Common vs Modern Methods for Storing CannabisStoring Cannabis is quickly becoming a real issue in North America. As cannabis is starting to become legal in many states, many want to experience the wonderful benefits of this flower. Due to the fact that there are many new people experiencing cannabis, it’s a given that they do not pay a lot of attention to the storage of delicate flower buds.

In order to experience cannabis the right way and never be left with a subpar smoking sesh, it’s best to make sure you treat your flowers with respect and protect them from light and humidity.

Cannabis can be very sensitive to temperature as well, it’s always recommended to store cannabis buds in chilly and dark places. The recommended storage temperature is below 70 degrees F.

If you want to make your cannabis experience better, read below as we compare the common methods versus the more convenient, better, and modern methods of storing cannabis. 

Storing Cannabis with Plastic Bag Vs a Weed Container

As the popularity of weed grows, we see more and more people disapprove of the plastic bag storage method. Plastic bags are outright the worst thing for your cannabis buds if you are looking to store them long-term. On the other hand, if you need to store your cannabis for a couple of days out of sight, then plastic bags can come in handy.

The biggest problem with plastic bags is that they are full of static charge and the trichomes are likely to end up stuck to the wall of plastic. In addition to that, storing your cannabis in plastic bags for a long period of time can seriously impact the taste and the smell of your cannabis buds.

On the other hand, cannabis experts and passionate consumers have found the perfect way to store their precious buds thanks to weed containers. These containers allow you to store your weed without the worry that it will go bad and they can even revive your buds to their former glory. A weed container will come with glass storage jars that will make a perfect environment for your buds, keep light away and regulate humidity.

Aside from being practical and perfect for weed storage, weed containers are perfect to decorate your coffee table due to their impeccable retro wooden design. So, besides having the best weed in town, your weed containers will captivate all your guests who drop by for a visit.

Mason Jars vs UV Blocking Jars for Storing Cannabis

It’s widely known that cannabis should be kept out of harmful UV light, which degrades THC, and many cannabis lovers opt for glass mason jars as the storage solution. However, this method of weed storage can be a bit problematic. Glass mason jars usually come with aluminum lids and the aluminum can negatively impact the taste of your weed.

Some use mason jars to store cannabis in their freezer, but we generally advise against this method as the handling process of frozen buds can be extremely dangerous. Frozen buds are extremely vulnerable and they can easily crumble and you will be left without your precious buds.

If you want to store your bud stash for longer and keep it in top condition, the best option is UV-blocking jars. These glass jars do everything the mason jars can’t, they keep your buds fresh and the taste is preserved to its fullest. The jars are also air-tight and you won’t have any problems with external odors that can impact your herb.

UV-blocking jars are super practical and cool in design, you can employ a bit of DIY and create a whole experience around them. You can make a UV-blocking jar rack and have a unique weed cellar of your own.

Don’t Forget about Storing Cannabis Pre-rolls

Pre-rolls don’t get the love they deserve, they are super convenient and they are perfect when you are on the go. Many opt for empty cigarette packs or pockets as the storage method but that can only damage your pre-rolls. 


A preroll box that is stylish, compact, and has the benefits of a big storage box is music to every cannabis connoisseur’s ears. The pre-roll boxes will allow you to enjoy your joints with maximum flavor and without a sign of lost quality.

Final Thoughts on Storing Cannabis

We can clearly see that some common methods of storing cannabis aren’t the best and the alternatives come without breaking the bank. Remember to keep your weed buds out of UV lights and store your stashes in a cool and dark place. Treat your pre-rolled joints with care and don’t let anything get in your way of enjoying cannabis the right way.

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