Last month, we reviewed the new SMOK Morph 219W mod kit, and gave it a stellar “A” score, even if the reviewer felt it wasn’t quite a “must-have” system. But when we were having our internal debates about the year’s best mod systems (so far) we spent more than a few minutes revisiting the Morph kit. And the results were that some of us liked it more than others.


Me? I’m usually the cranky one around here, looking for flaws and nitpicks, even when there aren’t many. But in this case, I wanted to write a follow-up to my colleague’s initial review, because I feel the SMOK Morph IS a must-have device for fans of the brand, if not all vapers.

Maybe it’s not PERFECT, but so few devices are. Instead, the touchscreen-enabled Morph kit shows true progress for SMOK by taking a wealth of ideas the company tried before and making them all better. It’s not subtle, it’s not a “throwback” and it’s not streamlined. But it is the best representation of their mod lineage since they launched the stalwart Alien all those years ago, and it’s one of the best device/tank combos we own. Let’s see the company line…


The SMOK MORPH 219W TC Starter Kit deploys various technological advances in high-power vape system, integrating a smart, quick-firing IQ-S Chipset with 1.9″ HD Touch Screen and resin design elements to pair with the flavorful mesh coils of the SMOK TF Sub-Ohm Tank.

SMOK Morph 219W Kit Review – A Second Opinion

SMOK Morph Specs:

  • Dimensions – 84.5mm by 44.8mm by 30.2mm
  • Weight – 158g
  • Dual High-Amp 18650 Battery – Not Included
  • New IQ-S Intelligent Chipset
  • Wattage Output Range: 1-219W
  • Voltage Output Range: 0.5-8.2V
  • Min Atomizer Resistance: 0.06ohm
  • Temperature Range: 200-600F
  • Supports Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless-Steel Heating Elements
  • Preheat Functionality – Soft, Normal, Hard, Max
  • Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) Adjustments
  • 001 Seconds Quick Firing Speed
  • Superior Zinc Alloy Construction
  • Beautiful Resin Panel Design
  • Full-Color 1.9″ HD Touch Screen – New Interface
  • Password Protection
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Stealth Firing Bar Mechanism
  • Bottom-Loaded Hinged Battery Door
  • Intelligent Atomizer Recognition
  • Puff Monitoring System
  • 10 Seconds Cut-Off
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over Heating Protection
  • Over Discharge Protection
  • MicroUSB Port – 1.8A Charging Current
  • 510 Connection
  • Available in Black Red, Blue, Gold, Silver Chrome, Rainbow

SMOK Morph TF Tank Specs:

  • 25mm Base Diameter
  • 30mm At Widest Point
  • Weight – 75g
  • 6mL Maximum Juice Capacity – Convex Glass Extension
  • Superior Stainless-Steel Construction
  • High-Grade Glass Reinforcement
  • High-Temperature Resistant – Explosion Proof
  • Convenient Top-Fill Rotary Design – Lock Button Mechanism
  • Massive Dual Adjustable Airflow Control at Base
  • 810 Cobra Resin Ultra-Wide Drip Tip
  • Plug-Pull Coil System
  • Antibacterial Medical Cotton
  • 510 Connection

SMOK Morph Starter Kit Contents:

  • 1 MORPH 219 Box Mod
  • 1 TF Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 2 0.25ohm TF BF-Mesh Coils
  • 1 Bulb Glass Protective Silicone
  • 1 Replacement Glass Tube
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable
  • 1 Instructional Manual

At first glance (I say that a lot in these reviews) the Morph looks like any number of previous SMOK devices. With the touchscreen ability of the G-Priv, the smooth lines of the X-Priv, and the overall design aesthetic of the Devilkin and Species mods, there’s nothing inherently original about the look and feel of the resin-accented Morph. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing – those were sharp, functional devices in their own right, and the Morph simply blends those ideas into something altogether more mature and professional looking.

The touchscreen is a notable change. Though it’s shallower and less menu-driven than the awesome G-Priv 2 mod, it’s easier to use and navigate, leaving all of the basic functionalities front and center. Let’s be honest, we haven’t seen many touchscreen mods this past year because they were largely unnecessary. But the dual-18650 Morph keeps things simple, making the touch features an accent, rather than the centerpiece of the experience.

Also returning is the classic SMOK sidebar fire key, which is now clickier and more responsive than ever before. Much of this can be credited to the IQ-S chipset, which is pretty awesome, but overall, the entire device is just more solidly built than previous entries.

My only slight complaints? First, the battery door, which is held in place by a spring-loaded slider that doesn’t always cooperate. It wasn’t problematic, but I found myself double-checking the door to make sure it doesn’t pop open when I set it down on a hard surface.

Secondly, I’m not a huge fan of the resin back panel. It’s nicely done, sturdy and certainly fits the bill. But it didn’t really match the companion tank’s drip tip, and almost seemed excessive on a mod that’s really about dialing back the less necessary things. Hardly a problem, but picky vapers might have an issue with its inclusion.

Blue SMOK Morph 219W Kit Review – A Second OpinionStandout Features

As mentioned, the IQ-S chipset is a winner. Not because it suddenly brings DNA-like levels of customization to the table, but rather because it takes the standard SMOK method of operations and makes them smoother, stronger and more reliable than before. In other words, it takes an existing feature and makes it better. (Stop me if you see a pattern forming here.)


The included SMOK TF tank was also a highlight. When we first heard that SMOK was moving past the venerable TFV12 series of vape tanks and introducing a new line we didn’t know what to expect. At first, we thought it was an attempt to cater to lower-wattage vapers or even MTL enthusiasts, but were proven wrong.


The SMOK TF features the requisite company look and feel, so don’t worry about the tank standing out for the wrong reasons. But there’s a sense that SMOK wanted to tone down the “Cloud Beast” persona it’s pushed for years in favor of flavor. The TF is still capable of some pretty massive cloud production. But it also emphasizes a welcome return to a flavor-first approach.


The coils themselves also need to be considered a highlight. Though they’re proprietary and won’t work on other tanks, they outlast most any coil on the market today, delivering rich flavor for the duration of their lifespans. My first coil, right out of the box, lasted well beyond two weeks, only fading slightly during the last few days. Economical is not a word often used with SMOK tanks, but the TF represents a positive shift in the right direction.

Gold Rainbow SMOK Morph 219W Kit Review – A Second OpinionVaping the SMOK Morph Kit

Suffice it to say, if you’re into SMOK mods, there’s nothing on the Morph that’s going to change your mind. The company’s focus on usability, power and ergonomics is on full display here. That said, if you’ve shied away from SMOK’s devices in recent years because they’re too hokey (top-hatted skulls, anyone?), same-y (Species, anyone?) or gimmicky (MAG Grip, anyone?) don’t stop reading just yet. You see, like the X-Priv, the Morph represents a change in demeanor for SMOK, making adult-leaning devices that feel like grown-up technology, not some cloud chucking fog machines.


While nothing about the Morph jumped at me as truly “special” there was a nice sense of comfort knowing my device was going to work as expected, without stuttering or misfiring once during my test period. Even the beloved, venerable Aliens choked at higher wattages, but the Morph just shoots out power without blinking.


The touchscreen controls are pretty basic, but do make the aesthetic changes a little easier to access. Plus, moving between the extensive temp control suite and standard wattage and bypass modes was a lot easier than it would be with the company’s standard three-click/three-button control scheme. And even the memory mode – hardly a new idea on its own – is made much more customizable and accessible through the touch controls.


Battery compartment SMOK Morph 219W Kit Review – A Second OpinionI’m happy to report that temperature control works very well on the Morph, because we all know that hasn’t been a shining attribute for many past SMOK devices. It seems like this IQ-S chipset is more than just a marketing hook, and might serve as the basis for more reliable, efficient devices in the months and years to come.


– A combination of everything that’s worked in SMOK devices since 2015

– IQ-S chipset is excellent

– Solid companion tank


– Resin back panel seems unnecessary

– Might look a little too much like other recent SMOK mods

– The TFV12 tanks are still a little better than the TF, even if the new coils are fantastic

Spinfuel VAPE Recommendation and Score

I love the SMOK Morph. There, I said it. It might not be my sole, “go to” mod. It might not be the most attractive device in my collection. Hell, it might be eclipsed by SMOK’s next device coming down the line. But for the time being, there are no other products in the company’s line that deliver the complete package of power, ease of use and customization. And truth be told, not many competitors do, either.


I know a lot of people that avoid SMOK mods because there were just too many of them. Considering the Morph is the company’s first big high-wattage mod of 2019, it’s safe to say they’re taking a new approach to marketing and distribution, as well as to mature vape mod design, and have earned the right to at least give them another shot.