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Are tobacco giants flexing their muscles in New York?

While controversy and confusion are never too far away from the electronic cigarette industry, the situation in the state of New York has the potential to sound the deathknell for eliquids. In simple terms, an act has been put forward for the state of New York authorities to consider which would effectively ban all eliquids except menthol flavour. There are serious concerns about the reasons behind this proposed ban and the legitimacy of the figures used to support it.

The ban, if successful, would effectively class electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices as tobacco products and take away the fluids which ecigarette users require for their devices. Why? Will the proposal be accepted? What is behind the move?

 Jumping the gun ahead of the FDA?

Despite the fact that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is in charge of regulating the US business arena, it seems that many states such as New York are attempting to jump the gun and introduce their own bans. The way in which the system is set up allows each and every state across the US to maintain a very strong hold on local laws and regulations. Indeed as we saw with Mayor Bloomberg during his latter days in office, sometimes these changes can be pushed through at lightning quick speed.

There is growing concern that politicians across the US have been influenced in some way by large tobacco companies and the constant flow of tobacco tax income. Yet again the main argument in this particular situation seems to be the use of electronic cigarettes by children and vague figures quoted about complaints to so-called poison control centres.

 Looking at the wider picture

Quite why politicians are being so aggressive in their pursuit of the ecigarette market is unclear especially when you bear in mind that 23,600 New York citizens die each and every year from “their own smoking”. When you also take into account the impact of secondary tobacco smoking we can only estimate the overall impact which tobacco cigarettes have had and continue to have on the New York population.

Perhaps if the authorities were to take a more structured and less knee-jerk approach to the challenges of the electronic cigarette market they would gain more support amongst New York constituents? As it is, out of the blue the state of New York authorities stand on the verge of banning all eliquid’s with the exception of menthol based on what many believe are spurious and very vague accusations and figures. It seems that politicians are able to ignore research and surveys which time and time again confirm electronic cigarettes are not a gateway to tobacco smoking, so what is left?

 Increased tobacco tax income

It stands to reason that while there are tobacco smoking bans across New York State, a ban on eliquids would push many people back to tobacco related products. As a consequence, vapers are now up in arms about this move by the New York State authorities amid concerns that not only is this an attack on the human rights of the vaping community but there may well be other factors coming into play.

A number of commentators have also suggested that New York state authorities have become the “go to authority” for other states across the US amid concerns they may well introduce similar bans if this proposal goes through. It is very dangerous to underestimate the influence of the state authorities of New York and the impact this could have on the growing electronic cigarette industry. Let us think, so, who would benefit most from an eliquid ban?

Mark Benson

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