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Eleaf Aster Total AIO Complete Starter Kit

Eleaf Aster Total AIO Starter Kit

The thing I’ve been appreciating the most about the Eleaf Aster Total All-In-One Starter Kit ($29.99 at Vapor Authority) is the build quality and the ease of transportation. Eleaf used the same Aster platform from their Aster 75W TC Box Mod that instead has a built-in glass tank and one-button operation. Personally, these AIO devices are a dime a dozen and after a while, especially with one-button devices, they all start mimicking each other; besides the aesthetics of course. The Eleaf Aster Total AIO Starter Kit does what it is intended to do and after putting it through almost a month of use, I’ve reached my conclusion.

Eleaf Aster Total AIO Starter Kit - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The eLeaf Aster Total Kit is targeting the MTL crowd and leaving the cloud chasers by the wayside. Granted, you don’t buy an Aster Total or any AIO device and expect some serious plumes of vapor; the focus is on flavor. What I can tell you is the MTL experience I’ve had has been good but nothing that sets this kit apart from the rest. The eLeaf  Aster Total is constructed out of Zinc-Alloy, is well-built and doesn’t feel cheap or thrown together. It’s available in Black or Silver which only represents the frame and top section. You have some customization options with a couple included wraps. It’s very lightweight so throwing it in your pocket on your way out the door is welcomed.

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The Aster Total comes with a Black wrap already preinstalled but Eleaf includes an additional two 3M wraps; one Brown and one White (the same colors come with either version). The first one I stuck right on top of the existing wrap and it didn’t fully cover the old sticker so don’t do that. You need to remove the old sticker first. Taking the preinstalled sticker off is a pain and it leaves behind all the sticky residue. If you remove it slow and carefully you could probably remove all the left behind. I put the new sticker over what was left instead of wasting time scraping it all off. The wrap has an almost leathery texture to it and provides a ton of grip. Removing the wrap also reveals the battery door and access to the internally mounted battery, glass tank and PCB.

Eleaf Aster Total AIO Starter Kit - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Direct Output Voltage System is the chipset of choice with a maximum output wattage of 25W. In other words, a fully charged battery can put out up to 25W but also the resistance attached will determine the output. There are no display screens or regulatory buttons; only a perfectly located fire button. A resistance as low as 0.15Ω and as high as 3.5Ω covers the spectrum of vapers. The 10mm fire button is located at an angle which makes thumb firing much more organic than trigger firing. It protrudes plenty from the surface and finding it with your thumb is never a challenge. The engagement is smooth and clicks with the best of them. The operation of the eLeaf Aster Total is very simple with 5-clicks powering the device on and five more to turn it off. Expect the standard safety features seen on most Direct Output devices.

One thing that frustrates me is when a product is advertised with a certain feature or statistic and its quickly debunked bad by reliable sources. In the case of the Aster Total Starter Kit, Eleaf claims the internally mounted battery is 1600mAh when it’s closer to 1150mAh. Fortunately, because of the low power requirements of the 1.1Ω IC coil heads, battery life gives me a few hours of solid MTL vaping. The micro USB is located directly under the viewing window which makes charging quick and simple. The White light illuminating the viewing window turns Red when charging and will go out once fully charged. Expect to wait about 2-3 hours for the battery to fully charge with a 1A charger. You can monitor your battery life based on the White light that comes on after every puff. A solid light means more battery life and flashing frequently means you need to charge it.

Eleaf Aster Total AIO Starter Kit - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The top-fill system is a welcomed feature to have by simply removing the top cap and filling your 3.2ml capacity tank through two large fill slots. There is no MAX fill line since you can assemble the device completely then fill rather than dumping eJuice in the tank and submerging everything into it (which normally is the cause of flooding). You could still pour your eJuice into the big gaping hole but be mindful not be overfill it. The Pyrex glass tank is built into the device with no way to change it if it breaks. The large viewing window is slightly tinted but still makes it super easy to check on your liquid level. The bright LED that illuminates the view window also helps with visibility. Through my time with the Aster Total, I haven’t had any issues with the glass tank leaking or cracking and with the top-fill method implemented the way Eleaf did makes for no gurgling or flooding problems.

The eLeaf  Aster Total AIO Starter Kit has dual adjustable 7mm x 1.5mm top airflow slots that stop in the opened and closed positions. The airflow ring has no knurling so finding grip on the slippery surface is a challenge at times (my airflow was always wide open anyway). With the airflow fully open, the draw is still very restrictive which is perfect for MTL vaping. The top cap also serves as the mouthpiece but is 510 drip tip compatible. The top cap measures 12.5mm and tapers down to a miniscule 3mm. Eleaf also included a Stainless Steel (Black for the Black version) Delrin insulated 510 drip tip you can plug right into the top cap (and is my preferred way to vape the Aster Total). It measures 11mm and has a 3.9mm opening, giving you a more concentrated draw and is held snugly in place by two O-rings. The added 11mm the drip tip adds to the height of the device doesn’t look substantial and still flows great with the design.

Eleaf Aster Total AIO Starter Kit - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

To access your coil, simply unscrew the whole top section which is easy thanks to some deeply cut notches. The IC 1.1Ω Kanthal coil head is top threaded and screws onto the chimney that’s connected to the top section. The IC coil heads were originally released with the Eleaf iCare Beginner’s Mod (hence the IC = iCare). The 1.1Ω coils are tiny (0.60-inch x 0.25-inch) with a low wattage range of 5W-15W. The IC coil structure (two included in the box) has four small 1mm wicking holes that at such low wattages keeps up just fine. The plus side with these little buggers are their affordability. I’ve seen 5-packs go for as low as $5.99! The flavor they produce is decent and not one I would pick next to some Joyetech BF coils. Unfortunately, the Aster Total is only compatible with the IC coil heads so if you buy it and don’t care for the coils, your out of luck. There is another SC 1.1Ω SS316 coil head (5W-15W) with larger wicking slots for higher VG eJuice. I didn’t have any to test during my time with the Aster Total but the option is there.

Available Now at Vapor Authority ($29.99)

Final Grade – B

“Everything about the eLeaf  Aster Total has been done before but the ergonomic design and the form factor definitely warrants some recognition. I’m not the biggest fan of the IC coils but hopefully I can try the SC coils sooner than later. If you don’t own an All-In-One Starter Kit and enjoy Mouth-To-Lung vaping, the Aster Total will get the job done.”

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