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PREVIEW – BERSERKER MTL RTA BY VANDY VAPE – TWO-POST – As vaping has evolved into an arms race of power and cloud mass, finding a pure, mouth-to-lung (MTL) focused RTA has become a bit of a struggle these days. Sure, the luxury brands like SvoeMesto’s Kayfun series are still putting out top-flight atomizers that fans hold onto like vintage BMWs.

However, what about the MTL fans who don’t want to spend a fortune to get a quality MTL vape? Perhaps VandyVape has the answer with the new Berserker RTA.


Now, it’s somewhat interesting that VandyVape is entering this territory, as the young company is best known for its wide-open, cloud-producing devices. Maybe that’s why they recruited the services of Alex from VapersMD, a reviewer who has some notable experience in this niche of the vape world.

Vandy Vape Berserker MTL RTA Preview – SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINE

The result is a unique-looking, 24mm diameter RTA that can be used in either a 2mL format, or converted to a taller 4.5mL configuration. The narrow-ish chimneys and mouthpieces certainly speak to restricted lung use, as does the simple, single-coil build deck.


Speaking of the deck, the format isn’t something that will surprise MTL vapers, since it’s MORE than reminiscent of the classic Kayfun single-coil format. The large screws and narrow channels ensure that coil leads will sit snug without any play.


Interestingly, the center airflow that feeds the coil is extremely narrow, which isn’t foreign on a MTL tank. However, one thing that isn’t typical of a classic MTL atomizer is the bottom airflow control, which has five wide-ranging sections, covering the tight draw of cigarette smoking at 0.8mm, all the way to a fairly open draw at 1.6mm. That’s a pretty large gap for a MTL tank – and a fantastic amount of airflow control for ANY type of tank.


How the wide range of airflow control plays with the fixed, narrow internal airflow remains to be seen. We’re intrigued, but have the feeling many of us will have to re-learn the MTL style due to tight draw quality.


Still, with this range of airflow, perhaps VandyVape’s Berserker isn’t looking to be a strict MTL device, but rather an all-purpose tank that allows vapers to adjust for whatever coils and e-liquids they choose. Now, I’ve seen some “multifunction” atomizers over the years, and they never quite hit the mark, so I’m VERY curious to see if VandyVape successfully bridges the gap between these disparate camps.

The rest of the Berserker has some nice-looking features, including a smoothly machined, top-fill cap, an ULTEM drip tip, a standard Delrin drip tip, two chimney lengths, and a gold-plated 510 pin for smooth, consistent firing.


The Berserker also comes with two tank glass sections, with the shorter of the two made of ULTEM, instead of actual glass. It has been a LONG time since I vaped a tank that wasn’t made of glass, so I’m curious to see how the different makeup affects flavor.


Yeah, the VandyVape Berserker is definitely something different for the company, and for that matter, different to a legion of users weaned on wide-open sub-ohm vaping. We have plenty of questions going into this review. In a few days, we’ll have our answers and report back soon after.

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VandyVape Berserker RTA specs:

  • Length:30mm/40mm
  • Diameter:24mm
  • Capacity:2ml/4.5ml


VandyVape Berserker RTA contents:

  • 1x Berserker MTL RTA
  • 1x 4.5ml glass tube
  • 1x Accessory bag
  • 1x 510 Delrin drip tip