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eVoke Smoke - A 2014 Throwback Definitely Worth a Look
eVoke Smoke – A 2014 Throwback Definitely Worth a Look

The minute I took my first drag from the Raspberry Truffle eCigarillo. from eVoke Smoke I thought that at last I found the perfect disposable ecigarette. The vapor was crazy good (for a disposable), the taste of the raspberry truffle was sumptuous and plentiful, and it provided a light, but appreciable throat hit. At this point I was a very happy camper, and the eVoke Smoke Review looked like it was going to be a fun one.

Even the size of the ecigarillo, larger than a normal disposable ecigarette but perfect for an actual cigarillo experience, was something I could really get behind. To be perfectly honest, I was ready for spend a couple of hundred dollars on these babies because they were so good, and so damned convenient.

They might have taken over all the rechargeable batteries and refillable clearomizers I was currently using. I daydreamed of how simple my ‘vape life’ could be… if only for one inconvenient truth, which I’ll discuss below.

evoke Smoke raspberry truffleBefore I get to my real world experience with the various eVoke Smoke products I vaped over a period of about a week, (not exclusively) I want to write about a couple of things that eVoke Smoke is doing that are definitely moves in the right direction.

The first thing is the eliquid. eVoke Smoke made the very wise decision to go with an American eLiquid company for all their vape products. As it turns out, the choice was a good one.


Finding an ejuice supplier that can deliver high quality, delicious and well performing eliquid for their disposables, at an affordable price, had to be a difficult job. But, I think it worth the obvious hassle.

Big Bang eJuice is an eliquid and ecigarette company out of Alpharetta Georgia, which is outside Atlanta. Their eLiquid line is known as Boom Sauce, and they have a huge following locally, with two retail shops and a third on the way.

Like several other eliquid vendors, they supplement their revenue with cig-a-like companies looking for a high-quality juice for their products. eVoke Smoke chose well. In fact Julia will soon invite them to submit ejuice for a Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review.

Big Bang Bomb Sauce really makes eVoke Smoke’s ecigarettes stand out. You can instantly recognize that what you’re vaping is American made and even better than the ejuice that Johnson Creek makes for Blu Cigs. The flavors are deeper, more intense, the vapor production blows Blu Cigs out of the water, again, for a disposable.

Packaging and more…

The eVoke Smoke packaging is slick, professional, and, I imagine, quite costly. Each eCigarillo, cig-a-like, and ecigar is capped with rubber caps on both ends, then placed in a molded plastic insert, which is inside a deluxe, full bleed, expertly designed box with enticing graphics that make you ‘want’ to like them.

If Apple Computer decided to get into the electronic cigarette game, the packaging would feel very much the same, though surely not as colorful.

I was beyond impressed when I opened the box from eVoke Smoke and saw all the different disposables in various flavors, and sizes. In addition to the ecigarillos I received a couple of ecigars, and a couple of ecigarettes the size of the NJOY K. (so much like NJOY they even have nice soft tips, perfect for chomping)

The eVoke Smoke eCigar

evoke Smoke citrus berryThe ecigars are a tasteful size, not huge and overly “cigar-ish”, but instead are what I might consider a small cigar, larger than a cigarillo, slightly smaller than Cuban. The traditional tobacco flavor did have on overall ‘cigar’ taste to it but it was so much better than other cigar eliquids and disposables I’ve vaped over the past 2 years.

Their traditional cigar flavor puts the Totally Wicked eLiquid disposable ecigars to shame, and Vapor4Life’s cigar eliquid is toxic compared to the even, smooth, flavorful cigar taste from the eVoke Smoke flavor.

I gave one to Tom and although he had the same issue that I had, which I’ll get to soon, he absolutely loved the cigar flavor eVoke Smoke uses from Big Bang eJuice. However, this 300-puff ecigar sells for $19.99!

A Moment For The VUSE

This year I had the pleasure of vaping a VUSE disposable, and at the time I thought they were the best tasting Big Tobacco disposable you could find. The VUSE has a smooth tobacco flavor with chocolate or caramel notes that make you want to vape the hell out of it.

The only problem with “vaping the hell out” of it is that the VUSE will last about 2 hours, or about 50-60 “vaper puffs”.

A “Vaper Puff” is a term we use to describe a more aggressive, deeper drag than a cigarette smoker’s puff. With burning tobacco there is little need to deeply inhale the smoke, with heated vapor it is always necessary to pull stronger and longer to get an equivalent amount of vapor/smoke.

I mention VUSE only because when comparing disposable ecigarettes to disposable ecigarettes, the VUSE was the standard bearer of taste, for me anyway, and the eVoke Smoke’s disposable ecigarette literally pummels the VUSE to the ground. I didn’t think that would be an easy thing to do.

During the first hour with eVoke Smoke’s products I thought that If I could I would buy 20 of eVoke Smoke’s tiny ecigarettes and put them in a nice case and carry them with me whenever I was out, especially when I go to a club. I would also stock up on their ecigarillos and keep them in handy places around the apartment and office.

I was pretty damned excited to find a product like this. How often can you find a prefilled ecigarette that actually tastes good?

In the end all my desires to stock up on eVoke Smoke evaporated almost as quickly as the vapor from a 4-coil atty.

Real World Rushes In on eVoke Smoke

evoke Smoke tinyWith all the money that it took to design, test, and build the eVoke Smoke ecigarette products, and the costs involved in auditioning various eliquid companies to use in the eVoke Smoke product line you would think that the company would make sure the claims they make are true. Sadly, this is where it all falls apart for eVoke Smoke.

For review purposes we received several more ecigarillos than the ecigars or cig-a-likes, so I vaped the ecigarillos a lot more often. After 5 or 6 of them I got a really good puff count average that, in my mind, represents the true number of puffs to expect from this $10.99 product.

eVoke Smoke claims that each ecigarillo is good for 500 puffs. The truth is, the high average is closer to 120; nowhere near the 500 puffs claimed by eVoke Smoke.

In order to get 500 vaper puffs from their ecigarillos you would have to vape four of them. At $11 a pop that’s $44 for 500 puffs. Well, maybe a child of 5, with tiny little lungs might get 500 puffs, but you and I won’t come close.

The NJOY size cig-a-like got less than 50 puffs before it died out, and the ecigar did no better than ecigarillos, still far from the ecigars claim of 300 puffs. That being the case, how could I possibly recommend any of them to anyone?

Technology Limitations on the eVoke Smoke

The eVoke Smoke product line tastes so much better than any competitor that I know of, yet the products are doomed to fail because of the the faulty technology. It’s time to face the facts; the disposable battery is not ready for prime time.

Until the battery technology catches up to the boisterous claims of both the manufactures and the vendors of these kinds of products, we all need to take their puff claims with a grain of salt.

What Should Happen Now

eVoke Smoke has made some great inroads in the cig-a-like and disposable arena. Their products look good, their packaging is excellent, and they taste far better than anything I’ve had in the past, in this area of the market. So they deserve some credit for trying to create a viable product for vapers, a product a vaper could really enjoy…for a short time.

But when someone spends $10.99 for an ecigarette that will last under a day with moderate vaping, how can they expect people to become long-term customers?

Rechargeable Starter Kit

eVoke Smoke also sells a rechargeable starter kit for $59.99. From the sound of it the technology is probably equivalent to Blu Cigs, right down to the slip down battery compartments in the rechargeable carrying case. It comes with two batteries and 5 cartomizers, a USB charge and wall adapter.

That price is less than Blu Cigs sells their kits for, and if the eliquid in the prefilled cartomizers are also from Big Bang than they probably taste better than Blu Cigs as well, although eVoke Smoke only sells tobacco and menthol, not the variety of flavors that their disposables have. ( I just do not understand at all.) I now wish they had included one of these starter kits so that this review might have had a few bright spots.evoke Smoke logo

Going into the review I wanted nothing more than to publish a very positive review about a new disposable ecigarette that not only tasted better than anything on the market, but also delivered a fair amount of puffs so that it would be worth the money to buy them.

Had I have gotten even 350 puffs, 150 short of the official claim of 500 I would have been ecstatic. But I cannot recommend to another vaper that he or she spends $10.99 for a disposable that doesn’t live up to the claims.

I’m sure eVoke Smoke isn’t going to be very happy with this review, which is fine, a lot of companies aren’t happy with our reviews.

Even so, I publicly invite them to submit a rechargeable starter kit and some cartomizers, and if they taste as good as the disposable ones do and if I’m right about having similar technology to Blu Cigs Premium 100 batteries, then I’d love to review it.

Lastly, until disposable battery technology catches up to the claims being made about them, perhaps it’s best to either stop making them, or stop charging so much for them. Shave a few bucks off the price and make them easier on the wallet maybe then a disposable capable of 150 vapers puffs would be worth buying. I know I’d happily spend $2.99 for eVoke Smoke’s ecigarillos. But $10.99? No, just no.

Jason Little

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