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Bull Smoke Martin Giles Apology


I apologize for my actions last week in the events that took place after our email exchange regarding our company’s review. I was put in the esteemed position to operate an e-cig brand and took offense at some of the ways the brand was depicted on your site. I over-reacted and in defense of the company I was trusted to represent, I lost my cool. In no way did you or your magazine ever attack me personally the way I did to you – for that I ask for your forgiveness. I was raised better than this and know better than to attack personal character. I made many untrue claims and statements about Spin Fuel and was wrong in doing so.

Let this serve as my formal apology and you note to the public about my inappropriate behavior.

-Martin Giles

Giles also posted apologies to Spinfuel et al, in RipOff Report and PissedOffConsumer and their FaceBook page. (more on those two scam websites in the coming weeks.)

Martin Giles apologies to the Bull Smoke Nation for raging against Spinfuel, John and Julia. Click to see the full size image.


Spinfuel receives Apology from Martin Giles
Martin Giles issues Apology and Retraction on RippedOffConsumer website. Giles admits to issuing untrue and fabricated statements meant to “destroy” Spinfuel eCigs Magazine, Julia Barnes, and John Manzione – CLICK TO SEE FULL SIZE APOLOG
Spinfuel Gets an Apology
Martin Giles Apologies for issuing untrue statements about Spinfuel eCigs Magazine, Julia Barnes and John Manzione. – Click to see the FULL SIZE image

Here’s an excerpt from our unbiased review that sent Martin Giles off his rocker.

Alarming: We really don’t like to begin a review with a sledgehammer, but sometimes it simply has to be done. We discovered quite a bit of misleading and downright untrue claims throughout the bull smoke website. When faced with such unfortunate statements such as “Bull Smoke is the originator of the 2-piece design”, or “Designed by a team of engineers who have been working over the past 5 years to bring you the most innovative products on the market, the Bull Smoke battery features the world’s only modern micro-air flow sensor, designed specially for vaping”, and “other brands are only available with 3 or more components that take time and effort to assemble”, we were beginning to wonder if anything Bull Smoke was saying and doing had any basis in fact.

We ended up submitting questions to the owner of Bull Smoke about the above statements, and more, and the answers were shocking. They state on their website that it was Bull Smoke that originated the 2-piece battery yet the owner admits that the Chinese factory was actually responsible. Such clear deceptions do not give us confidence in the brand.

What It Is

This branded, prefilled KR808-series cartomizer and battery mini-eCig is not without its problems, but the technology is one of the better ones to hit the market over the past couple of years. The KR808 series has some unique features that set it apart of the standard 510-thread brands that have saturated the market. Generally speaking it’s a high-quality high-tech mini-eCig. Purchasing compatible, blank cartomizers are relatively inexpensive and American Made eLiquids are not only safer, they taste much better than Chinese eJuice which Bull Smoke employs in their prefilled cartomizers. Bull Smoke does not offer blank cartomizers, but they can be found at places like Halo Cigs or Apollo eCigs.

The problem with Bull Smoke is not the technology, it’s the flavored cartomizers offered by Bull Smoke. When you factor in the initial high price for the starter kit ($74.95), the lack of choices when configuring your starter kit (there aren’t any ‘choices’), and the cost of refill cartomizers ($12.95 per 5pc), Bull Smoke doesn’t offer anything ‘unique’. In fact, the flavors are ‘oh hum’ generics you can find at any 7-11 or Cumberland Farms.