The Cold Open Reviews The eLeaf iStick 50

The eLeaf iStick 50w is the latest box mod in the eLeaf iStick series of variable wattage mods. Power (wattage) output can be adjusted from 5 to 50 watts  or 2 to 10 volts. It has an internal, self-contained 4400mah battery that can be recharged via the USB port on the back. The 510 connection on the iStick 50w has been upgraded with stronger stainless steel threading and a spring-loaded connector pin.
The iStick 50w measures 83mm tall by 45mm wide and 23mm deep making it larger than the original iStick and iStick 30, not to mention the wee little iStick Mini (10w) . That said it’s still compact, especially for having a 4400mah battery and 50 watts of output. The OLED screen and the two adjustment buttons have moved from the side of  to the front of the eLeaf iStick 50w, there is also a lock feature for the adjustment buttons.  The firing button remains on the side of the device, but is a bit bigger and feels a bit “deeper”.
The Eleaf iStick 50 joins the iStick family as the big papa, and no doubt it will be a huge seller when it becomes widely available. I know I like it, but then, I like a lot of devices 😉


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