A Dual Chamber Tank by eLeaf – The Twins

There are good things and bad things about this dual-flavor tank from eLeaf. On paper it sounds terrific, and handy, but real world usage shows otherwise. But before I get into my own experience with this tank, let’s go over some of the official features.


The ‘Twins’ can hold 2 flavors of eliquids. The atomizer tank is separated into two chambers, and each section can hold a whopping 4.5ml e-liquid. While using it you can choose which flavor you want to vape or you can vape both flavors at the same time. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? And talk about capacity, 4.5ML x 2 is a huge 9ML tank. So far the ‘Twins’ is worthy of discussion if not a purchase.

Filling the tank is a bit of a pain. You start by unscrewing the base. The fill holes have a tiny bit of silicone caps in them, and to fill the tanks you remove those caps then fill each side of the tank. The holes are tiny so you’ll have to use a syringe to fill them or a very thin plastic drip tip. One can only imagine what will happen when the silicone caps fail.

To choose which flavor you want to vape you simply turn the ring under the glass tank. The ring has the numbers “1, 2 and 3” etched into it and by turning the ring to the proper number you’ll begin vaping the eliquid in that section. Obviously, or maybe not, the number “3” is the setting you choose for vaping both flavors at once.

Real World Usage

While dual-flavor tanks are an interesting concept and I’m sure the idea will appeal to many vapers, this tank is not ready for prime time. First, it’s huge, about the size of the Aerotank Turbo, only thinner so you can use it on 1800-series battery devices. It’s heavy as well, but those things are aesthetics, and it’s strictly subjective. I doubt any of this will change when it goes into production.

What’s not subjective is the placement of the coil heads, and replacing them when needed. Unlike the Aerotank Turbo the coil heads won’t wear out at the same time, unless you’re always vaping on the 3rd setting, but they are a bitch to remove. The coil head thumb screw caps are large and very close together. They are also recessed a bit, making for gaining any leverage to loosen the coils and removing them a very difficult proposition. The first, and only, time I removed the coil heads I wound up with numb fingers tips struggling with finding a “grip” that would give me enough strength to unscrew them.

Now, not everyone will have problems removing the coil heads. I happen to have fat fingers so it was nearly impossible to remove them, and because I barely have any feeling in my fingers I kept at it until they went completely numb…and indented as well, although I was ultimately successful in removing them. It wasn’t a pretty sight. If you have larger than average fingers I have no doubt you’ll find removing the coils difficult.

Flavor and Vapor

Luckily the flavor and vapor performance lies mostly with the quality of the coils, and eLeaf makes some very decent coil heads. The coils resistance was 1.8-ohm each, and again, unlike the Aerotank Turbo they are used in separate compartments, so the resistance remains 1.8-ohms in each chamber.

Because this is a prerelease tank I don’t know if different resistances will be available, but it’s interesting to think that you might use two different resistances with the tank.

Bottom Line

It’s not my job to sell you anything, it’s just my job to tell you about the product and tell you about my experience with the tank. Your experience can be different than my own, especially if your fingers are thinner and the idea of vaping 2 flavor separately or together appeals to you. The idea just doesn’t do much for me.

It is my contention that the tank is too big, the idea of two chambers is gimmicky, and the hardware is heavy. The coil heads are too close together making it damn near impossible for ‘us bigger folk’ to unscrew them. All in all, it was not a fun review.

I will end this review by saying that as an atomizer, as a tank, the Twins works fine. The coil heads are good quality eLeaf coil heads, so the decision to buy one, or to look further, needs to be based on whether or not you’re interested in a tank that consists of two chambers for two different eliquids, a total of 9ML of eliquid at that. If you are, the Pyrex glass, the stainless steel construction, and the eLeaf coil heads are all excellent reasons to invest in the Twins. It’s just not for me, and that’s okay.

Note* – Pricing and availability unknown at press time.

John Manzione