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Hurricane Vapor Unveils New Flavor – Papaya Milkshake

Hurricane Vapor’s Papaya Milkshake has earned the Spinfuel Choice Award!

Hurricane Vapor, a fairly new e-Liquid vendor from Miami Florida has hit the vape community scene running and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. The premium e-Liquid vendor unveiled the 12th official flavor in their Storm Juice lineup today. Because initial supplies are not unlimited, we suggest that if you enjoy good fruit vapes, then you will enjoy this delicious fruit flavored eJuice, so head on over to and order while you can. (But read the review first) We promise you that Papaya Milkshake will become one of your favorite all-day fruit vapes the minute you begin tasting the sweet, luscious flavor of fully ripened papayas.

How We Know

Spinfuel has been secretly, and exclusively, vaping Papaya Milkshake for a week. We were so impressed with this amazingly delicious Papaya Milkshake e-Liquid that the entire team had put all other flavors on the backburner until the last drop was gone. That is how much we enjoyed this great storm juice, and why we believe it will become another top selling flavor for Hurricane Vapor. As soon as other vapers are able to try it and talk about it, Papaya Milkshake will remain at the top of the line up for the next several weeks, if not longer. Like a summer blockbuster movie, this is an e-Liquid you will be talking about in the various vaping forums you frequent.

Why Papaya? And by the way, what does papaya taste like anyway?

Papaya was once considered an exotic fruit that few people were able to enjoy. It is a difficult fruit to harvest because a ripened papaya looks a lot like a spoiled papaya. Recent popularity of the fruit however, has helped make the fruit become a mainstream delicacy, so finding the right way to deliver it to the vape community was something that would eventually happen. But Hurricane Vapor’s connection to all things tropical makes them the ideal candidate to bring forward the first authentic papaya e-liquid, and what a job they have done. Unbelievable.

The papaya is native to Central America, and has long been a revered fruit among the Latin American culture. None other than Christopher Columbus himself called it the “fruit of the angels”. But it wasn’t cultivated in the United States until the early 20th century, and it is now grown in the rich soils of Hawaii. Producers of papaya also include Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Hurricane Vapor Papaya Milkshake Review by Spinfuel - Spinfuel Choice AwardThe Papaya Milkshake, however, is a product of the Dominican Republic. When someone visits there as a tourist enjoying a Papaya Milkshake is always on the “must do while there” lists so many people bring with them when they travel. It is a recipe that has been handed down for generations, and guarded like a state secret. Check out this recipe to see how a papaya milkshake is made: How To Make a Papaya Milkshake 

Unless you know a little something about how to select a ripe papaya chances are you really don’t know how they taste. Selecting, storing, and even consuming the papaya fruit can be challenging, and not really a topic for an e-Liquid review, but if you are interested in adding papaya to your diet there are plenty of online resources that can help you choose the right papayas and step-by-step ways to ripen and serve them.

Luscious Doesn’t Begin To Describe…

Christian Vargas, owner of Hurricane Vapor, and John Manzione, Spinfuel publisher, made arrangements to have the Spinfuel e-Liquid Review Team vape plenty of Papaya Milkshake before its release today because they believed it was a very special storm juice, and they were right.

On Arrival

The perplexed look on our faces when we ripped open the package and found bottles of Papaya Milkshake Storm Juice was priceless, at least according to John. Although many of us enjoy a nice fruity vape no one expected it to be papaya. (In hindsight, Papaya is exactly what we should have expected from this innovative Miami-based e-liquid artist.) There are plenty of fruity vapes available, and for a young company like Hurricane Vapor to choose a flavor that had to be difficult to get right was not something we expected.

A ripe papaya has a succulent, sweet flavor that tastes like no other fruit. The papaya “should” taste vaguely similar to a combination of peach and pineapple; with one important difference… tartness. Papaya should be “tart”, yet because so many people aren’t familiar in selecting and ripening store-bought papaya they never get the opportunity really know how incredibly sweet and delicious it can be.  It took me more than a month to learn how to pick the right papayas from the local Publix, and ripening it at home can turn some people off. At the peak of it’s sweet flavor the outside begins to look like spoiled fruit.

The Papaya Milkshake Storm Juice

Here is how Hurricane Vapor describes their new Papaya Milkshake:

Papaya, vanilla bean ice crème, milk, and just a dash of cinnamon to add that delightful hint of contrasting flavors. Inspired by the vibrant Dominican culture, thriving in the heart of Miami Beach, Papaya Milkshake is a very unique flavor, with sweet vanilla notes, coupled with a prominent flavor of fresh papayas. You will feel as you were taken into the luscious beaches of Punta Cana itself.”

Now, does that sound sexy or what? The first thing you notice about Hurricane Vapor’s Papaya Milkshake is the aroma. If you are familiar with papaya you will instantly recognize the aroma rising up from the bottle as authentic papaya scent. It is a wonderfully sweet, yet unique aroma that is very inviting. Although we didn’t sense a hint of cinnamon in the aroma, there was that hint of sweet vanilla ever so slightly mingling with the papaya.

The color of the e-Liquid is a light yellow, and the viscosity is on the thicker side, yet not too thick to drip into a cartomizer or clearomizer via the eyedropper that comes with it.  While I don’t recommend this, a drop of e-liquid rubbed between your thumb and index finger will feel slippery. (If you try this wash your hands immediately after to avoid the nicotine from being absorbed into the skin).

Vapor & Throat Hit

The vapor production is extra thick and does emit a slightly sweet papaya fragrance that dissipates very quickly. While the person sitting next to you will probably get a whiff of the pleasant smell, it takes less than 30-seconds for it to go away. Like most premium e-Liquids, a pleasant, but brief scent from the vapor is normal. We do not have the PG/VG ratios, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that it was a 40/60 PG/VG e-liquid based on the production of vapor and the slightly thick, slick liquid.

The throat is variable. Taking a nice long drag with a Halo Triton will present you with a strong and satisfying throat hit. We vaped with the new SMOKtech DCTank as well, with dual coil 1.6-ohm cartomizers and the throat hit was much more powerful, not doubt caused by the dual coils in cartomizer. All of us except for Tom preferred the flavor delivered from the Triton more than what was delivered with carto-tanks. Using both devices with shorter and shallower drags produced a lighter throat hit, but still noticeable. The nicotine level we all used last week was 1.8% (18mg).

All-Day Vape

There aren’t many fruit flavored vapes that I can vape all day. The problem with most fruit vapes is that after a while I get an almost numbing sensations on the sides of my tongue if I vape it as an all-day vape. Not so with Papaya Milkshake. Because it is sweet and not tart, you won’t have to concern yourself about temporary burned out taste buds. And while it is sweet it’s not so sweet that you think you’re vaping some desert vape. Every one of us has been vaping Papaya Milkshake on a constant, all-day basis from the beginning, not because he we had to (we didn’t) but because we wanted to.

Hurricane Vapor Selection

Papaya Milkshake is available in 15ML and 30ML glass bottles. Nicotine levels, including zero nicotine, are 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, 2.4% and 3.0%. (All Hurricane Vapor e-Liquid is available with the same options)

Regular price for all Hurricane Vapor e-Liquids are $9.99 for 15ml and $17.99 for 30ml. You can also buy a sampler 5ml bottle for $3.75.

What The Team Says

Me: A very authentic, true to the taste of a perfectly ripened papaya, Papaya Milkshake is the first all-day fruit flavor e-Liquid I’ve enjoyed this long. With a magnificent papaya aroma and the sweet, luscious flavor of a genuine papaya this one is destined to be a top-selling flavor for Hurricane Vapor. While the vanilla notes made themselves known, the flavor was definitely papaya. 5 Stars

Keira: If this is the direction Hurricane Vapor is taking, delivering an amazing flavor in the second salvo of the second act, then nothing will stop them from being a major player in the e-Liquid marketplace. I love Papaya Milkshake and I will definitely make it a part of my permanent rotation of liquids. From the delicious aroma rising up from the bottle to the sweet papaya flavor with a creamy touch hitting all the right places, I cannot see how this won’t be a Spinfuel Choice Award winner. 5 Stars

Tom: Finding an e-Liquid that could pull me away from my steady vape diet of rich tobaccos and coffee vapes, Papaya Milkshake is profoundly pleasing. While I certainly don’t see myself ditching Cuban Coffee or Belgian Simmered Tobacco by Hurricane Vapor, I will surely add Papaya Milkshake to my vaping schedule. This is top-shelf juice, and a terrific way of continuing to introduce it’s next 10 flavors. This is number twelve, and they are batting a 1000.  5 Stars

Angel: I know this might sound like BS, but I’ve been hoping for something like Papaya Milkshake for a while. What I mean is that I was getting a little bored with the choices I’ve had of late. We spend so much time jumping from e-liquid to e-liquid for reviews, which I love doing, but lately there haven’t been a lot of sweet and fruity flavors to choose from, and when there are fruity vapes to review it’s all gone by the time the review period is over. Papaya Milkshake is just what the doctor ordered. Sweet, fruity, and creamy, with a very delicate hint of cinnamon, without that tartness that comes with many other fruit flavors, I’m head over heels over this one. 5 Stars

Jason: As we sat around filling clearomizers on that first day I was not looking forward to Papaya Milkshake. But I was committed to at least 2.4ml of it (the capacity of a Triton clearomizer), and I would, like always, give it my best shot to analyze the flavor and decide where it stood among its peers. What I discovered was that papaya is such a unique flavor that there are little, if any, competitors for a flavor like this. It delivers a solid sweet fruity vape, but unlike most it is a full-bodied flavor, not a one-ring circus. The extra elements that help create the “milkshake” effect are brilliantly played.

The bottom line was I kept coming back and refilling my clearomizer because I wanted to, not because I was expected to. For me to like a fruit-based e-liquid this much should tell anyone that Papaya Milkshake is going to be one of the best fruit flavors on the market. Hurricane Vapor is already among my favorite brands because of their tobacco and coffee flavors, so I guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised that their fruit efforts would be as good as it is. 5 Stars

Spinfuel Choice Award

When the 5-person Spinfuel team all agree that when it comes to flavor, vapor, throat hit, overall quality, purity and uniqueness are all 5 Star worthy then that e-Liquid earns the Spinfuel Choice Award for excellence. Papaya Milkshake is one of highest scoring e-liquids we’ve vaped lately, deserving of the Choice Award without hesitation.

Conclusion and Buying Guide

I guess the one thing that is different from this one-off flavor review from all the others is how, for 7 days straight, every member of the team kept coming back for more. No matter how much we enjoy any flavor from any vendor we review (and there are many), when that normal 72-hour period is up we usually go back to our favorite, personal flavors until the next review begins. We will sometimes add a flavor or two from our immediate previous review and add it to our rotation, but this is the first time each and every member chose to stay with a single flavor for a week… and I think the only reason we didn’t continue on was because it was all gone. We are looking forward to placing an order for a few more bottles of Papaya Milkshake just as much as many of you are right now.

Buying Advice

Naturally we have no idea how much Papaya Milkshake Hurricane Vapor has on hand, but we plan to get in line early so that our order goes out as soon as possible. Hurricane Vapor tells us that they are still able to maintain a 24-hour turnaround.  I promise you this, if you have an inclination for fruit flavored e-liquids then there is little chance you won’t love Papaya Milkshake by Hurricane Vapor. If you have yet to purchase an e-Liquid from them this is a fantastic opportunity to do so.

Sweet, luscious, full-bodied, Papaya Milkshake is unique and wonderful.

Julia Barnes, with Keira Hartley, Jason Little, Tom McBride and Angel