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VAPEBOX Subscription Service Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Subscription Services for Vapers, like Vapebox, have been around for some time now, and for a while this niche market seemed over saturated with various players. The original intent of an eliquid subscription service was, we believed, an almost noble idea; help Vapers find new and exciting ejuice they might not otherwise know about.

Soon we learned that like most business models, profit became the main motivator. While profit is vital to the success of any business, when it comes at the cost of the customer we must turn our backs on those businesses. A balance must be struck between profit and customer satisfaction to earn the loyalty of the customer. For the first time in a long time, we believe Vapebox Subscription Service has found that balance. So far, Vapebox has earned the title of ‘Most Valued Subscription Service.

Vapebox Subscription Service

The general business model of any subscription service in our industry is based on the fact that people will pay a certain amount of money and receive a certain amount of eliquid each month. Of course, there is much more to it than that, but the boilerplate of a subscription service is as stated.

The business model for Vapebox, in business since early 2014, has been refined to the point that 99% of the concerns we have about subscription services has been addressed in positive ways, in ways that benefit the subscriber.

VAPEBOX Subscription Service Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Vapebox currently offers three affordable plans for Vapers. However, all subscription services offer what seem to be an affordable plan at first glance. It’s only after a couple of shipments do the negative aspects of the service rear its head. The biggest complaints always center around the unfortunate choices of eliquids the subscriber receives. With most services, there is a limit to how closely you can match your desired palate, so much of the eliquid received every month gets thrown away, or given away. Suddenly the ‘value’ of the plan is lost.

Most subscription services will boast about allowing you to explore a variety of eliquids at a great price, to find flavors you never knew you liked, and on the surface, that is a solid idea. Noble even. It too often doesn’t work out that way.

In the early days of eliquid subscription services subscribers couldn’t choose much of anything, not even the nicotine level they wanted. For these services to survive these companies had to find ways to overcome these hurdles, and to a great degree they have, except for that one pesky thing, eliquids the subscribers can’t stand.

What Do You Like?

Finding out what the subscriber does like is one way to narrow down the choices made for that subscribers’ monthly box of goodies. But again, we’re talking about degrees here. To find a way to put together a monthly service that most subscribers will appreciate, the subscription service needs to drill down even further.

What Don’t You Like?

Vapebox has come up with the best way yet in determining what each subscriber would receive in their monthly box of goodies by having each subscriber pick and choose from many, many categories and sub-categories, but even better, Vapebox asks the subscriber to tell them what flavor categories they don’t like.

For me, it was the opportunity to tell Vapebox what I did NOT  like that sold me on their service. Sure, I can tell any subscription service what I like, but that can leave a lot of room for misinterpretations. I can tell a service I like Fruit flavors, but if I dislike certain fruits, like Kiwi or Watermelon, they won’t know that. Until now anyway.

VAPEBOX Subscription Service Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

In addition to asking me what flavor categories I like, I get an extensive list of flavors in that category that I can eliminate from my flavor profile. Now, with Vapebox, I can say I like Fruity flavors…. Except for Watermelon and Kiwi, and I will never receive a Kiwi or Watermelon eliquid. This ability to tell Vapebox specific flavors and sub-flavors I do not want to vape gives them a finely-tuned flavor profile that pretty much assures me that I’ll enjoy every milliliter of eliquid I receive.


Does this tremendous amount of fine-tuning take away from the feeling of “exploration” that sells most subscriptions? Definitely not. As an example of what I mean, in the February Enthusiast Plan ($60) Vapebox I received the following:

CCD3Charlie’s Chalk DustSea salt and caramel drizzled ice cream30mL

#88BrewellLight Jasmine with milk tea30mL

Strawberry Cake Pop – Strawberry Cake Pop – Strawberry cake pop coated in vanilla icing60mL

Gingerbread ManRise Vape Cogingerbread baked cookies60mL

1x SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Sub-Ohm Tank

1x SMOK V8-T8 pack of replacement coils


The retail value of the February Enthusiast box is $142, for which I paid $60. But, more than that, each of the eliquids chosen for me fit my designated flavor profile perfectly.

The CCD3 and the Gingerbread eliquids were flavors in my category, but I’ve never vaped this sub-flavor of gingerbread or sea salt caramel and ice cream. Brewell’s #88 was like the awesome Chia Latte flavors I love so much, and the Strawberry Cake Pop had a delicious strawberry flavor presented in a way I’ve never enjoyed before now. Of the 4 eliquids I will continue to buy Gingerbread Man and CCD3 as part of my rotation.

As for the “hardware” portion of the Enthusiast Plan? Well, come on, a SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast and a pack of coils, I couldn’t have asked for better than that.

My point is, out of all the eliquids curated by Vapebox, because of my tailored likes and dislikes, they could put together a box for me that not an ounce of will go to waste. And I saved a ton of money and found two more eliquids to add to my rotation. That is positive exploration.

The Vapebox Plans

Sampler Plan – $20 monthly – The Sampler Plan is the most affordable, and a good way to introduce yourself to this type of service if you’ve never signed up for one before. In exchange for the subscription fee of $20 a month the subscriber receives a minimum of 45mL of premium eliquid in an elegant box.

VAPEBOX Subscription Service Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Juice Lovers Plan – $32 monthly – This plan gets you at least 75mL of eliquid tailored to your fine-tuned flavor profile, in at least 4 different bottles. Tom signed up for this plan and his review is coming later this week.

Enthusiast Plan – $60 monthly – This awesome plan was my pick, and in it will be at least 75mL of ejuice, and one or two pieces of vape gear. As I said above, this month meant a TFV8 Cloud Beast and a pack of replacement coils. Perfect for me!

When you subscribe, you pay by the month, and you can cancel any time you want. You can change your plan, or refine your palate as often as you like.

Vapebox Is Spinfuel VAPE Recommended

VAPEBOX Subscription Service Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

In the coming days, weeks, and months, Spinfuel VAPE will begin to assist in promoting Vapebox as the best subscription service for Vapers. We want to do this because the subscription service was an idea we believed in, but before now, before Vapebox, no one was doing what we believed they should.

After so many bad experiences we gave up on the idea of a good subscription service for Vapers, and then, by chance, Dave turned us on to Vapebox. While they’ve been in this business for a more than years, we never bothered to seek them out. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate Dave considering Vapebox and deciding to give this business model one more chance. Vapebox is by far the best we’ve tried. Great value plus the best flavor profile method makes Vapebox a subscription service worth subscribing to.

Tom and I will continue our subscriptions and a few days after they arrive we’ll publish our finding for you to consider, in separate reviews. Last thing I want to tell you is that while I subscribed to other subscription services I never really looked forward to the next package. Each time one would arrive I knew there might be one of two eliquids I would find acceptable, and the rest, well, they were always bad. After Vapebox’s February box, I cannot wait for March, April, May, June, and so on. This is going to be a lot of fun.

Julia Hartley-Barnes