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Here’s why;

In the months prior to launching Spinfuel we were seeing V2 Cigs  being rated #1 on dozens upon dozens of affiliate sites. We actually believed that these site owners themselves believed V2 Cigs were the best…

…Well, it didn’t take long to realize that mini-eCig companies play games with customers and in so doing are making money hand over fist (on each customer). That’s not to say they are making a lot of money, only that they are making on each customer. In most cases, if a customer spends $100 for products on one of the mini-eCig sites the owners of the brand (V2, Bull Smoke, et al.) make about $92 gross profit….


This statement below appears on their website on the “Company” page, and it is only one of a dozen that deceives the customers who buy from Bull Smoke;

Bull Smoke is the originator of the unique 2-piece design electronic cigarette that provides smokers with an exciting new alternative.

Even after informing the owner of the company that this statement is flat out false, a lie, it’s still there.


Because the owner of Bull Smoke, and the owners of most other mini-eCig brands know that no one is going to call them on their bullshit, because, after all, this industry is basically unregulated and there are no laws in place that say these companies have to tell the truth. And they play fast and loose with the truth all the time.

The ones that DO tell the truth do so voluntarily, either out of respect for their customer, or to be in front of the upcoming FDA regulations. But people behind such companies like Bull Smoke and V2 Cigs; they know they can say anything they want. Sadly, newbies to electronic cigarettes believe this crap and continue to buy these products.

After the Bull Smoke fiasco, we decided that when we review any product we will investigate the website of the company selling that product, as well as other promotional materials, and if the company selling the product are lying, or exaggerating, we will expose them. If for nothing else then to have our reviews out there among the search engines and maybe save a few future eCig users who take the time to do a little research.

Bull Smoke may have been the one that broke the camels back but they are far from the only ones out there telling lies and making claims that are simply not true or at the very least, vastly exaggerated.

V2 Cigs

Have you ever wondered why V2 Cigs are always rated #1 on most of these throwaway crap affiliate websites?

You know the sites I’m talking about; they have brief reviews that are nothing more than truncated press material from the various companies, and a nice commission rating, and their function is to be a portal to funnel sales to those brands in which they are paid a commission. There is nothing on those site that are of any value at all.

Well, the truth about V2 Cigs being rated #1 on so many sites is that they bribe their affiliates by telling them  they can double, DOUBLE, their commissions…but ONLY IF they put V2 Cigs in the #1 position on their website.

It doesn’t matter if V2 deserves to be there or not, if the person that owns the affiliate site wants to double their commission sales they must place V2 at the top of their lists. Period.

Here’s a snipped from an email from V2 Cigs to a friend of mine who happens to own a website that also refuses to allow eCig brands to dictate the outcome of reviews. Unlike Spinfuel, he does have some affiliate programs to help offset the cost of running the site, but he is also a high paid executive in his real life and only runs his site to help newbies tread these treacherous waters of the mini-eCig world.

My name is XXXXXX and I am the Affiliate Administrator with V2 Cigs. I visited your site and I wanted to reach out about having better placement. Right now we are listed at #5….

…As a thank you for having V2 Cigs on your site, effective immediately, I have raised your commission structure to 20%….

…If you can give V2 Cigs top placement (emphasis added) and list Vapor Couture high, (emphasis added) I would be glad to bump you to 25%. That means from now till the end of August you will be receiving 50%commission on the Vapor Couture line….

As you can see, V2 Cigs BUYS their #1 placement on these websites.

But it gets even worse with V2, check this out from August 21 of this year:

They roll out Double Commissions for Top Affiliates for their Vapor Couture line… with one caveat;

(*NOTE: The only stipulation for earning this DOUBLE COMMISSIONS payout throught 8/31 is that Vapor Couture cannot be placed/ranked higher than V2 Cigs to increase payouts. Other than that, good luck promoting VC!)

Then, on September 29th, after Double Commissions for #1 placement just wasn’t kicking up the sales as much as they wanted, they bumped them again to 75%. That means for every dollar an affiliate sells in product that affiliate earns 75 cents. V2 Cigs earn 25 cents. Desperate?

But, in order to GET that whopping 75% commission structure you must adhere to this stipulation (among others);

  • Give V2 Cigs the top spot placement on your ecigs review site

Are you outraged yet?

This happens all over “eCigarette World”. Companies are pulling crap like this all the time… and it’s time to put a stop to it.


The owners of V2 Cigs owns the domain name and website called… This is a website that tries to hide the fact that it is simply a V2 Cigs website that rates itself against itself. You need to take a look…

“ is a one-stop-shop for all of your electronic cigarette needs. We offer a range of premium e-cigarette brands, suitable for any budget. From eCig starter kits to the best flavor cartridges on the market, our extensive inventory has everything you need to start using an electronic cigarette. We provide you with simple, step-by-step instructions that make switching to an e-cigarette, hassle-free. Our wide selection features many lines which are compatible with one another, letting you mix and match one brand’s electronic cigarette battery with a different brand’s flavor cartridges. No matter what high-performing e-cigarette product you’re shopping for, has you covered.”

Yet the only brands on the website are V2 Cigs and…one more…

Notice the brand that is “coming soon”…

And it all comes together… how long will it be before V2 Cigs announces that it has purchased Bull Smoke. A perfect match, don’t you think?

John Manzione