The Cold Open Reviews The Artisan Collection

This episode of The Cold Open is rather long, but with good reason. Vaporfi has released a new, uber-premium eliquid collection, called the Artisan Collection. Six very different (from each other) eliquids that will sure to please the most fussy vaper. Not all flavors will appeal to all vapers, but because of the varied flavor profiles everyone should fine one or more to be exquisite.

The Artisan Collection are sold in deluxe glass bottles and beautiful custom boxes, shrink-wrapped and safety seals and caps. One size is available, 30mL, and is priced right at just $21.99, less than $1 per mL for a super premium ejuice.

Vaporfi’s FDA registered lab, its inhalation developed flavorings, and high grade vegetable glycerin, certainly puts the brand in good light with any future ‘Big Brother’ regulations.

I divided up each eliquid into its own segment, using a product shot to divide them. Watch them all, or a couple at a time, this video was created to give you my honest assessment of the Artisan Collection, and I think I accomplished that.

So sit back and enjoy this video. Or not, it’s up to you after all 🙂

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