Spinfuel’s Daily Vape TV – Von Vape Drip Line

Yay! I’m finally back to doing juice reviews. Sorry it’s been a while but today we have four flavors from Von Vape’s new Elite Drip line to review. Let me know what you think in the comments below and if you’d like to purchase these flavors for yourself, check out Von Vape’s website:

Spinfuel Full Von Vape Review

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As we’ve said so many times before, high VG e liquid is becoming so popular that in the coming months every e liquid brand is going to have to offer a higher VG formula or fade away into the fast changing history of the vaping phenomenon. That’s not to say that all e liquids will need to be 100% VG, but the move to 60:40, 70:30 and even 90:10 is definitely coming. Here Von Vape is ahead of the curve.

Von Vape offers two high VG lines, the one I’m reviewing here, the Elite Drip with 100% VG, and the Elite line, which is a 70% VG 30% PG line.

This Drip Line delivers a great vaping experience, helped along with Von Vape’s quality flavorings and precise ratios of flavoring in each of their blends. While I enjoyed vaping all four I definitely have my personal favorites; Kingly, the vanilla and caramel delight, and Imperial, a fantastic peach flavor that will satisfy the pickiest peach lovers. These two are the e liquids I continued to vape long past the review period.

Von Vape certainly put in the time and effort to develop this wonderful drip e juice blends and if you are a Dripper or someone that uses subohm tanks this is the kind of e liquid you should be using; big flavor, big clouds of vapor, and all natural flavors.

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