Spinfuel And SmokenJoey Together!

Today, Spinfuel eMagazine and SmokenJoey announce a new, stronger alliance. This new partnership will strengthen both companies by providing additional and original content between the two. The new alliance will provide the vape community with a creative team that together are stronger than standing alone.

SmokenJoey, a one-man video reviewer of vaping products, has been publishing honest, intelligent, creative, and comprehensive videos on his own website, smokenjoey.com, and on the SmokenJoey Your Tube Channel “SmokenJoey”. An increasing fan base has given Joe a sizeable reach within the community and the respect for the SmokenJoey brand is constantly growing. “You see in Joey a sincerity that is lacking in many video reviewers. For Joey this isn’t a game, he has a mission, and he wants to help people” says John Manzione, Editor and Publisher of Spinfuel eMagazine. “Joey and I hit it off right away early last year and our businesses have become closer, as well as our personal relationship. This next step, this tighter integration of the SmokenJoey ‘brand’ into Spinfuel means Joey will have the opportunity to broaden his already substantial reach, at the same time, the quality of his videos, his commitment to the truth, helps Spinfuel reach the video audience, something we’ve been sorely lacking.”

Joe DiSalvatore, aka, SmokenJoey, had this to say this morning; “I am really excited about the new format and beginning anew with Spinfuel. I believe together we can be a major determining factor in pointing people in the right direction. I really enjoy making my Review, Instructional and Tips Videos – My goal has been provide the best information, mainly for newcomers, to make an educated decision on which electronic cigarettes to purchase. There are too many subpar electronic cigarettes and disposables on the market today that completely ruin the chances for beginners to make the switch. In turn, it gives them a negative attitude about this Industry. The main purpose of many of my videos is to sift through the rubbish and find quality electronic cigarette starter kits that will give the newcomers the best chance to make the switch completely.”

Tighter Integration

Beginning today, April 18, 2013, SmokenJoey will share the homepage of Spinfuel eMagazine, and the SmokenJoey ‘section’ has been remodeled under the Spinfuel Design Standards. “Joey’s videos will now have the same level of access, and the same reach as all the original content we ourselves publish” Manzione says. “When someone comes to Spinfuel and watches a SmokenJoey video they will feel comfortable in the fact that they are still within the Spinfuel environment.” Naturally, SmokenJoey videos will remain accessible to viewers of his YouTube Channel (smokenjoey) and DiSalvatore’s website, smokenjoey.com.

Julia Barnes, Asst. Editor and the editor of the Spinfuel Newsletter, says that SmokenJoey is a natural extension for Spinfuel. “We think the same way. When it comes to the vape community, telling the unvarnished truth is everything. Joey sees the eCigarette industry with the same eyes that Spinfuel sees it, though certainly not as cynical. This is a very natural ‘joining of the forces’.”

The best way to commemorate the new, tighter, alliance is through a great giveaway. With that in mind, SmokenJoey and Spinfuel are launching such a giveaway tonight at Midnight (April 18th, 2013). Says Ms. Barnes, “There are times when using RaffleCopter makes perfect sense, and this is one of them. We want to reach the entire vape community with the news of our new alliance, so what better way to do that then to involve Facebook and Twitter? RaffleCopter gives us the tools to do just that”.

The Triple 7 eHookah

Both Spinfuel and SmokenJoey love the eHookah (Spinfuel Review) made by Triple 7 eCigs. But both companies know that an eHookah is a luxury item, “Not many people use an eHookah as their main PV, it is used in pairs, or at parties. An eHookah is a huge source of fun, but because of the price of the eHookah, and the Shisha eLiquid used in them, it’s pure luxury. Now, someone will win one, with an assortment of some great Shisha flavors by 777. It’s going to be a fun giveaway” says Manzione.

Spinfuel began publishing in February 2012. In 14 months Spinfuel’s readership has grown to a quarter-million pageviews each month and more than 92,000 visitors each month. SmokenJoey videos are viewed tens of thousands of times through YouTube, smokenjoey.com and now through Spinfuel as well.
Julia Barnes