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For some people who vape, tobacco e-juice is a transitional tool that eases the journey from smoking to vaping. For others, the flavor of tobacco becomes a lifelong love that remains long after the desire to smoke is gone. Even if you don’t fall into either of those categories, the best tobacco e-liquids can make for a great change of pace from the heavily sweetened e-liquids that are so popular right now. If you’re looking to trade your usual fruit or dessert e-liquids for something with some complexity and a savory flavor profile, try one of these superb tobacco e-juices on our carefully curated list below. You’ll find the tobacco e-juice of 2018 is more varied, authentic, and supremely more flavorful than it was just 3 years ago.

Best Authentic Tobacco E-Juice Reviewed

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Authentic, Rich and Flavorful

From rich Virginia blends to hearty Cuban cigars, tobacco e-juice comes in dozens of flavor profiles

Euro Gold by Naked 100

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Best Tobacco E-Juice – A Spinfuel VAPE ReviewIf the phrase “Turkish tobacco” means anything to you, it’s likely that you preferred a certain cigarette brand with a hump-backed animal and a pyramid on the pack when you were a smoker. Left out in the sun to cure, Turkish tobacco is smoother and milder than many other tobacco cultivars while possessing a characteristic sweetness and warmth that make other tobacco varieties taste positively harsh in comparison. We think that Euro Gold by Naked 100 does a great job of capturing everything that’s wonderful about Turkish tobacco.


Primary Flavors: Tobacco blend light body
Bottle size : 60ml
PG / VG : 30% / 70%

American Patriots Salt by Naked 100

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Best Tobacco E-Juice – A Spinfuel VAPE ReviewAmerican Patriots Salt is Naked 100’s vision of an American tobacco cigarette in e-liquid form, plain and simple. This e-liquid delivers a potent dose of nicotine salt, so it is for use in lower-temperature devices like pod vaping systems only. If you prefer a mouth-to-lung inhaling style and prioritize flavor over cloud production, American Patriots Salt is where it’s at.


Primary Flavors : Classic tobacco, Salt Nicotine
Nicotine level : 35, 50mg – WARNING – Not for use in Sub-Ohm Tanks
Bottle size : 30ml 
PG / VG : 30% / 70%

Cuban Blend by Naked 100

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Best Tobacco E-Juice – A Spinfuel VAPE ReviewIf you have ever been fortunate enough to smoke one, you know that there is nothing quite like a real Cuban cigar. While growers in Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and other nations have perfected their own tobacco cultivars with rich and varied flavors, nothing quite rivals Cuban tobacco for its rich, bold flavor that’s always flawlessly balanced and never harsh. Here at SMOKLY, we’ve searched far and wide for a cigar tobacco e-liquid that truly delivers the incredible array of flavors that you can experience when you smoke a real cigar. We’re glad to say that we’ve finally found it in Cuban Blend by Naked 100.


Primary Flavors : Caribbean’s Tobacco medium bodied aromatic
Bottle size : 60ml
Nicotine level : 0, 3, 6, 12mg
PG / VG : 30% / 70%

STR8 Tobacco by Ruthless

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Best Tobacco E-Juice – A Spinfuel VAPE ReviewBurley tobacco is one of the most important products of the American tobacco industry. Growing it is a challenge; burley growers must contend with mold and pests for months before the plants become large enough to harvest. After air curing, the leaves are so bitter that tobacco processors wash them with a sugar solution before turning the tobacco into cigarettes. Burley is the flavor of the classic American cigarette, and that’s the flavor that STR8 Tobacco by Ruthless recreates.


Primary Flavors : Natural Burley Tobacco
Bottle size : 60ml
PG / VG : 30% / 70%

Tribeca by Halo

The Famous Tribeca, Available at SMOKLY

SMOKLY Halo TribecaHalo has provided the gold standard in American-made tobacco e-liquids since 2009, and Tribeca is the company’s most popular e-liquid. For us, Tribeca is unforgettable because it’s a bridge from the vaping industry’s past – e-liquids combining tobacco, caramel and vanilla flavors have been around since the beginning – and future. After close to eight years on the market, Tribeca remains a solid hit.


Primary Flavors : Caramel and Vanilla Tobacco
Bottle size : 60ml 
PG / VG : 20% / 80%

Longhorn by Halo

Superb Tobacco Blend by Halo

Best Tobacco E-Juice – A Spinfuel VAPE ReviewWe think that Longhorn by Halo is the perfect companion to Tribeca. While Tribeca is sweet, smooth and rich, Longhorn is a take on the classic taste of a boldly flavored dark cigar. We find that vaping Longhorn is almost like tasting the best parts of cigar tobacco and pipe tobacco simultaneously. Longhorn has some peppery and grassy notes along with a dash of richly aromatic flue-cured tobacco flavor.


Primary Flavors : Robuts tobacco, Corojo, Cavendish
Bottle size : 60ml 
Nicotine level : 0, 3, 6, 12, 18mg
PG / VG : 20% / 80%

Chill’d Tobacco by Cosmic Fog

Tobacco and Mint from the Masters

Best Tobacco E-Juice – A Spinfuel VAPE ReviewChill’d Tobacco by Cosmic Fog might be one of the most interesting tobacco-and-mint blends ever created. Do you love those little chocolate-covered mints that they sometimes give you at restaurants? Chill’d Tobacco combines that flavor with a sweet tobacco base that’s mild, nutty and delicious. Tobacco, chocolate and mint? Sounds like a great idea to us!


Primary Flavors: Mild Leaf Tobacco and Peppermint
Nicotine level : 0, 3, 6mg
Bottle size : 60ml
PG / VG : 30% / 70%

Gold by The Milkman Heritage

Yes, The Milkman does Tobacco!

Best Tobacco E-Juice – A Spinfuel VAPE ReviewBefore America banned flavored cigarettes, it was possible to buy cigarettes with honey-toasted tobacco. You can’t find that product here anymore, but thankfully e-liquid gives you a greater variety of possible flavors that you could ever experience with cigarettes. Gold by The Milkman Heritage delivers the bold, sweet flavor of honeyed tobacco along with a dash of the creamy, milky base that has made The Milkman so famous.

In Conclusion....

There are hundreds of brands and blends in the tobacco category, and although we haven’t tried every single one, we’ve vaped many, many dozen varieties of tobacco e-juice to come up with a list of the best we’ve had the pleasure to keep in rotation. When the time comes to explore a new tobacco blend, any of the above will sure to delight.

A huge thanks to SMOKLY for allowing us to vape all the tobacco blends we could get into our tanks and pod mods.

Tom McBride