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Note* Part 1 of this review was published last week. It covered the mechanics and the hardware for 777 eCigs products. We recommend that you read Part 1 before making any final decisions about the product. That said, you don’t need to read Part 1 first. This review (Part 2) can be a standalone review of the 16 flavors available in prefilled cartomizers and 15ML bottles. Still, you’ll want to read Part 1 to make sure you know all about the mechanical aspects of 777 eCigs.

777 eCigs e-CigarettesAll the batteries have crystal tips that are available in glowing purple, blue, or white. They give a certain distinction between someone vaping 777 eCigs and someone smoking a cigarette, which means you can probably get away with vaping in more places than those that try to publically vape with eCigs that look a lot like a real cigarette. For more information about the batteries refer back to Part 1 of this review.

Today is all about flavor. 16 different “Signature” flavors in fact.

The team members for Part 2 are; myself (Lisa), Julia Barnes, Chelsey Laney, Tom McBride and Jason Little. The hardware used in this review was restricted to 777 eCig batteriesprefilled and blank cartomizersand the branded eLiquid. We lived with the flavors for a full 48 hours, spending a good deal of time using both prefilled cartos and filling our own empty cartos.

Overall Impressions: – Before getting to the actual flavor and performance tests with the prefilled cartomizers and eLiquids, a few initial impressions that were immediately felt by all 5 team members are in order.

777 eCigs is the first mini-eCig brand that delivers 16 flavors that, for the most part, do not taste like a prefilled cartomizer brand. Each flavor offers a real “eJuice” flavor, which means that except for a precious few there were no aftertaste, no chemical tastes, and no artificial tastes. 777 eCigs prides itself on being a modern mini-eCig brand that knows the consumer is getting smarter and smarter with each passing day; demanding more value for the dollar as well as a better tasting eCigarette. In my opinion, 777 eCigs has succeeded on many levels.

If you’ve vaped any mini-eCig brand in the past then you probably have an idea of what I’m talking about. The vast majority of prefilled cartos have a ‘fake’ or ‘chemical’ taste. Not all of them are bad, there are some that still manage to deliver a decent flavor, but for the most part the mini-eCig level of the industry hasn’t caught up with the more sophisticated tastes of veteran Vapers.

Except for a couple of “misses”, the 16 flavors offered by 777 eCigs are much closer to some of the better American Made eJuice companies. Though their eJuice does come from China, 777 eCigs has said they custom blend their juice using the top 3 eJuice manufactures in China. (I have no idea what three they are)

If there is one thing lacking from the majority of 777 eCigs flavors it’s the lack of a throat hit. Despite the more powerful KR808D-1 batteries (outputting 4.2v on a full charge), the juice can’t produce much in the way of throat hits. The eLiquids and prefilled cartomizers we tested ranged between the “light” and “full” flavored nicotine. 777 eCigs are available in 0, 6, 12, and 18MG nicotine, and are bottled in glass bottles with built-in eyedropper.

Ratings: We are using the same 1 thru 5 star rating systems we use on other eJuice reviews in Spinfuel. A single star indicates pretty awful tasting eJuice, and a five star rating means we enjoyed it so much that we could see ourselves purchasing the eJuice again, on our own.

And now, let’s look at each of the 16 individual flavors that make up the 777 eCigs “Signature” line: