Vision Aurora BFT Clearomizer/Tank

Spinfuel Staff writers Tom and Jason get together to discuss the review for the Vision Aurora BFT. Recording devices were there, things were said, this is it. The review.

Tom: This is one of the most annoying clearomizer/tank apparatuses I’ve ever used. It works, don’t get me wrong, but it is annoying as all hell.

Jason: Eh, I don’t know. It’s not ‘that’ annoying, but it is the strangest contraption I’ve used in the eCigarette-verse. I am at a loss as to why they would make such a thing.

Tom: It’s a bottom feeder tank, and I get the idea of a bottom feeder tank, but considering it only holds 1.8ml of juice I have to wonder why do it at all. Is there anything that makes this thing worth the aggravation? I can’t find it if there is.

Jason: I understand completely. Here’s what Vision has to say…I’ll interject my thoughts along the way. Pay attention, there will be a quiz at the end.

Vision is one of the leaders in the electronic cigarette and vaping industry. (Yep, that is true) They have introduced a host of fantastic products that have all proven to be very popular. (That is also true. X.Jet anyone?) This is a revolutionary new technology invented and manufactured by Vision. (Revolutionary?)

The Vision Aurora BFT has combined the convenience (??) of a clearomizer, with the vapor quality a dripping atomizer (Nope, no it does not). 

Traditional dripping atomizers provide an intensely flavorful hit, with phenomenal vapor production. (Yes they do)  However, the downside of dripping atomizers is that they can only take a couple drops of liquid, making it necessary to constantly drip e-liquid into it. (True)  Vision has solved (??) this problem with their revolutionary new Bottom Fed Tank System. 

The tank holds 1.8ml of liquid (I see, this is a self-contained dripping atomizer), and can feed the atomizer by simply tilting it upside down, and giving the tank a little squeeze. (And flooding it every time)

By doing this, the atomizer gets the perfect amount of liquid, and acts as a dripper (Perfect amount? Not true at all). When you need more liquid, you just tilt, squeeze, and you’re ready to vape! (After you let the extra flooded juice settle back into the bottle)  This unit also allows you to use your own dripping atomizer, it comes with 1.8ohm dripper. (True)

The all-new Vision Aurora BFT has taken the vaping community by storm (Really?), and has surely changed the face of dripping atomizers forever. (Huh?)  The unit comes with eGo threading, making it compatible with a wide range of batteries. (Yep) An eGo to 510 adapter can be used for 510 batteries as well. (Well, yea)

Whether you’re a light or heavy Vaper, you’re sure to love the all-new Vision Aurora BFT—it’s an absolute must have!! – (No, no it is not)

Tom: LOL, okay, okay, don’t be cruel. Give me your Real World experience and then I’ll give you mind. Deal?

Jason: Sure, here goes. First, it is a beautiful “looking” product. It’s heavy, solid, and looks to be extremely well built. If you follow the directions it easy to use. Unscrew the bottle, fill it up, screw it back on, put it all together, screw onto your battery, turn it upside down, give it a squeeze, keeping your fingers in the “squeezed” position, turn it right side up and then let go. That reverse suction is to suck the excess juice back into the 1.8ml bottle/chamber. Sounds really cool, doesn’t it?

Tom: Well, yea, it does.

Jason: Only it doesn’t work that well. In fact, after almost a week of using it I have yet to be able to find the right amount of “squeeze”. Every damn time I over fill it,  it gurgles like crazy. But, and this is a big but, if you let it sit for like an hour or more, and then come back to it, you get a really nice dripping atomizer hit from it.

Tom: That is true. I experienced the exact same thing. I had to let it sit forever before it worked right because I over filled it every time as well. But you’re right, once the excess juice is gone it vapes wicked nice.

Jason: But, since it’s only a dripping atomizer the most I’ve ever gotten was 3 hits. 3 hits and then I have to turn it back over and squeeze it again. Argh!

Tom: Well, man, that’s a dripping atomizer, ya know? Did you wind up using it a lot, or just enough to get pissed off?

Jason: Oh no, I used it all the time. Want to know why? Because the idea is cool. IF I could have a dripping atomizer on hand, like this, and have it perform like a dripping atomizer every time, then I would agree with Vision, it’s a masterpiece. But to me it is flawed. It does not work as advertised.

Tom: I had a very similar experience. When it works it is awesome, so awesome. But I couldn’t get the hang of it, and I tried for days. What did you use with it? What eLiquid?

Jason: Oh man, I was vaping with Prime G2 Vazilla. Awesome juice! Just wait for the review, it is award-winning juice. And when the atomizer worked, or rather the BFT Aurora worked the flavor was the best! Oh man, the best. And you? What did you use?

Tom: Prime G2 Drunk Monkey, one of the best banana flavored eLiquids I’ve ever had. An award winning juice too, if the rest of the team agrees that is. And you’re right, the atomizer, when it worked, really showed the brilliance of this flavor, and the vapor clouds were thick and beautiful. But, like you said, I kept overfilling it and messing it up. I hated that!

Jason: What do you think about the $24.99 price?

Tom: Dude, if it worked, or if I could make it work right, the price is great. I would easily pay $25 again and again for a bottom fed dripping atomizer. The idea rocks, the execution? Not so much. But I have problem with a $25 dripping atomizer that holds a few hours worth of juice and then floods constantly.

Jason: I agree, for the most part. I don’t mind the price that much. I don’t know if I’d buy any more of them. I mean, you could always vape the 1.8ML fast, rinse it out and use another flavor. Better yet, they should sell empty 1.8Ml bottles with caps, that way it would work like a revolver. Vape that flavor for a while, remove the bottle, jam another in there and start all over. That would be cool!

Tom: Oh man, yea, you’re right. Wicked idea! I wonder if they do sell empty bottles for it, and if they have a cap, a screw on cap? I have to check.

Checks….comes back.

Jason:No, no they do not.

Jason: They came from  Vapor Authority, that’swhere we got them, and they do have them in stock, but I didn’t see any accessories, and I sure didn’t see any bottles when I went there. Maybe someone at Vision will see this and go “Hey, good idea”. Probably not though.

Tom: I just checked. Vision doesn’t have them on their wholesale site. So Vapor Authority wouldn’t have them either. That’s too bad Okay, so here’s what you get for that $24.99:

Each Kit Comes With:

  • 1 x Aurora BFT body
  • 1 x Tank (1.8 ml)
  • 1 x 1.8ohm long-stemmed dripping atomizer (with drip tip)
  • 1 x Atomizer shell (with drip tip)
  • 2 x replacement atomizer heads
  • Threading: eGo

You get a good deal, that’s for sure. The 2 replacement heads, the atomizer shell, with the drip tip (plastic!), I don’t have any complaints there.

Jason: Hmm…So then, what’s your verdict?

Tom: Well, lets see. IF I could find the magic squeeze then I think I would love this thing, but that is a big if. I have no idea what constitutes 3 or 4 drops when it’s upside down and I’m blindly squeezing the bottle through that mesh-type material. When I use a normal, or non-revolutionary dripping atomizer its 3 drops and vape, 3 drops and vape. No gurgles, no flooding, 3 drops and vape.

Jason: 3 drops and vape. Got it. Good to know (laughs)

Tom: I think that this would be a great product for people that drip all the time, if they spend the time getting to understand what their own ‘squeezes’ amounts to. But for me, I’m not sure. Then again…

Jason: Are you changing your mind now?

Tom: I dunno. I mean, talking it out like this, it’s not so bad really.

Jason: Before you give your final grade or buying advice, how about this: “As a bottom feeding dripping atomizer the Vision Aurora is a great product. It’s very well built, its solid, good looking, and when there isn’t any excess juice in the chamber is works exactly like a dripping atomizer should work. Having that 1.8ML bottle is very convenient, the whole thing is.” So, maybe this is more about you and me then it is about the Aurora? Maybe?

Tom: Well, yea. I think you’re right. It’s not the Aurora, it’s us! We don’t drip all the time, we haven’t gotten the hang of the squeezing, and when it does work it works wicked well. So, damn, you’re right. It’s an “us” problem. Huh. I changed my mind. I like it. What I don’t like is my ability to squeeze.

Jason: That’s what she said…

Tom: The minute I said it I knew… jerk.

Jason: Hey! Anyway, I think so Tom, I think so. I changed my mind too. So, in that case, I’ll give it a nice big fat “A”, and I’ll give you and me a big fat  “D”. Sound fair?

Tom: I do. I do think that’s fair. I mean, we were able to take it apart and put it back together easily, we were vaping from it, and it did work great when there was no excess juice in it. So yea, a “D” for our own incompetence and a nice “A” for the build quality.  But, I still think that this is one of those products that you don’t really need. I mean its nice and all, especially if you figure out how long to squeeze the bottle, but come on, unless you have some extra money sitting around, it’s not something you “must have”.

Jason: I would agree with that, to a point. I would add that dripping fans would love it, and should consider buying one. You have to admit that if you could work it right you would use it a lot more in the future? No?

Tom: No, you’re right. I would. I would use it a lot more. I would love to use it in our team reviews as a matter of fact, but I have to learn how long to squeeze it. Maybe then. Yea. Definitely then.

Jason: So, we’re good. You satisfied? Should we write the review now?

Tom: I think we just did.

Jason. Ahhh… indeed we just did. Let’s see if we can get Dave to transcribe this. Want to grab a burger? Oh Dave!

Tom: I do, I really do.

Jason: You’re so weird.

Tom: That’s what she said…

Tom McBride and Jason Little.