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Joyetech Delta 2 Tank Review

A Cold Open Video Review – The Joyetech Delta 2

What a year its been, and its not quite over yet. Today we take a look at the upcoming upgrade to the Joyetech Delta Tank, the Delta 2. Featuring upgrades like eLiquid Controller, an RDA/RBA option, and subΩ coils, the Delta 2 will definitely give the Kanger Subtank and Aspire Atlantis a run for their money.

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Expected to be released in early January, and with a price tag unknown for now, our host John Manzione shows off the various features of the Joyetech Delta 2 and gives a demonstration of the vapor potential of the RDA/RBA component.

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5 thoughts on “Joyetech Delta 2 Tank Review”

  1. I’m a little hesitant purchasing any further hardware from Joyetech. I don’t think they really test out their hardware enough to be sure to sell it. I have the eVic Supreme, and that was a leap of faith considering that their E-Com C was supposed to be a “great” e-cigarette. Their atomizer heads didn’t last for squat and their patented air control valve in the tank never worked right, and vapor production caused a “dull” taste. I hope I am wrong about the Delta, but to be honest, I have switched around way too many times in the past 7 years of vaping. I am happy with the combo of the eVic and the Atlantis tank, but that’s just my opinion. Thanks for the review though, very informative.

    1. Jim, your choice is your choice. There are a lot of good companies making good products, and even more making poor products. We never seem to have any problems with our Joyetech devices, except for a couple of eGrips and one original eVic in 2013. Our coils in these devices last a good long time, and like other coils they do need to be taken care of.

      Not sure hot to address the “dull taste” of the vapor in your eCom C tank, or how the airflow controller could affect it. There are a few eCom’s now, and the eCom C is simply a modern eGo device using wattage rather than voltage to ‘key on’. We had no problems with the “C”, but admit to liking the eCom C Twist (VW) and eCom Mega or eCom Bluetooth. All of these devices are part of the hardware used in our eliquid reviews and although they are “community owned” here, they get plenty of use. Perhaps you just got a bad one. Trust me, I know how incredibly hard it is to get a replacement device from any manufacturer or vendor. It shouldn’t be hard at all, but it certainly is. Your experience is why it should be easier to get it replaced. Had it been returned and replaced quickly I’m sure your attitude about Joyetech would very different. I believe we intend to work in this area in 2015 in order to bring about change in replacing DOA or defective products much more quickly.

      Before you buy the Delta or Delta 2, please make sure the device you plan to use it with can handle the sub-ohm coils, otherwise it will not serve you well.

      Happy Holidays!

  2. a bigger issue is what are the cost of the heads…thats what people need to consider vs an atlantis or subohm…
    secondarily are they going to come out with Ni200 TSC heads?…future compatibility is huge for something likely to be expensive as this will be…I found the delta 1 to be lackluster considering costs..hopefully this attempt is better

    1. I agree that the cost of replacement heads can, and should, be an issue, but I wouldn’t hold your breath on compatibility. Honestly, its in these heads where the real profit is. Like ordering a soda with your hamburger. The restaurant doesn’t make a lot of profit on the burger but will make it up with a drink. Learning to get the most life out of each coil head is key, and that’s not easy to do. – Thanks for your comment 🙂 – Tom

  3. I just got the delta 2 and not impressed at all. Eats juice like a mack truck. I used it twice and my juice leaked all over the place. Got a defective device. Delta needs to be built better.

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