When is an “all-in-one” device not enough? This is often debated by vape reviewers, who try to pinpoint which audience would be best served by a specific product. The all-new Vaptio Fusion AIO Vape Mod stirred up even more of these discussions.


On one hand, it’s about as hard-hitting as any 50-watt device we’ve seen, but can still be put to use as a solid, semi-versatile Vape Mod. On the other, it’s a limited, beginner focused device that would benefit from a little more interaction to be a better “next step” for vapers looking to advance to the next level.

Let’s dive in to see which side of the Fusion fence you might land on.

Vaptio Fusion AIO Vape Mod Kit Review Spinfuel VAPE

Remember when 50 watts made for a high-powered Mod? How could anyone POSSIBLY need any more than that, right? Well, many of us still agree… but the Vaptio Fusion is a 50-watt max device designed to usher new vapers into a higher-level of enjoyment.


On that end, the Fusion delivers. This ultra-compact, but suitably weighty Vape Mod packs a lot of technology into a diminutive frame, with a 1,500mAh battery, 3.8mL juice reservoir, recessed-coil tank system, and more, all on board.


It doesn’t hurt that the Vaptio Fusion is also pretty sharp – my opalescent white and colored swirl test model looked almost like it was made of ceramic, with gorgeous machining and detail. And not for anything, but I really appreciated Vaptio using an entirely different design aesthetic here. In a sea of silver and black “tough” looking Mods, or ultra-bright, gaudy “toy” looking Mods, this was refreshing and mature.


So, while the look and feel definitely made the Fusion feel like a beginner-friendly, AIO Vape Mod, the lack of interaction with the device raised some eyebrows. I get that Vaptio was aiming for a no-frills, “set it and forget it” experience, but in order to teach newcomers about the ins and outs of advanced vaping, it takes more than a few LED lights to communicate potential problems.


Which I suppose leads us to…

Operating the Vaptio Fusion AIO Vape Mod

Since the interface is nothing more than a fire button, and a basic understanding of flashing lights, there’s not a heck of a lot to say in this department. But we were happy with how effortless it was to initially set up and use the Fusion AIO.


The usual five clicks, on/off system gets things started, with reassuring LED flashes to let you know the device is operational. And the top-fill tank is equally simple. The top cap comes off with ease, and coil installation and replacement doesn’t even require a turn of the fingers. Just prime the coil, slide it in, and replace the top cap, and you’re set to go.


Filling the tank portion was perhaps the easiest part of the Fusion AIO experience. The opening is wide enough to handle just about any bottle or dropper tip, and I never once found myself overfilling or leaking. It sounds like a small benefit, but I grew to appreciate how user-friendly it was, and how much newcomers might feel the same.


That portion of the operation was easy. However, at one point – fairly early in my testing – the Fusion AIO began flashing different LED warnings. Which is good, of course… except that the flashing didn’t match anything I saw in the manuals, and it seemed the only way to get the Fusion operational again was to turn it on and off.


While I appreciate security measures – which the Fusion has many of, built right in – I feel like warnings are only part of educating new vapers on how to use their devices safely. Without any type of clear readout or flashing pattern, I never quite felt like I was in control of the experience – or like I was aware of what I did wrong, so I could avoid it down the line.


One area I did control was the Fusion tank’s airflow. While I didn’t initially see much difference in vape quality during the preview testing, I began to notice a distinct change in the experience over time. Using the included 0.8-ohm head, I was able to easily shift from a restricted MTL vape, to something wide open – all using the same coil!


The 0.25-ohm head was a little less discernible, but the result was the same. In all my years of testing Vape Mods, I don’t think I’ve ever changed my opinion of an experience so dramatically. Is the Vaptio Fusion AIO a “true” AIO Vape Mod? Not really. But there is more versatility in this setup than you’d initially believe.


One final noteworthy addition – the Vaptio Fusion has a built-in shutdown feature that kicks in after 10 minutes of inactivity. On other Mods, this might be an annoyance, but I appreciated it here, because of the beginner focus, and also because the fire key is a little TOO easy to activate.

Vaping the Vaptio Fusion AIO Vape Mod

All in all, the Fusion AIO performs well. With the low-resistance 0.25-ohm coil and wide-open airflow, I was able to produce some respectable clouds in my office, with decent flavor to match. The coil itself breaks in quickly and is comparable with some of the industry’s better products. While it’s not game-changing performance, there is more power here than the device lets on.


(It goes without saying, but power is also the only way to enjoy the Vaptio Fusion AIO Vape Mod. The device does not offer any temperature control, TCR, bypass, or other modes.)


Using either of the two included coils, I found the Vaptio Fusion AIO was a mostly smooth, effortless vape, with fairly quick ramping, and surprisingly warm vapor production, even for a Mod that maxes out at 50 watts. Interestingly, the Mod actually steps up in 10-watt increments, from 30 to 40, and – if needed – 50 watts, depending on the needs of the user. Because of this, there is some levels of stuttering at higher wattages, which almost feels like the battery is pulsing. It’s not distracting, but it is noticeable.


A Mod like the Fusion AIO is really aiming for flavor more than room-filling clouds, and the 0.8-ohm coil head is designed for these users. With a moderate 60/40, VG/PG juice, I found the Fusion’s compact, stout tank design to offer better than average flavor, which should suit beginning vapers just fine.


But there’s that word again – beginner. As I mentioned in the preview, while pod systems and vape pens are purposefully low-powered and simplified, a more-involved device like the Fusion AIO Vape Mod is likely a newcomer’s first step into advanced vaping.


And with that, there should be adequate warnings and displays, so people can understand what is happening within the system, if they should use the device differently, and how to be safer moving forward. Maybe 50 watts isn’t a lot of power by modern standards, but it’s still enough power to cause problems if a user isn’t aware of them happening in the first place.


Perhaps this isn’t Vaptio’s problem, but rather that of an industry that continues to equate “less control” with “newcomer” – when these are the users that need to educate themselves the most. Rant over… at least until this topic inevitably arises again.

Wrapping up, and Score…

The Vaptio Fusion AIO is a pretty damn solid little AIO Vape Mod. Considering its miniature size and conservative power output, I genuinely enjoyed the vape quality. Is it going to replace my Modefined Prism? No – but the Fusion isn’t designed to. Instead, it’s a high-performing welcome mat for newcomers who’ve tired of pod mods and want something more substantial.


Because of this, the Fusion earns a solid score. But that said, the score below could have been even higher, if the Fusion included a simple display, or perhaps a limited level of adjustments to make this “user-friendly” experience a learning experience, as well. Then the strong vape quality would be matched by a little more control.


Score: B

Vaptio Fusion Kit specs:

  • Top filling tank – easy to refill
  • Pass through function
  • Intelligent LED display
  • All in one
  • Resistance: 0.2ohms
  • Battery capacity: 1,500mAh
  • Top filling tank with 3.8ml capacity
  • Output wattage: 30w/40w/50w
  • Connection threading: 510
  • Product weight: 0.1710 kg
  • Package weight: 0.3380 kg
  • Product size (L x W x H): 5.00 x 2.40 x 8.20 cm / 1.97 x 0.94 x 3.23 inches
  • Package size (L x W x H): 13.00 x 8.20 x 6.20 cm / 5.12 x 3.23 x 2.44 inches

Vaptio Fusion Kit contents:

  • 1x Vaptio Fusion AIO Vape Mod
  • 1x replacement coil
  • 1x box mod
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x user manual