Wismec Reuleaux Tinker Review: It’s been a minute since we’ve seen a new three-battery mod from Wismec, and to be honest, we kinda believed the days of 300-watt Cloud-Chuckers was coming to an end. But alas, the Reuleaux has been reborn, in the form of the Wismec Reuleaux Tinker Kit.


The odd name doesn’t make a heck of a lot of sense here, since the Tinker is about as straightforward as high-powered vape mods go, with little “tinkering” to be had. More strangely, the design concept is completely unrelated to the naming scheme, since the entire format is modeled after – get this – the classic 1980s Air Jordan basketball shoes.


(Side note: Why not call it the Wismec Reuleaux Legacy? The Flight? The Baseline? ANYTHING hoops-related would have made a lot more sense than “Tinker.” But they don’t pay me for my ideas, so onward we go…)


In terms of authenticity, the Tinker DEFINITELY hits the classic Jordan aesthetic, with a stippled/rock-like pattern on the rear grip, a honeycomb pattern on the “heel” plate, and an overall similarity in the curves and feel. I’m not confident that Wismec got any permission from Nike to borrow this design, but it’s a worthwhile tribute all the same.


The Tinker is moderately compact, considering its triple-18650 format. And the curvy, bowed-out design sits comfortably in the palm, even if it’s a little broader than most typical mods. It’s not a pocketable device (at least not without cargo pants) and it’s not going to ever be confused for something stealthy. But for what it is, it’s comfortable.


The face of the Tinker mod is a little spartan, considering the power underneath. Using a standard two-button interface, along with a shockingly small 0.96-inch display. (0.96, because 0.97 would be ostentatious.)


It’s a shame this chipset only has a small screen to work with, because the full-color TFT screen is clear and attractive, with a nice layout that suffers from being cramped beyond belief. If the screen was more proportional to the mod itself, Wismec could have had a real winner here. Here’s hoping they adapt the display to larger hardware soon, because it’s a real step up from the Ghosts of Reuleaux Past.


Finally, the rectangular fire key is stiff – maybe TOO stiff, since mine is still occasionally sticking on longer draws. It’s nothing tragic, but after all these years, fire keys shouldn’t be a problem, yet here we are.

Santa came a little early this year, and delivered me a host of phenomenal sub-ohm tanks in my stocking. (Those reviews will be coming soon, so bookmark this site please!) Because of this, I’ll admit to being a little jaded when reviewing “pack-in” tanks and atomizers. It’s been a while since I’ve loved a companion item, but this is a season of miracles, and Wismec delivered one in the included Column sub-ohm tank.


Using what I assume to be a proprietary new coil system, the 6.5mL Column is a delight to use. The WL-01 mesh coils that come in the box are flavorful from the very first draw, and only get better as you go – mine actually hit their peak at a time when competing coils are already starting to gasp for air.


I think the beauty of the WL coil system is that it’s a simple, single-coil design. While most of the industry leaders are still making these multi-coil monsters in hopes of setting off smoke alarms, the Column puts out a fantastic balance of deep flavor and ample vapor, with flavor winning out every time.


I’m a week into this test period, and the Column is only getting better. It’s rare for me to enjoy a companion tank, but it’s even rarer for me to recommend it as a standalone device. Yet that’s exactly what I’m doing here. Again, a holiday miracle.

Observations While Vaping

A few paragraphs ago, I mentioned that the Wismec Tinker is a “straightforward” mod, which is a little surprising to me. I’m not sure if the Reuleaux series is the company’s flagship anymore, but with a bold design and new display, I expected more from the “three-click” linear menu system than the wattage/TC/TCR options available here.


Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been a fan of adding features for features’ sake, but with 300 watts under the hood and a seemingly new approach for the series, the feature set is a little limp. That said, everything works as intended, with little getting in the way of a satisfying vape experience.


Because we’re basically required to report it, yes – the Tinker can hit 300 watts without breaking a sweat. Though I can’t imagine ANYONE vaping comfortably at these levels, if this is your desire, the Tinker is ready to perform. Of course, battery life suffers greatly over 150 watts, and is comically bad over 220, so have some spare cells handy.


In general, the battery life is pretty weak, even with the three 18650s at full charge. This has always been a bone of contention with me and these three-cell mods – if the only reason to add a cell is to increase the maximum wattage, then I don’t get it. Sure, you’ll get a decent amount of time when vaping at reasonable levels, but nothing notably better than what you’d get with two, so why bother?


I figured the decline in three-battery mods was tied into this exact problem, but I suppose I was a little premature in thinking so. With the Tinker, Wismec had a golden opportunity to erase this reputation and justify the larger format. But instead, we have a large, somewhat bulky mod that doesn’t really need the extra heft, considering you’ll be carrying a load of extra batteries to boot.


Overall, the Tinker vapes fine – especially with the Column tank attached. But I kept asking myself, “Is the triple-18650 format necessary?” and never once saw a reason for it.

Bottom Line

With a polarizing, “not for everyone” design and unnecessary levels of power and weight, the Wismec Reuleaux Tinker isn’t going to appeal to many average vapers. Power fiends will definitely like the true 300-watt output, but for most of us, there’s simply no need to have that extra wattage… especially with such poor battery life.


On the flip side, the included Column tank is a real find, and comes highly recommended to vapers who want an ideal balance of clouds and flavor. As always, it comes down to preference. If you just MUST have a chubby mod that looks like a classic sneaker, your ship has come in. If those requirements aren’t on your checklist, then you might want to try the Tinker before you buy.


Mod Score: B-

Tank Score: A+

Kit Score: B