Look at the photos and video accompanying this review to get an idea of how small it looks.  Despite its size, there is so much modern vape tech crammed into it that the result is an amazing vape experience for both MTL and DL Vapers. The PEMT Tech helps the mesh coils heat up evenly, and quickly, allowing for sizable clouds, nice flavor, and the elimination of scorching a coil.

TIP: The 400mAh battery is lithium-ion, so no matter what, give the device a full charge BEFORE you first use it.

General Impressions of this Vape Pod Kit

VAPTEX MECHAX POD KIT IS TINY, VERSITLE AND VERY AFFORDABLEThe Vaptex Mechax Kit has a 400mAh internal battery, charged via a USB-C port and cable, so a recharge takes much less than an hour. USB-C technology has been a real boon to the vape industry, and its in the Mechax that it shows how much of a difference it can make.

Capacity of the Vaptex Mechax Pod Kit

Capacity of the Vaptex Mechax is 2ml. Considering the size of the device, that’s quite a bit of vape juice.  Using a nic-salt e-liquid, 2mL will last a few hours. Using a freebase vape juice, maybe an hour? I strongly recommend nic-salt vape juice for this device.  The selection of flavors now available for nicotine-salt vape juice is in the hundreds.

Plus-Ohm Coil for Low Wattage Consumption

The Mechax comes equipped with a 1.0ohm mesh coil. It also has an adjustable airflow for MTL or DL Vapers and utilizes a draw-activated firing mechanism.

It has a transparent finish to give you the ability to watch your e-juice levels and its chipset is a modern, safety-rich chip. When you consider what Vaptex has been able to design here, it’s a miracle that it is as inexpensive as it is.


Leak-Proof Vape Pods are Refillable

The pod(s) features a leak-proof, side-filling design with a strong magnetic connection.  It’s integrated 1.0ohm mesh coil provides a remarkable flavor fidelity as well.  Its body shape makes it easy to grip, and the 33-gram weight puts it in the class of one of the lightest full feature pod kits available.

Fire Button the Pod Kit

VAPTEX MECHAX POD KIT IS TINY, VERSITLE AND VERY AFFORDABLEThe square button on the upper part and the surrounding pattern has the appearance of an electronic chip. The lower part adopts a marble-like pattern, full of modern elements, in 3 color schemes. If you look carefully, you can find that the four corners of the button are also inlaid with 4 small white beads, which can better decorate your device.

As a pod kit, it offers many advantages over the competition. The mouthpiece design is like other pods, its lines are silky-smooth and easily fits the lip line naturally.

Mechax Pod Kit Airflow

The user can slide the button on the side of the device to adjust the airflow, and it can be adjusted it according to the personal preference of the user. A firmer mouthfeel means smoother clouds.

TIP: When using nicotine-salt vape juice, do not open the airflow to its widest setting until you are sure of the throat hit it will produce. Nothing spoils a vape experience faster than a coughing fit from a high nicotine vape juice and a mouthful of vapor. Test it slowly, opening the airflow little by little until you find what works best for you.

The Vaptex Mechax Pod Kit Bottom Line

Will the Vaptex Mechax be the one and only pod kit you’ll ever need? Oh, I doubt it. But that’s not the point. This modern marvel of technology, the long battery life, the airflow adjustments, the replaceable pods, the fast charging with USB-C, and the excellent flavor fidelity… for just about $10USD? That’s the cost of a pack of cigarettes in most states.

The li-ion battery can be recharged hundreds of times, the 2mL pods are inexpensive and its 1.0-ohm mesh coil lasts a long time as well. Vaping with the Mechax is about as cost effective as you can find. I highly recommend it.

Grade: A

“A small, 2mL, 400-mAh wonder pod kit that delivers expertly, and under $10USD”




• 2ml Vape Juice Capacity

• 400mAh Internal Battery

• 1.0ohm Mesh Coil

• Type-C Charging

• MTL Vaping

• Airflow Adjustable

• Innovative Photo Etching Mesh Technology (PEMT)

• Leak-resistant Side Filling Design

• PC Panel

• Tube Body

• Fully Charged in Less Than 1 Hour

• Magnetic Connection


Pod Cartridge Capacity: 2ml

Refill: Side Filling

Battery: Built-in 400mAh

Charging: Type-C

Spec of Coils: 1.0ohm

Vapor Style: MTL

Airflow: Adjustable