An Essential Guide To Elevate Your CBD Experience

 Cannabidiol, short for CBD, has been in the limelight for several years. And while most people sing praises of the CBD experience, of its benefits, for more and more users, there are some that, well, not  so much.

‘I tried CBD, but it’s not as great as others say.’  

‘Why isn’t CBD working for me?’  

‘CBD is a scam. I didn’t feel anything.’  

‘It doesn’t help with my symptom at all.’ 

If you’re one of those who tried a CBD product but don’t feel it kick in or provide valuable benefits such as relieving pain, you’re not the only one. However, it doesn’t mean that the CBD industry is a scam. The good thing is there are specific strategies you can try to help you feel the benefits of CBD as efficiently and as soon as possible, maximizing your CBD experience.

Here are some of them:

Buy From A Reliable Provider

Choosing a good product from a reputable provider is one of the best ways to get the maximum benefits CBD offers and elevate your experience.

Generally, the CBD industry is unregulated, yet it continues to boom with new products being available to customers. And due to the increase in CBD products in the market, there’s a high possibility of buying counterfeit and mislabeled products. A study found that up to 70% of CBD products are mislabeled.

Some products have less CBD than indicated, while others have alarming amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component of cannabis that’s responsible for the high feeling.

Due to the widespread mislabeling issue, you must carefully research CBD products and manufacturers before buying. You can also look for third-party laboratory testing and read consumer reviews to determine its safety and effectiveness.

Moreover, while cheaper products may look appealing to your wallet, it can benefit you more to shell out additional money for a more effective and safer product.

As such, consider buying bulk CBD isolate and other CBD products from well-established and trustworthy brands to get the highest quality possible and elevate your overall CBD experience.

Follow The Manufacturer’s Directions

CBD products usually come with the manufacturer’s directions and instructions on the products’ proper consumption and dosages. However, some may be guilty of looking past these recommendations and immediately start consuming CBD products.

Following the manufacturer’s recommendations closely is best to maximize the effects, elevate your experience, and ensure the product’s safety, especially if you’re taking oral or sublingual CBD products.

Consider Full-Spectrum CBD for the best CBD experience

Full-spectrum CBD products are considered the best to get the most out of your CBD consumption. It refers to a CBD product that contains all the active cannabis compounds, including terpenes and fatty acids. The numerous compounds of the cannabis plant interact and work together, known as the entourage effect, to amplify the therapeutic effect of each cannabinoid, thereby intensifying the product’s beneficial effects.

Whether you want to take your CBD experience to the next level or want to feel it immediately the first time, choosing a full-spectrum CBD can offer the best results.

Up Your Fatty Acid Intake

Consuming CBD with fatty acids can help elevate your CBD experience. According to experts, smaller molecules are best absorbed by the body. And considering CBD is a fat-soluble compound, consuming it with fatty acids can help dissolve the larger CBD molecules. What’s more, CBD molecules within fatty acids stay intact for longer.

So, with its smaller molecules, CBD-infused fatty acids can get absorbed faster while ensuring the helps body absorbs more of the cannabinoid’s beneficial compounds. Overall, this can provide you with a more potent therapeutic experience.

Some fatty foods and snacks you can take along with CBD include eggs, dark chocolate, avocados, nuts, fatty fish like salmon and trout, and cheese.

Add Herbs Into Your Diet

You can also try herbs if you’re looking for other options besides partnering CBD with fatty acids. Just like fatty foods, some herbs are also believed to help increase the bioavailability of CBD and its absorption rate. Some herbs can also help prevent the breakdown of CBD molecules while magnifying its overall effect.

Some herbs you should try with CBD include turmeric, piperine, capsaicin, and apigenin.



An Essential Guide To Elevate Your CBD Experience

Re-Think Your Consumption Methods

The way you consume CBD also has a significant impact on your overall CBD experience. Some consumption methods are faster and more effective than others. These include:

A CBD Experience via Sublingual

The sublingual method helps increase the absorption of CBD bioavailability since it offers a direct administration into your bloodstream, where it’s absorbed faster by the body.

The proper way to take CBD sublingually is to drop the tincture or oil under your tongue. Keep it there for up to a minute before swallowing. Since this area is filled with capillaries and salivary glands, holding the oil longer allows you to absorb the compound into the bloodstream.

The Inhalation CBD Experience

Inhaling CBD provides the fastest results. Inhaling CBD allows you to get the active ingredients of CBD into your system in high concentrations. These molecules move through your lungs, where millions of blood vessels and alveoli allow CBD to pass through blood cells. This approach ensures a faster and more powerful experience than other consumption methods.

Find The Right Dosage

Getting the correct dosage can be tricky. However, it’s essential to elevate its effects and benefits. Generally, the proper dosage depends on the desired results and your unique biology. Experts recommend starting with a lower dose, working your way up to what provides the beneficial result for a symptom you’re trying to relive or experience you want.

Also, micro-dosing, which means taking small doses throughout the day instead of a large amount at once, is suggested to ensure a better outcome.

Wrapping Up

Although there are clear benefits to using CBD, such as relieving pain, some users may need help to elevate their CBD experience.

Hopefully, with the above tips and methods, you can get the most out of your CBD consumption. Furthermore, for better guidance, it’s always best to consult your doctor before taking or using CBD products which can interact with any medication you’re taking or impact an existing health condition.

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