Derailed by Suicide Bunny 


Cinn-a-Bunn by High Caliber


100 Grand by Gemini Vapors


Glazed Donuts by Loaded E-Eliquid


Strudelhaus by Milkman

Vaping with Julia – 5 E-Liquid Flavors I’ve been Crazy for

Derailed - Suicide Bunny eLiquid

VAPING WITH JULIA SUICIDE BUNNY DERAILEDOne of Suicide Bunny’s most popular flavors is Derailed.  Fresh baked cookies, with an exhale of sweet cinnamon banana, a very light cinnamon banana, however.  The scent of the vapor is heartwarming. And with a good 60mL for under $20, it’s a decent value for such a high-end e-juice.


In years past Suicide Bunny always seemed to me as a pretentious brand, and because of that, the Spinfuel E-liquid Review Team stayed away from reviewing it. However, since 2016 every remaining brand in the juice industry has been humbled by the Feds and their rules. Today, Suicide Bunny now seems more approachable, so I thought I would give them a try.


I liked Derailed more than enough to finish the entire bottle in a matter of two weeks, but I’m not sure it will make it onto my list of “keep in stock” flavors. I would have liked to see more cinnamon used in the blend, and frankly, the banana flavor was so light I couldn’t really taste it on the exhale.


If I was to give Derailed by Suicide Bunny a grade it would be a solid B. I dug the 70% VG for huge clouds with my SMOK Morph and it’s TF Tank, and I do think that there are many Vapers out there that would love this one.

Derailed Details:

Child-resistant cap

70% VG / 30% PG

Package Contents:

1 x Bottle

Cinn-a-Bunn by High Caliber

CINN-A-BUNN VAPING WITH JULIAI ordered this one strictly based on the name, Cinn-a-Bunn. This one is supposed to be a merger of rich, butter flavored dough with a sweet cinnamon icing on the exhale.  It was okay, but it certainly isn’t worth $4.00 more than Derailed for the same 60mL bottle size.


With Cinn-a-Bunn there is a stronger sense of cinnamon, but that buttery flavored dough business is too artificial for me to make it a part of my standard e-liquids. Keira loved Cinn-a-Bunn though, and after just 10 minutes with it she went and ordered several more bottles. Such is the way of e-juice; some people love it, some hate it, and some find it just okay.


Cinn-a-Bunn has the same 70/30 VG/PG mix as Derailed, so cloud chasers with a good RDA or Sub-Ohm will have no problem creating huge clouds of flavor.


This dough and cinnamon concoction would get a solid B, although Keira would give it an A, and it would become a member of our collection.

Cinn-a-Bunn Details

70% VG / 30% PG

Child-resistant cap

Package Contents:

1 x Bottle

100 Grand by Gemini Vapors eLiquid

VAPING WITH JULIA - 100 GRANDPriced the same as Suicide Bunny’s Derailed, $19.99 for 60mL, 100 Grand is said to be Reminiscent of bold cinnamon cereal with just a hint of sweet Cream. It’s very good, but not exactly what I expected.


One of my favorite breakfast cereals is Chex Cinnamon, and from reading the description on MyVaporStore’s site I thought the flavor of 100 Grand would be close…. It’s not. That said, 100 Grand came closest to that big cinnamon flavor I was looking for when I chose these 5 flavors.


Years back I used to vape Atomic by Ginger’s e-Juice, an e-liquid that was pure, hot cinnamon “red hots”. Even with a simple X-Jet Clearomizer and a Vision stick battery, Atomic was blistering hot. 100 Grand isn’t close to hot, and for that I’m glad, but I think it might have been better without the sweet cream flavor component.


While vaping 100 Grand I used the Skynet sub-ohm tank with mesh coils, and my Vandy Vape Jackaroo mod.


100 Grand would get a B+ grade from me, and although it’s close to winning a spot in my collection, it just misses the mark.

Glazed Donuts by Loaded E-Liquid

GLAZED DONUTS VAPING WITH JULIAOfficially Described as: “A perfectly glazed doughnut flavor with a touch of cinnamon perfect for any time of the day.”

Not all inexpensive e-liquids are junk, and Glazed Donuts by Loaded is a good example. This one comes in a 120mL bottle and costs just $19.99, half the cost of the above e-liquids, but just as good.

For a glazed donut flavor it does a good job hitting on that glazed donut flavor component, but sadly, the mention of cinnamon is misleading (to me anyway), because I couldn’t vape out a wisp of cinnamon using my sample of the upcoming SMOK TFV16 mega tank (9mL capacity!). Using the 0.17-ohm Kanthal Mesh Coil, firing at near 100W, I could taste the donut flavor quite a bit, but the cinnamon just wasn’t there. In any case, I did enjoy this one quite a bit. With this phenomenal new TFV16 tank, the 70% VG created clouds that would fog up a room in under a minute, without burning or distorting the flavor.

Glazed Donuts by Loaded would get an A- from me, and had it been mixed with a decent amount of cinnamon it would have been a new “favored” e-liquid in my collection.

Glazed Donut Details

70% VG / 30% PG
Child-resistant cap

Package Contents:

·       1 x Bottle


by The Vaping Rabbit & The Milkman E-Liquid

VAPING WITH JULIA MILKMAN E-LiquidComing in at $16.99 for a 60mL bottle, Strudelhaus is one of the finest e-liquids I’ve had in the last year. Officially described as “Strudelhaus is a warm and flaky strudel loaded with sweet blueberries, filled with cream and topped with powdered sugar. It’s a divine pastry experience!”, it lacks the cinnamon component, but Phil urged me to try it so I said I would

Strudelhaus definitely made it into our collection, and after vaping up the 60mL Keira and I ordered several more bottles to add to the collection.

There are a few things about the flavor I have to mention; don’t think of Strudelhausas a fruity flavor just because it has a blueberry flavor component to it. This blueberry flavor is sweet, smooth, not-at-all tart, and it blends so well into the flaky pastry flavor that you’ll start vaping it and won’t want to stop.


I used a few sub-ohm tanks with Strudelhaus, and I found that the Vaporesso SKRR tank, along with the Vaporesso LUXE mod did a great job delivering this incredible strudel mix.


Strudelhauswould earn an A+ from me and Keira. I recommend it to anyone that likes strudel, this one is pure blueberry strudel in vapor form!

As you can see, it takes more than just being a good e-liquid to make it into our collection of favorites that we’ve curated over the years. And although I went looking for a cinnamon component flavor I could add to the collection, only Strudelhaus made it, and it does not have any cinnamon in the recipe.

All five flavors were pretty good, and definitely worth a try. You might find them to be your next great discovery, and you might not. But isn’t that the fun of exploring new e-liquids?

Next month I’ll choose another flavor component, pick out five new e-liquids and I’ll let you know what I think.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, see you in July!