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VandyVape Berserker MTL RTA Review – There is a bit of a mouth-to-lung (MTL) resurgence going on in the vaping world. Oh, there’s still a heavy focus on clouds and power, but we’ve been excited to see more products cross our desks aimed at those who prefer a traditional smoking-like experience. One of the most notable is thecVandyVape Berserker MTL RTA. (Available Now At Element Vape)   There are a few quirks with the Berserker that might chase away newcomers, but those who are patient will be rewarded with an amazingly flavorful MTL vape, through and through. Let’s dive in.

VandyVape Berserker RTA Review – Spinfuel VAPE

Initial impressions of the VandyVape Berserker MTL RTA 24mm

After opening VandyVape’s now-traditional minimalist blue cardboard packaging, users will find a nicely fleshed-out kit, complete with the Berserker RTA, installed 2mL Ultem glass, 4mL Pyrex replacement glass, chimney extender, installed Ultem drip tip, spare Delrin drip tip, coils, o-rings, and a slew of other goodies. Yes, it’s a complete offering.

The Berserker itself is an attractive device that stood out from my other MTL-focused RTAs and tanks, which are typically taller and narrower. By comparison, the default 2mL configuration is a short, stout affair, made even more unique by the amber-hued Ultem drip tip and glass section.   Even in MTL, I prefer more capacity in my tanks, so I quickly switched to the Pyrex 4mL setup and was floored by how different the Berserker appeared. Other than the narrow chimney and mouthpiece, this 24mm RTA could pass as a full-on sub-ohm setup. That is, until you see the airflow control.   Contrary to my initial thoughts from the Berserker preview, there is no question VandyVape designed this tank for true MTL vapers, with airflow that ranges from tight, to really tight, to “good lord, that’s tight.” After months of vaping wide-bore, cloud-focused tanks, this was going to take some adjustment.   That said, the machining and build quality on the Berserker is impeccable. There was no odor of machine oil, nor were there any stray filaments or plastic. Just an altogether impressive package from VandyVape.

Building on the VandyVape Berserker MTL 24mm RTA

Before we build, I mentioned atop this post that the Berserker had a few quirks, and the assembly/disassembly is one of them. To ensure a solid connection that doesn’t come loose during filling, the chimney section screws into the top cap by tightening it COUNTER-clockwise. It took nearly three minutes of fruitless muscle before I realized there was a flat “key” tool inside the bag of accessories inside the box. (In my defense, there was no mention of this arrangement in the otherwise excellent instructions. Be sure to check everything, lest you damage your Berserkers, kids.) Once reassembled, I took the build deck and the included coil, which read at 1.2 ohms. The deck itself is relatively narrow, but is an absolute breeze to build upon, with large screws in place to secure coils and trim leads. In less than a minute, I had a perfect coil in place, ready to wick. Despite the relatively small deck size, the cotton/juice ports are deep, and I found I needed more cotton than expected to fill them, while still allowing for juice flow. I heartily recommend fluffing your cotton well before placing it, as juice flow is limited in MTL setups. Reassembling the Berserker was a breeze, and the stock o-rings and gaskets hold the tank sections together nicely.

DailyVapeTV and the Berserker MTL RTA

Vaping the VandyVape Berserker MTL 24mm RTA

I dusted off a bottle of 9mg, 50/50 VG/PG e-liquid that has been steeping for the better part of six months. (It felt like I was opening a bottle of wine reserved for a “special occasion.”) I wet my coils, filled the tank through the snug top-cap, and let the Berserker marinate for a few minutes before puffing away.   My first draw was on the tightest setting, and man ALIVE, was it tough for my sub-ohm-trained lungs to handle. But after a few conscious, deliberate MTL draws, I quickly remembered the appeal of vaping in this fashion.   Using the Berserker on the recently reviewed Hcigar VT75D, at a conservative 20 watts, the vapor coming from the tight airflow, narrow chimneys and mouthpiece created such a concentrated burst of flavor, I was brought back to simpler times.

Still, this setting was far too snug for long-term viability, so I adjusted to the most open setting, and was floored by how MTL focused the Berserker was. This is not a modified restricted lung atomizer – this is all about traditional mouth-to-lung vaping, and it delivered the goods.   I swapped in a lower-resistance coil – 0.5 ohms, to be exact – and rebuilt, boosting power to 40 watts. Though there was slightly more ramp-up time, the coil didn’t make much of a difference in overall performance, as the airflow was still restrictive.   Swapping once more to test temperature control, I found my 1.1 ohm titanium test coil might have offered the best experience. This flavor-first design really sang with titanium, even at modest temperatures and wattage settings.   What was most refreshing is how each coil, regardless of gauge, stayed perfectly seated in the terminals. The deck is a simple, time-honored design, and the Berserker demonstrated why. Vaping doesn’t need to be complicated, just consistent. This deck held steady throughout my testing.   One item of note: Even my 50/50 juice was likely too viscous for use in the VandyVape Berserker. Though juice reached the wick at a decent clip, chain vaping is not recommended, especially with thicker liquids. I endured a handful of dry hits, simply from testing through heavy use.   Though I imagine MTL vapers won’t put the Berserker through nearly the same paces as I did during the test, it’s worth mentioning that PG-heavy juices will undoubtedly flow better through the ports and up the wicks.   The other minor quirk I noticed came in the form of slight gurgling when the tank is filled to near-capacity. It’s always a good practice to leave a little air atop your tank when filling to maintain vacuum, but it’s especially true here. I didn’t experience any leaking with the Berserker, but heavy-handed fills definitely made for some ugly-sounding puffs before settling in.

Wrapping up…

I have nothing but positive thoughts about the Berserker. It balances modern design and ease-of-use with a fantastic throwback chimney design that brings rich, dense flavor to MTL vapers of all varieties. I would have preferred one more airflow slot to try some restricted lung hits, but that’s hardly a knock, considering the company never intended this type of use.

The Score

Though the initial assembly and disassembly might throw novices for a loop, once they nail down the wicking and airflow, the VandyVape Berserker is an excellent, high-performing MTL atomizer for the masses.

Score: A

Berserker MTL RTA Specs and Package Contents

VandyVape Berserker RTA specs:

  • Length:30mm/40mm
  • Diameter:24mm
  • Capacity:2ml/4.5ml


VandyVape Berserker RTA contents:

  • 1x Berserker MTL RTA
  • 1x 4.5ml glass tube
  • 1x Accessory bag
  • 1x 510 Delrin drip tip

VandyVape Berserker RTA

VandyVape Berserker RTA Review – Spinfuel VAPE