VAPEBOX Subscription Service Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

When I was given the opportunity to sign up for the Juice Lovers plan with Vapebox Subscription Service I had certain ideas about what to expect. Disillusioned as I was about all subscription services I thought Vapebox would be no different than the others. So far, that has not been the case.

Way back when, the idea of an eliquid subscription service sounded like a brilliant idea, a business model that had been so successful in many other markets, but decidedly ideal for Vapers, sign me up!

But, it didn’t take long to realize that most, if not all, subscription services that deal with eliquid, merely find and ship out “any” eliquid brand willing to give the service a try. (It is a great way for eliquid brands to reach vapers directly, and the subscription services know this intimately)

If the subscription service company shipped a box, it didn’t really matter what was “in” the box. Sometimes the content was awesome, but more times than not the content of the box contained unvapeable ejuice.

In these scenarios, it’s the subscriber that loses, in the short term. But as you’ve certainly witnessed, in the long term it’s the subscription service company that eventually loses enough subscribers that staying in business is no long viable.

What we needed was a subscription service that was focused on the subscriber rather than talking another eliquid brand into signing up and supplying whatever eliquid they could muster up.

Spinfuel VAPE Turned Its Back

After a time, we turned our collective backs on all subscription companies because it seemed that no one truly cared about anything other than growing their subscriber base, i.e., making money. I’m not against making money, making money is a good thing. But for me, I must be proud of the way I make my living or it’s just not worth it. I discovered a long time ago that this concept is foreign to most companies in this industry.

VAPEBOX Subscription Service Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

You can count the number of manufacturers in this industry that still want to work with us on one hand. The reason? We don’t care about the manufacturers, we only care about informing our readers about good, and bad, products. Manufacturers don’t like that, but our readers seem to. Spinfuel VAPE has grown more than 300% in the last year alone because, I believe, we don’t play the game that everyone else is playing.

Anyway, this isn’t about Spinfuel VAPE, this is about Vapebox, a subscription service that seems to be the only one out there that consistently puts out terrific monthly boxes at a fair price.

Vapebox Since 2014 – Looking Back to See Forward

It took some digging, but when we were first approached about looking at Vapebox we didn’t dismiss the idea out of hand, but we did reach out to past and current subscribers to get their opinion of the service, and more importantly, the contents of previous monthly boxes.

What we learned is that Vapebox has always taken each subscriber’s wants and needs on an individual basis. The people we reached out to said time and again that Vapebox never disappointed, that their ‘flavor profile’, allowed subscribers to narrow down their favorite flavors, VG content, nicotine, with surprisingly accurate choices.

Believe me, we wouldn’t base our opinion on a subscription service on a single monthly shipment. Looking back at previous shipments that real subscribers received was the only way to determine how Vapebox would behave in the future.

Subscription Services and Exploration

Originally, the eliquid subscription service business model sold subscriptions based on how fun it would be to explore eliquid flavors you wouldn’t usually try for yourself. A monthly surprise, a sense of wonderment, something to look forward to every month. Sounds great, right? And if it was cheap enough, it might be worth taking the chance that this month’s box was going to contain your next favorite eliquid. Unfortunately, that sense of awe doesn’t last long when, month after month, your box contains eliquids you wouldn’t vape with your best friend’s box mod.

Vapebox – A New Business Model

VAPEBOX Juice Lovers Subscription Service Review – Spinfuel VAPE MagazineWell, not completely new, maybe “evolved” is a better word. While in the early days of subscription services it was all about taking chances, and allowing the company to choose the flavors, and the VG content, by what they had in stock. Today, it’s more about taking your favorite eliquids and trying a ‘variation on a theme’ approach.

Here’s an example; Let’s say you love vanilla flavored eliquids, and what you want from a subscription service is help in finding other vanilla variations you haven’t tried, or maybe never heard about. Vapebox doesn’t ignore your love of vanilla, it looks at your custom flavor profile and hand picks vanilla’s that you would probably enjoy as well.

Taking it a step further, let’s say that you indicated in your flavor profile that did NOT like fruit flavors of any kind. Vapebox adds that information to the equation as well, and if your flavor profile stays the same Vapebox will not send you a bottle of vanilla eliquid that is blended with any fruit. (Unless you indicate that you’re up for trying new things)

In other words, the likelihood that any month’s shipment will contain eliquids you find delectable is far greater than other services that do not go the extra mile to deal with your flavor profile individually.

What I learned from past and current subscribers is that what you will receive in your box is eliquids you’ve chosen through your flavor profile. And, if you like a certain brand and flavor you can tell Vapebox that you want to receive it again and again. One more thing, I was told that while Vapebox promises 75mL, nearly every shipment contains more than 75mL. Mine did.VAPEBOX Juice Lovers Subscription Service Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Vapebox is not about making sure you receive 75mL of eliquid, it’s about making sure you receive 75mL of eliquid you will want to vape. That is what sold me on Vapebox. Well, that and the eliquids I received in my February box.

By the way, MY February box contained the following:

Brewell #123 – Corn flakes with bananas – 30mL

Rise Vape Co – Steezcake – Cheesecake and strawberries – 60mL

Charlie’s Chalk Dust – Yellow Butter Cake 60mL

Strawberry Cake Pop – Strawberry Cake Pop – Strawberry cake ‘pop’ – 30mL

All eliquids were 70% VG, and the total was 180mL, more than twice the 75mL promised.

The choices Vapebox made for MY box coincided with my flavor profile in ways I didn’t think a subscription service was capable of. I enjoyed every flavor, but it is Yellow Cake and Strawberry Pop that I will continue to buy outside my subscription plan. Not that it matters, but I vaped all these eliquids with the new SMOK AL85 Kit (on sale at Vapor Authority right now)

Vapebox Subscription Service Plans

Vapebox currently offers three affordable plans for Vapers.

Sampler Plan – $20 monthly – The Sampler Plan is the most affordable, and a good way to introduce yourself to this type of service if you’ve never signed up for one before. In exchange for the subscription fee of $20 a month the subscriber receives a minimum of 45mL of premium eliquid in an elegant box.

VAPEBOX Juice Lovers Subscription Service Review – Spinfuel VAPE MagazineJuice Lovers Plan – $32 monthly – This is my plan, and it gets you at least 75mL of eliquid tailored to your fine-tuned flavor profile, in at least 4 different bottles.

Enthusiast Plan – $60 monthly – This awesome plan was Julia’s pick, and in it will be at least 75mL of ejuice, and one or two pieces of vape gear. Julia received a TFV8 Cloud Beast and a pack of replacement coils. Read Julia’s Review Here.

When you subscribe, you pay by the month, and you can cancel any time you want. You can change your plan, or refine your palate as often as you like.

Vapebox is the best subscription service for Vapers, period. Great value plus the best flavor profile methodology makes Vapebox a subscription service worth subscribing to, no matter which plan you choose.

I’m really looking forward to the next Vapebox. I’ll make sure to share my findings, good or bad, with you next month.

Tom McBride