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VGOD TrickTank Sub-Ohm Tank Review

 VGOD is the name synonymous with vaping tricks and why this atomizer is referred to as the VGOD TrickTank Sub-Ohm Tank! No, this tank does not help you blow better O’s or throw perfect Jellyfishes around the room! It’s a standard, open airflow cloud producer!

If you know how to do vapor tricks already, this tank will produce the clouds that you’ll need to perform your flying vapor rings! If you’re not familiar with vapor tricks and the crazy art form these guys can pull off with mounds of vapor, check out VGOD on any social media outlet and prepare to be amazed! Very entertaining and a whole new world to vaping if you’ve yet been properly introduced!

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VGOD TrickTank Features & Specs

The VGOD TrickTank ($29.99) is a 24mm Stainless Steel Sub-Ohm Tank with no extra bells or whistles. At only 47mm tall, it’s a short atomizer but still looks good on numerous devices. It was created to do one thing and one thing only; blow huge plums of vapor to execute tricks easier! At first glance, this tank didn’t appeal to me because the lack of adjustable airflow, very limited coil options and the fact that I suck at blowing O’s as it is! But after using it for over a week, I’d have to say I applaud VGOD with what they did keeping it clean, simple and to the point. All you need to do is screw a coil in, fill your eJuice and puff to your hearts content!

The reservoir can hold 3ml of eJuice with a threaded top-fill that’s easy to use and further promotes the simplicity of VGOD TrickTank. Unscrew the top cap which is very easy thanks to some knurling provided and you won’t be presented with juice flow slots, kidney shaped holes or swing doors. Simply dump your juice between the glass and the chimney, fill to the threads and that’s it! The entire tank comes apart in a matter of seconds and has only two O-rings to hold the drip tip on and a seal on the top and bottom of the glass. The entire base section is one solid piece of Stainless Steel and everything can be disassembled and cleaned quickly.

With three 10.6mm x 2.7mm non-adjustable airflow slots surrounding the base, it definitely gives you plenty of airflow to handle higher wattages and still gives you that velvety smooth flavor everyone wants! I definitely prefer a wider open airflow anyway so this fit my style of vaping to the tee! This could be a big drawback to some that like a more restrictive draw or who don’t enjoy that much airflow. I find myself grabbing around the base section thinking it’s adjustable since I’m so used to this common practice with similar products.


The VGOD TrickTank comes in Black or the one I’ve been using religiously, the Stainless Steel. The high grade reinforced glass is held in with a seal below the top cap and another above the base section which keep the glass very snug. It has a deep engraving around the base above the airflow which adds to the visual authenticity. I love the American flag laser-etched on the bottom by the gold plated 510 pin. Considering this tank was designed in Los Angeles, California a few hours from where I’m from, I can appreciate the American reference.


The 10.9mm ID ‘top hat’ sleeve-style drip tip is actually really nice besides trying to get it off! Throw a little eJuice inside the drip tip, pull and twist and it comes off, eventually. It slides over the top cap and covers the entire top section. The tank does heat up at higher wattages but the Delrin drip tip does a great job taking the heat away from my lips and not burning me if my mouth gets too close to the top cap. I’m also surprised how little condensation builds up in this tank! Neither the drip tip or underneath the coil get much condensation at all.

The 0.5-ohm Kanthal coil comes preinstalled and has a large 5mm ID coil wrapped in between Japanese Organic Cotton. I found the perfect vape at 60W with the max being 70W. The coil has four 4.4mm round wicking holes around the bottom of the coil and do an okay job keeping up with the 4-5 second pulls I’ve been putting it through. About a tank break-in and the flavor really starts popping through and the clouds go from large and obnoxious to dense and concentrated; perfect for those big O’s! After a couple days of continuous usage, the wicking does start to lag behind and I start tasting burnt cotton while taking several puffs back to back. The wicking acts strange at times and doesn’t gulp the eJuice like on most tanks. It shoots lots of tiny bubbles from one little area of the wicking hole which is probably why as the cotton starts to get heavy use it can’t keep up.

Vapor Origin

What a difference with the second coil! The 0.2ohm coil is rated to 80W and also has a 5mm ID coil, four 4.4mm wicking holes but uses a slightly thicker gauge wire giving you a lower resistance. Let me tell you, taking 5 second pulls at 70W doesn’t feel like I’m even getting much vapor. But once I blow that cloud it’s surprisingly entertaining! The vapor isn’t really dense it’s just obnoxiously big if that makes any sense.  It’s pretty awesome how smooth this coil really is and makes for a fun time! I use the same brand and nicotine strength of eJuice on all my review tanks to compare and analyze the differences. Even though the clouds are endless, the flavor was up there with other top contending Sub-Ohm Tanks! The wicking does get a bit dry when chain vaping but stays saturated enough where I don’t get burnt hits; just the flavor gets muted. I did not think I would have such a different vape between the two coils but this 0.2-ohm is one you need to try to appreciate. Even at the full 80W, the tank and drip tip did not get hot at all. The vapor was just starting to warm up but still was a very smooth, refreshing vaping experience.

I never had any leaking with either coil or from anywhere else on the atomizer. Both coils offered have the


name VGOD logo etched into them and is visible through the glass. Along with the TrickTank engraving, it adds up to a strong appearance and great branding! I thought with the non-adjustable airflow the flavor would be below average to a certain extent but I was borderline stunned how good the flavor was! The only real negative is the life of the coils. I vaped through the preinstalled 0.5Ω coil in a couple days and I was getting a sour, harsh paper type taste from it. The 0.2Ω coil improved the vaping experience for me and got over a week of all-day, everyday use!

Available Now at Element Vape – $29.95

Final Grade – B

“Great clouds + great flavor = the VGOD TrickTank! But unfortunately you’ll be buying plenty of coils, hence the B rating. I do wish more coil options were available and since the tank was so simple increase the juice capacity to 5ml. But for $30 over at Element Vape, it’s a well built, easy to use Sub-Ohm Tank and could be a great option for someone that likes to simply vape without all the extras!”

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