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“Crackdowns don’t work” – With the Trump administration seemingly inching closer to a decision of the direction of their vaping regulations or restrictions, an 18-year-old has some keen insight into the effects of the upcoming restrictions. I say we listen to this kid. I was 18 once, and let me tell you, if the government didn’t me to do something, I made sure to do it (little stuff, you know. No felony stuff)

Vape Crackdowns Makes Things Worse, says Teen

From The Federalist:

On Monday, President Trump said he is planning to meet with officials in the vaping industry to “come up with an acceptable solution to the Vaping and E-cigarette dilemma.”

This comes after signaling last Friday that his administration was planning to significantly restrict vaping products. These possible restrictions ranged from not allowing people to buy vapes until they are 21 to outright banning all flavored vapes.

Crackdowns Won’t Work

Kids at 18 can go to war. 18 year olds can vote. 18 year olds are charged in court as adults. But Vaping? Forget it pal, you’re too young. You’ll have to wait 3 more years before buying that mod. Come on, are we crazy? If kids want something they will find a way. Period.

More from the Federalist:

If we really want to curb the use of vapes among young people, then I would look to solutions that do not include government compulsion under the thin veil of just wanting to “protect the children.”

This teen is smart. And he’s a lot like we were. Keep the government out of it. Find a way to get the message across that 59mg nicotine salt JUUL’s are not smart. A Nicotine Buzz is sickening, like the first time you got drunk. There are solutions to this thing, but it isn’t hardhanded crackdowns that treats kids like idiots isn’t it.

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