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Blitz MATE Disposable Sub-Ohm Tank Review – This is going to be a different kind of review for Spinfuel VAPE. Oh, we’re going to have a breakdown and score, and all the usual trappings. But we’re going to eliminate one section – the recommendation. Because, as we’ve said before in other reviews and roundups, we simply can’t get behind a product that’s meant to be used and disposed, using high-density plastic that likely won’t go away anytime soon.

That doesn’t mean the Blitz MATE isn’t a good sub-ohm tank. Because it’s actually a VERY good one, giving users long coil life, rich flavor and tremendous vapor production in an all-in-one package. And they include three of them at a VERY attractive price, to boot! But all we could do while enjoying the vape quality is wonder what Blitz could do with this technology in a more environmentally responsible package. I should also mention that a couple of staffers here absolutely hated the look and feel of a disposable sub-ohm tank that they refused to review it, knowing their bias would get in the way.

In any case, let’s see the company line and go from there.

The Blitz MATE Disposable Sub-Ohm Tank is a superior cloud-chasing atomizer tank, featuring a refillable yet disposable design, integrated 0.15ohm Mesh coil, and is constructed from durable food-grade PCTG plastic. Constructed from durable food grade plastic, the Blitz Mate Tank is disposable and can be tossed out when the integrated coil is burned or done. The mesh coil within creates generous clouds jam-packed with flavor while holding up to 4.0mL of today’s popular eJuice. Built with a threaded top fill system, the Mate Disposable Tank can accept refills through the top and is offered at an affordable value of three tanks per pack.

Blitz MATE Disposable Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Blitz MATE Disposable Tank Specs:

  • 24mm Diameter
  • 0mL Tank Capacity
  • Food Grade PCTG Chassis Construction
  • Threaded Top Fill System
  • 15ohm Mesh Coil
  • 510 Connection
  • Available in Blue, Clear, Grey, and Red
  • Comes in pack of three (3)

Blitz MATE Disposable Sub-Ohm Tank Contents:

  • 3 Blitz Mate Disposable Tanks

Initial Impressions and Aesthetics

Like most of this review, this section will be short. Because at the end of the day, the Blitz MATE tanks are single-piece tanks made from PCTG food-grade plastic. On that end, the exterior shell is made of higher-quality materials than other disposables we’ve tested, most notably the Augvape Jewel disposables, which started out really strong, but quickly tapped out, leaving a pile of underperforming tanks sitting in my wastebasket.

RED Blitz MATE Disposable Sub-Ohm Tank ReviewThe Blitz MATE Tanks are not nearly as ornate as the Jewel tanks, but they also sport wider-bore drip tips and an airflow setup that might be adjustable, even if I never once got it to work.


The build quality is pretty solid, considering the MATE is made from the same materials as a squirt gun. But the color choices are solid, as far as translucent plastic goes. I should mention I was a little turned off with the overly lightweight top caps, which were far too loose on my test models, and came off numerous times when pocketing the device.


But even with the wide-open airflow, the MATE proved to be a leak-free tank, so there’s a definite positive there.

Standout Features

All colors Blitz MATE Disposable Sub-Ohm Tank ReviewUnlike the afore-mentioned Jewel tank, the MATE coils are pretty damn good, giving me roughly 7-8 days of steady use before giving up the ghost. Considering a three pack of disposable Blitz MATE costs less than $11, there are far worse ways to spend your vape money, if longevity is a key driver in your budget.


But putting the disposable nature of the Blitz MATE aside, the installed coils are dynamite. Even without the ability to prime the heads prior to filling, these coils get up to speed very quickly, delivering ridiculous amounts of flavor and vapor right out of the gate. Unlike other disposable tanks, the MATEs offered really thick vapor and surprisingly deep flavor – two results I wasn’t expecting, to be quite honest.


And the flavor and vapor lasts until the tanks finally reach the end of the line. I barely experienced any loss of flavor clarity during my testing, and once the coil was ready for disposal, I knew it right away, so there weren’t many “off flavors” to deal with before firing up a new one.


The juice consumption was pretty good considering the large juice ports and wide-open airflow, but I wouldn’t leave the house without some spare e-liquid, just to be sure.

Vaping the Blitz MATE Tanks

3-PACK Blitz MATE Disposable Sub-Ohm Tank ReviewGiven a stated resistance of 0.15 ohms, the Blitz MATE was designed for heavy sub-ohm use. Or at least, so I thought. In reality, the Blitz MATE was best served between 55-65 watts – hardly “high-wattage” specs, but that’s exactly where it sang the loudest. Going higher led to a distinct loss in flavor quality, while going below never quite delivered a quality vape.


In short, follow Blitz’s lead here – they state 55 watts as a goal, and they’re 100% spot on. Trying to push the Blitz MATE past its intended range is only asking for trouble.


I was pleasantly surprised that such a low-cost atomizer worked as well as it did with multiple devices. We often see certain mods balk at some tanks, but the Blitz MATE seemed to have “universal appeal” across a wide range of devices.


BLUE Blitz MATE Disposable Sub-Ohm Tank ReviewOne item worth noting – despite the plastic exterior, the Blitz MATE never once got warm or uncomfortable  to vape, even with the chintzy, non-swappable drip-tips they provide.



– Surprisingly rich flavor

– Quick break-in time

– Long-lasting non-replaceable coils


– The world doesn’t need plastic tanks piling up

– Capacity could be a little higher

– Drip-tips are pretty lame


Putting my feelings about conservation aside, and the almost bitter feelings of Dave and John about the very notion of a disposable sub-ohm tank, the Blitz has made a solid, easy-to-use vape tank that’s perfect for people on the fence about jumping into sub-ohm waters.


The flavor and vapor performance is on par with many more-complex competitors, at a fraction of the price. In that sense, Blitz has the right idea. And yeah, a lot of people can claim that pre-built sub-ohm coils are really no ecologically different than the Blitz in the long run. But there’s just something about this cheap plastic that irks me to no end. It was a problem in the early days of clearomizers and carto-tanks, and now it’s resurfacing with disposable tanks and pod mods.


We stopped smoking for health reasons, but also to stop the littering and trash that comes from that habit. Why on earth do people think we want to revisit this era by creating more short-term use plastic?


So, because of this, we’re not going to say we “recommend” the Blitz MATE tanks, but also can’t deny they’re really damn good for what they are.

That’s why this was the most difficult “A-” I’ve ever handed out during my three years at Spinfuel VAPE.