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A Pro-Level Pyrex Glass Tank For The Vea

When UPS pulled up to Spinfuel HQ with a package from Johnson Creek we didn’t have a clue as to what it contained. But just as sure as I am writing about it now, the collective words that rang out once we opened it was a resounding “Holy S***t!” The Canteen Pro is here and it is something to behold.

The Canteen Pro Tank System comes in a metal tin just a bit smaller than an Altoid tin and looks very much like the Johnson Creek Vea tin itself. In fact, the Vea logo is the largest imprint on the silver and red tin. They call it a “Premium Vapor Device”. Once we opened the tin we saw the Canteen Pro and two extra coils set into their own cutouts in a firm foam cushion. Talk about packaging!

The tank itself practically glistens. The brilliantly clear Pyrex glass is imprinted with fine black lines running vertically and horizontally, with numbers indicating the level of milliliters the tank can hold. The glass also features the words “Fill from this end”, printed at the bottom of the tank, where… yep, you fill the tank.

Two deep red end caps on either end of the glass tank have the same smooth textured finish of the Johnson Creek Vea. Unscrewing the bottom red end cap reveals the replaceable coil head and the fill hole. The top end cap holds a nearly opaque plastic drip tip with a solid rubber O-Ring securely holding the drip tip in place.

The Canteen Pro Tank is heavier than expected. Heavy because of the glass used, the metal end caps and thick, high quality drip tip.

CanteenPro The Canteen Pro tin includes one (1) glass pro tank and two (2) replacement coils. The capacity of the tank is a full 1.5ML, and the coil heads are 1.5ohms. The 1.5ohm coils are perfectly fine-tuned to work with the Johnson Creek Vea.

After vaping with the Pro tank on my Vea batteries for a few hours I refilled it once more and tried it out on a couple of my Vision Spinners and it worked perfectly well. However, because of the nature of the Canteen Pro, insomuch as it was made to work best with the Vea, I’m not going to tell you to go ahead an pick a few up for your eGo threaded batteries. It will ‘probably’ work because it worked with “my” Spinner 2’s, but no promises made on my part. In my mind this is a Vea tank first and foremost and I tested it with a Spinner for my own curiosity.

Real World

Vaping with the Canteen Pro tank on my Vea felt just a bit top heavy. After owning a Vea for almost two years now (original batteries and a year old kit I added), the only devices I’ve used with them have been the mini-clearomizer, the Canteen’s, and the 510 Johnson Creek Cartomizers, both of which are much lighter than this glass tank. Regardless, it certainly did not affect my enjoyment.

The Canteen Pro tank is, without a doubt, the absolute best device made yet for the Vea. The flavor of the eliquids was strong, flavorful, and pure. The vapor production was the best it’s ever been on a Vea. It delivered every bit as much flavor and vapor as a Spinner and X.Jet Spider, which I use every single day and you’ve no doubt read about here.

The Johnson Creek Vea

The Vea used to be a $59.99 personal vaporizer. In the Tin starter kit you’ll get two 650mAh Vea batteries with 3.7v output, Wall charger, USB cable, Cartomizer press-on cover and 5 cartomizers. That kit now sells for $39.99. (Does this portend a variable voltage Vea on the horizon?)

Today, Johnson Creek offers more customization for the Vea starter kit then ever before. You can choose the standard kit I describe above, or choose one with a 3-pack of Canteen’s (1.8ohm or 2.4ohm), or, if you prefer, you can buy the Vea starter kit with a Canteen Pro Tank for $44.95. Considering the Canteen Pro and Vea offer the best vape experience for the Vea user, this is a price break we’ve been waiting to see.

Being an owner and user of the Johnson Creek Vea I’ve come to know many other Vea users. We are a loyal bunch, and love the vape the Vea provides. If you’re a Vea owner now you can pick up the Canteen Pro for $14.95, a price I couldn’t believe at first ( I predicted it was $29.99). If you’ve been on the fence about picking up a Vea this new tank and the new low price gives you the opportunity to become a Vea user for $15 less than I paid for the last Vea kit I purchased. That’s a great deal.

On the Move

Johnson Creek seems to be on the move again. With the recent introduction of 6mg-nicotine eliquids, and the lower price point for the Vea, and now a truly pro-level tank fine-tuned to work perfectly with the Vea, we can expect only good things to continue from this premiere eliquid and vape gear brand.

I’ll admit that I’m a Vea fanboy, and as such I took one look at the Canteen Pro Tank and wanted to order 5 more immediately, even without trying the tank. However, since the tank was sent to us without any indication that they were looking for any kind of a review, had the tank not worked out the way I wanted it to I could have simply put it on the shelf and forgot about it.

Instead, the Canteen Pro Tank proved to be a real performer, and a great companion to the Vea. Now that I’ve vaped 4 tanks worth with it I still plan on picking up several more, and choosing the Vea over the Spinner more often than I have in the past. That speaks volumes for the quality of this Pro tank.

Johnson Creek Quality + Vea battery + Pyrex glass tank + 1.5ohm coils = an awesome vape. Period.

Highly Recommended

John Manzione