The vape industry has come under a lot of fire for copyright infringement these past few years. Usually from shameless lifting of logos and design schemes. So, when the Spider-Man styled Vaptio Wall Crawler mod kit swung onto my desk, it was hard not to think about Marvel’s lawyers lining up to bury this product before it even hits shelves.

But, we’re not attorneys here, just vape reviewers. So, let’s take a quick peek at this Spider-Man styled mini mod, to see if it’s going to be a super hero, or an average joe, dressed up in costume.

The Spider-Man Styled Vaptio Wall Crawler Mod Kit Preview

From the flowing web graphics, to the sinister spider icon on the rear of the device, there’s no doubt as to where Vaptio found its influence for the Wallcrawler. And my red and black test model only drove this home further, with a textured look and feel that STRONGLY resembles the modern Spider-Man uniform from the current slate of films. Certainly Vaptio must have licensed these images for the US and UK, right?

The itsy-bitsy spider…


Imagery aside, the Wall Crawler also strongly resembles similar, single-18650 Mods, such as the Eleaf Pico or iJOY Capo, with a top-loading battery, and diminutive design.

However, unlike those devices, the Wall Crawler has a 1.3-inch, high-resolution, full-color display, which is an early highlight of the device. Even with just a few minutes with the Mod, I quickly navigated to all the device’s options, made fast, one-handed adjustments, and easily found all the customizations I needed, without having to refer to the instruction manuals.

(Which is probably a good thing, because the manuals are a bit indecipherable, thanks to some questionable translation. All I know is that I believe there’s a vague reference to Peter Parker’s dearly departed Uncle Ben within the documentation, but the joke didn’t quite land on its feet.)

One mild area of concern is that much of the Wall Crawler’s frame seems to be made of plastic, which certainly helps keep the Mod light, but it also seems a lot less durable as a result. On a typical Mod of this size, there wouldn’t be much screen to protect. But this gorgeous TFT display would probably benefit from a more muscular frame. We’ll report back on this in our full review.

Unlike the rest of the design, the fire button is another highlight here. Oversized and reassuringly clicky, the button just feels phenomenal in the hand. The other control buttons are comparatively small but are similarly firm and responsive.

With Great Power…


Despite its single-18650 format and 80-watt maximum, our early run-throughs with the Wall Crawler have shown it to be one of the more potent Mods we’ve used to date. Thanks to near-immediate ramp-up, power hits the coil within milliseconds, making even Modest hits seem like lung-fillers.

In fact, I’d venture to say I got more sensation of power from the Wall Crawler than I do using heftier devices at much higher wattages. It actually makes me wonder how much vaping satisfaction could be provided by stronger initial hits, rather than prolonged bouts of three-digit wattages. Food for thought…

Under the hood, the Spider-Man styled Wall Crawler Mod offers a full temp control suite, built-in protection features, TCR settings and even customized wallpapers and themes. For a small Mod, there’s an awful lot going on here. Then again, they judged Peter Parker by his size, too… safe to say who won that battle.

Vaptio Wall Crawler Mod Kit Specs and Contents

Vaptio Wall Crawler Mod Kit Specs:

  • Size: 73x50x28.5mm
  • Max power output: 80W
  • Resistance range: 0.05-2.0ohm
  • Temperature control range: 200-600°F/ 100-300°C
  • Battery: 1x 18650 (Not included)
  • Thread: 510
  • 1.3-inch color screen
  • Firmware upgradeable

Vaptio Wall Crawler Mod Kit Contents:

  • Vaptio Wall Crawler Mod
  • Vaptio Frogman Tank
  • User manuals
  • USB cable

The Spider and the Frog?

There are two versions of the Wall Crawler Kit available – one with the Throne tank, and the other with the Frogman, which was the one we’ll be reviewing. We’ve had some experience with the Frogman before, and enjoyed the flavor and vapor, but were a little underwhelmed by its limited capacity.

We haven’t spent much time with the combination so far but will be giving the new tank and companion coils a thorough run through during the Kit testing.

Some Early Questions for the Wall Crawler…

We have to admit, we’re a little more impressed with the Vaptio Wall Crawler Mod Kit than we first expected to be. But that’s not to say we don’t have a few questions and concerns.


First, how durable will the Wall Crawler be for everyday use? We have only had a few minutes to get to know this compact device, and we already noticed some give and play in the frame – a far cry from the rock-solid aluminum and zinc alloy frame that dominate the market. Though careful use and storage will certainly keep things intact, we’re not sure how well the plasticky body will survive some real-world use and abuse.

Secondly, why isn’t the Frogman equipped with a more realistic MTL or restricted lung hit coil? The companion Throne version definitely speaks to this crowd, whereas the Frogman seems to want more power than this single-18650, 80-watt Mod is designed to handle.

Finally, when will Vaptio begin implementing this gorgeous high-res screen on its other Mods? It looks fantastic (and DIFFERENT) here, and I’d be curious to see what the next evolution will be for this format.

Check back here soon for a complete breakdown of the SpiderMan styled Vaptio Wall Crawler Mod Kit!