You might not think you can add CBD to recipes, but you can. There’s no better time to try these recipes than the summer. The following are five summer recipes CBD can spice up.

  1. Pesto Pasta

Everyone loves pesto pasta during the summer. You don’t have to do much but heat it, and the meal is done in a few minutes. The less time you spend in the kitchen the better, right? To add a little CBD to your meal, just replace one or two tablespoons of your olive oil with CBD oil. You can make your pasta the way you like it with just a small change. It won’t change the results.

  1. Delicious Salad Dressing


One thing folks love to eat during the summer is salads. This is because you don’t have to cook anything, and the meal is quite refreshing anyways. To make this meal complete, you have to add a good salad dressing, and you’ve probably made some at home already. You normally need a sweet ingredient like strawberries, vinegar, and oil. Blend all your ingredients up in a food processor and enjoy your delicious dressing. The only difference is you’ll add a few drops of CBD oil.


  1. Sweet and Delicious Green Smoothie


You know you love to make green smoothies in the summer. These are quick, refreshing, and quite healthy. You probably already use all sorts of good stuff like a banana, some greens, and maybe hemp seeds. You probably won’t even notice anything different if you were to add a few drops of this type of oil. A few CBD oils are infused with more interesting flavors, such as orange cream or something like that. If you are going to be using your CBD product for smoothies or other similar concoctions, then make sure you consider experimenting with flavors.

CBD - 5 Summer Recipes That Incorporate CBD
  1. Fun Energy Balls

Energy balls are growing in popularity, and they are great treats for your summer outings. They are filled with all sorts of energy-promoting ingredients like nuts, dates, hemp seeds, and cocoa powder, just to name a few things. All you have to do is soften the dates in hot water, and then, blend all your ingredients in a food processor. You can add your CBD product during this process. Continue with your recipe as you normally would by baking the energy balls. These powerhouses of energy should last a while once baked.

  1. CBD-Infused and Delectable Guacamole


What is summer for if not for dips? You can make your favorite guacamole dip as you normally would, except this time you’ll be adding some CBD. All you need is a few drops of this oil, and that should be more than enough for you. It would be wise to get a more neutral CBD product to make sure the flavor doesn’t alter your guacamole unless you are feeling adventurous. If you don’t want your guacamole to feel too oily, then go ahead and reduce the amount of olive oil you use to make your dip. It doesn’t have to be by much since you won’t be adding too much CBD.


These are just some summer products that would be great with a little CBD. Be creative this summer with your CBD product, and you’ll discover how versatile it is.