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VON VAPE – The biggest change in the e liquid segment of the vape industry this year has to be the move toward “high VG/Lo Nic” lines being offered alongside the usual 50:50 or thereabouts e liquids of the better, premium labels.

Although many of these brands market their high VG lines as their “drip” line, I would venture to say that most of their customers are vapers that have moved to the any of the myriad number of subohm tanks available today. Of course vapers that ‘drip’ buy the high VG/Lo Nic line as well, but if you want to see just how great some of these new subohm tanks are just fill them with a high VG e liquid and watch the massive clouds of vapor form overhead, and taste the marvelous flavor only a combination of a subohm coil and high wattage device can deliver. A good high VG e liquid can make a subohm tank sing.

Von Vape E-Liquid

Von Vape TeamVon Vape seems to be a company dedicated to delivering a great flavor experience to their customers. They create and blend each e Liquid with American-sourced USP certified ingredients, mix them in small batches in order to maintain their obvious high quality standards, then bottle those small batches in a ‘food grade’ laboratory to ensure consistency, and avoid contamination. The bottles feature safety caps, shrink-wrap, and the labels have all the information you could want on an e liquid label.

Von Vape Premium Black Label e Liquids Drip line uses 100% Kosher Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Natural Nicotine and Food Flavoring. All ingredients are USP certified.

There are currently four e liquid flavors in the Elite Drip line; Imperial, Royal, Kingly, and Noble. All four possess a lot of flavor, produce massive amounts of vapor, and their official flavor descriptions are always on point. And as unlikely as it is, each of the four e liquids in this line up produce excellent throat hits in subohm tanks, something I didn’t expect based on previous experience with 100% VG juice. The Elite Drip line is offered in nicotine strengths of 3mg and 6mg, and of course a zero-nic as well. This review is based on my experience with 6mg nicotine.

Von Vape Flavor Profiles

As I indicated above, all four deliver a lot of flavor, and each one produces a very natural flavor, I could not detect any artificiality in the flavor notes at all.

Where To Buy Von Vape

Von Vape has a nice looking, professionally produced website at, and although you can read all about every line of e liquid Von Vape produces, you can’t purchase them from the website. Instead, Von Vape works with many retailers, online and off, so you might find them locally on the shelves of your favorite vape shop, or at one of several online vendors. Below are the vendors that carry Von Vape e liquids.

Big Cloud Vapors – 

Complete Vape –

E-Cig & Vapor Lounge –

Vape Illuminate –

Vape Naked

The Von Vape Elite Drip Line Review

All four e liquids were vaped over the course of ten days. Most of the time I used an eGo ONE Mega Tank with a half-ohm coil. On occasion I used a new Herakles tank, the Aspire Triton, and a Kanger Subtank, all equipped with subohm coil heads.

My Scoring System – is basically the same as Julia’s review team. I’m not going to score an e liquid on whether or not I like the flavor, but instead I’m going to score on the quality of e juice and the accuracy of the flavor description provided by Von Vape.

As we all know, taste is something that isn’t objective, but quality and accuracy is. That being the case, half the battle is already won, the quality of Von Vape’s Elite Drip line is out of this world. They are not alone in that, there are dozens of e liquid brands that use the best ingredients that money can buy.

The real test, the true test of any e liquid creator is the skill, and the art, of the master e liquid creator. Can the creator of e liquids use premium ingredients to create an e liquid that people want to vape, and will that brand accurately market these e liquids? Let’s find out if Von Vape does…

Kingly – “Our true Vanilla & Caramel is rich in flavor and bouquet it is a perfectly balanced blend of fresh scraped vanilla bean & smooth, creamy natural caramel. The simplicity that creates perfection here cannot be overstated, our Vanilla & Caramel is a fan favorite, and not to sweet and one we dare say is possibly one of the best eLiquids created.”

Kingly Von VapeJohn – 5 Stars – Hyperbole aside, Kingly is a superb e liquid heavy on the caramel with the right touch of vanilla notes, and just a hint of a peppery note on the exhale. The flavor is thick, and not a good choice for a hot summer day. But, I imagine Kingly would be heavenly when vaped outside in the winter in New England. Vanilla and Caramel used to be one of my favorite flavor combinations and I’m sure that if I spend another winter down here in Florida, when the temperature drops below 80 degrees it will become a favorite again, and I will vape this one when the weather cools down.

If caramel… deep, dark, heavy caramel is your thing then by all means Kingly is a high VG drip juice you need to try. Whether you choose to use an RDA or a subohm tank, Kingly will produce a ton of flavor, matched only by the huge amount of thick and aromatic vapor you’ll get with the right atomizer. Highly recommended for caramel lovers.

Imperial Von VapeImperial – “Our natural Peach has a smooth, sweet, yet bold refreshing flavor & bouquet that tastes and smells like you just picked from the orchard today. Take your time and enjoy this fresh, fruity and distinctly perfect mellow flavor, relax close your eyes and enjoy.”

John – 5 Stars – The key to Imperial is the “natural peach” flavor. I’ve enjoyed many peach flavors over the years and I can tell you that the peach flavor in this blend is about as natural as you can get. In fact, it’s peach season now, and as such my wife and I have been enjoying peach dishes like crazy over the past couple of weeks. The peach in Imperial tastes exactly the way a peach should taste; natural, sweet, and genuinely peachy. I love it enough to add it to my rotation, and to recommend it to my friends.

Imperial doesn’t attempt to confuse the issue by blending in other fruity flavors or add in a cake or pastry flavor for a more complex vape. This is one flavor, and it is one of the best peach flavors I’ve had in vapor form. Once again, the vapor in this 100% VG blend is of course wickedly thick and aromatic, and if you’re looking for a “real” peach experience Imperial is highly recommended.

Noble – “Our Strawberry Lemonade is a balanced blend of crisp, tart lemons, mixed with refreshing, sweet strawberries. You will appreciate the careful balance of the sweet, yet tart flavor and bouquet as you enjoy this delicious, refreshing drink. Of course you can savor and relive the fun, long after summer is gone.

Noble Von VapeJohn – 5 Stars – Strawberry Lemonade is not a flavor I’m fond of, no matter who’s making it, and no matter if its an e liquid or a cold drink. For my taste buds Strawberry and Lemonade do not mix. That said, there are many other vapers that love the combination. So the question here is; is the description laid out by Von Vape accurate? Is this a nice, sweet and tart e liquid that tastes natural, clean, refreshing, with a careful balance of the sweet and the tart? The answer is a resounding “yes”, it is.

The strawberry flavor is authentic strawberries, sweet with just a hint of that strawberry zing, enveloped in tart lemonade that isn’t too tart and it isn’t too sweet. If that sounds like something you would like then I am confident you will. Noble is everything Von Vape claims it to be, and if I enjoyed sweet and tart, and strawberry with lemonade, then I would love this one.

Royal Von VapeRoyal – “Our Red Licorice is a tribute to the Original Twizzlers; a flawless blend of sweet and tart strawberries & cherries, with just the right amount of raspberry. The bold flavor and bouquet of this eLiquid brings back the innocent pleasure and experience of the candy, minus the calories and cavities.”

John – 5 Stars – This one was very tough to decide whether or not I liked it enough to want to continue vaping it past the review period. (The real test is that; will I vape it after the review?) The problem for me is that I love red licorice, twizzlers to be exact. And I can buy a large bag and eat the entire contents in a day. But, as a vapor? I’m not completely sold. However, the flavor is exactly as Von Vape describes, I can definitely taste the twizzlers, and even that note of raspberry mixed with the strawberry and cherry that is the flavor of a twizzler.

Unlike the other three in this review, Royal needs a ‘calming’ period once it’s in the tank. It could be the amount of acid taste found in a high acidity of cherries, but the end result is that if left in a tank for a few hours the flavor gets richer and that acidity comes down noticeably.


As we’ve said so many times before, high VG e liquid is becoming so popular that in the coming months every e liquid brand is going to have to offer a higher VG formula or fade away into the fast changing history of the vaping phenomenon. That’s not to say that all e liquids will need to be 100% VG, but the move to 60:40, 70:30 and even 90:10 is definitely coming. Here Von Vape is ahead of the curve.

Von Vape offers two high VG lines, the one I’m reviewing here, the Elite Drip with 100% VG, and the Elite line, which is a 70% VG 30% PG line.

This Drip Line delivers a great vaping experience, helped along with Von Vape’s quality flavorings and precise ratios of flavoring in each of their blends. While I enjoyed vaping all four I definitely have my personal favorites; Kingly, the vanilla and caramel delight, and Imperial, a fantastic peach flavor that will satisfy the pickiest peach lovers. These two are the e liquids I continued to vape long past the review period.

Von Vape certainly put in the time and effort to develop this wonderful drip e juice blends and if you are a Dripper or someone that uses subohm tanks this is the kind of e liquid you should be using; big flavor, big clouds of vapor, and all natural flavors.

John Manzione